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Campuses and Extension Sites

The Dallas and Houston campuses have resident faculty and offer DTS's flagship program,
the four year Master of Theology (ThM).

Dallas Campus

Dallas Campus

The original campus in Dallas, TX has over 1,500 students, on-campus housing, and a complete array of degree programs.

Houston Campus

Houston Campus

The Houston campus also has resident faculty and offers the ThM, MA/CE, and MA(BS) degrees.

Distance Learning at DTS

Each of our six master’s-level extensions features classes taught by regular Dallas and Houston campus professors and offers complete MA/CL and MA(BS) degrees. For the ThM and professional MA degrees, you can start online or at an extension campus and complete the remaining hours at the Dallas or Houston campuses.

online education

Online Education at DTS

With its award-winning online education platform, DTS brings you right into the classroom environment with video, slides, and transcripts that work on any device.

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