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About DTS

Darrell L. Bock

Executive Director of Cultural Engagement and Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies

BA, University of Texas, 1975; ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1979; PhD, University of Aberdeen, 1983; postdoctoral study, Tübingen University.

Dr. Bock has earned recognition as a Humboldt Scholar (Tübingen University in Germany), is the author of over 40 books, including well-regarded commentaries on Luke and Acts and studies of the historical Jesus, and work in cultural engagement as host of the seminary's Table Podcasts. He was president of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) for 2000–2001, is a consulting editor for Christianity Today, and serves on the boards of Wheaton College and Chosen People Ministries. His articles appear in leading publications. He is often an expert for the media on NT issues. Dr. Bock has been a New York Times best-selling author in nonfiction and is elder emeritus at Trinity Fellowship Church in Dallas. When traveling overseas, he will tune into the current game involving his favorite teams from Houston—live—even in the wee hours of the morning. Married for over 40 years to Sally, he is a proud father of two daughters and a son and is also a grandfather.

Darrell L. Bock
HCCL 204
  • NT305 - Exegesis of Gospel Narrative
  • NT320 - Gospel of Luke
  • NT405 - NT Study & The Life of Christ
  • BS1002 - NT Backgrounds
  • BS1003 - Hermeneutics
  • NT1001 - History of NT Interp & Crit
  • NT1002 - NT Theology
  • DM103 - Applied Research Project
  • NT2012 - Seminar on the Historical Jesus
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Men and Women Ministering Together 12/08/2015 Understanding Religious Conflicts in the Middle East 12/01/2015 Understanding War and Peace in the Middle East 11/24/2015 Ministering to Blended Families 11/17/2015
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Economics and Vocational Clarity 10/20/2015 Spiritual Formation and Personal Wholeness 10/13/2015 The Church and Trafficking 10/13/2015 Spiritual Conversations in a Skeptical Context 10/06/2015
Generosity, Truth and Beauty in Spiritual Conversations 09/29/2015 Intellectual Challenges Students Face at Ohio State 09/22/2015 Social Challenges Students Face at Ohio State 09/15/2015 Reaching Millennials in a Shifting World 09/08/2015
Understanding Millennials in a Shifting World 09/01/2015 Keys to Effective Cultural Engagement 08/25/2015 Christianity in the Public Square 08/18/2015 The Obergefell v. Hodges Decision and Same-Sex Marriage 08/11/2015
The King v. Burwell Decision and the Affordable Care Act 08/04/2015 How to Watch a Movie 07/28/2015 Movies and the Cultural Shift 07/21/2015 Engaging Challenges to Biblical Inerrancy 07/14/2015
Encountering Challenges to Biblical Inerrancy 07/07/2015 Benefits of Technology to the Church 06/30/2015 The Church and Social Media 06/23/2015 Using Your Giftedness in Difficult Work Situations 06/16/2015
Discovering Your Giftedness 06/09/2015 Singleness and the Role of Community 06/02/2015 Being Single in the Local Church 05/26/2015 Religious Liberty and Discrimination 05/19/2015
Religious Liberty and the Law 05/12/2015 A Review of The Good Lie 05/05/2015 Evaluating Movies with Biblical Themes 04/28/2015 Ethnic Identity Under Christ's Authority 04/21/2015
Cultural Engagement Chapel - The Theology of Stewardship 04/16/2015 Biblical Racial Reconciliation 04/14/2015 Ministering to People Suffering with Mental Illness 04/07/2015 Cultural Engagement Chapel - Ministering to Your Spouse 04/01/2015
Ministering to Children with Special Needs 03/31/2015 Theology of Work - Darrell Bock & Tom Nelson 03/24/2015 Ministering to the LGBT Community 03/24/2015 Growing Up with a Gay Dad and Lesbian Mom 03/17/2015
Politics, Economics and the Common Good 03/10/2015 A New Testament View of Stewardship and Wealth 03/03/2015 The Healing Process for Trafficking Victims 02/24/2015 Identifying Victims of Trafficking 02/17/2015
Christianity as a Cultural Minority 02/10/2015 Religious Liberty and the Wheaton College Case 02/10/2015 Religious Liberty and the Hobby Lobby Decision 02/03/2015 Conviction and Civility in Ministry to LGBT Persons 01/27/2015
Identity in the LGBT community 01/20/2015 Chapel: Emerging Adolescence and the Church 01/13/2015 Moving Forward in the Current Israeli Conflict 01/06/2015 Backgrounds to the Current Israeli Conflict 12/30/2014
Classic: Challenges to the Existence of God 12/16/2014 Classic: Engaging the New Atheism 12/09/2014 The Status of Evangelicalism 12/02/2014 How to Help Veterans Re-Enter Society 12/02/2014
The Ministry of a Military Chaplain 11/25/2014 Chapel: Genocide in the Old Testament 11/18/2014 Theology of Work 11/13/2014 Recent Archaeological Finds 11/11/2014
Archaeology and the Bible 11/04/2014 Classic: Contrasting Distinctives of Protestantism and Catholicism 10/28/2014 Israel in Scripture and the Promises of God 10/28/2014 Classic: History and Organization of the Roman Catholic Church 10/21/2014
Review of Heaven is for Real 10/14/2014 Review of Saving Mr. Banks 10/07/2014 Has the Church Replaced Israel? 09/30/2014 Evangelical Attitudes towards Israel 09/23/2014
The Moral Requirements of Flourishing Economies 09/16/2014 The Intersection of Leaders in Business and the Church 09/09/2014 The Church's Response to Domestic Violence 09/02/2014 Challenges Facing Victims of Domestic Violence 08/26/2014
How to Think About Work and Money 08/19/2014 Stewardship and Economic Philosophy 08/12/2014 Ministering to People with Sexual Issues 08/05/2014 A Biblical View of Sexual Intimacy 07/29/2014
Ministering to People Wrestling with Sexual Identity 07/22/2014 Engaging with LGBT Persons 07/15/2014 Ministering to 13 to 34 year olds 07/08/2014 How Emerging Adulthood Affects the Church 07/01/2014
Litigation and Religious Liberty 06/24/2014 Foundations of Religious Liberty 06/17/2014 The Grooming Process of Sexual Abusers 06/10/2014 Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse at Church 06/03/2014
Preparing Students for the Challenges of Life in College 05/27/2014 Social Challenges Facing Students at Texas A&M 05/20/2014 A Biblical Worldview and Economic Flourishing 05/13/2014 Transforming Culture through Virtuous Citizenship 05/06/2014
Emerging Adolescence and the Church 04/30/2014 Responding to Christian Films 04/29/2014 Responding to Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah” 04/22/2014 Challenges Facing Christian Students at UCLA 04/15/2014
Challenges Facing Christian Students at UC Irvine & UC San Diego 04/08/2014 Re-Imaging Evangelicalism in a Changing World 04/01/2014 Learning from the Great Evangelical Recession 03/25/2014 Religious Pluralism and the Hookup Culture at Princeton 03/18/2014
Preparing for Ministry to Students at Princeton 03/11/2014 Old Testament Narratives and Hot-Button Issues in America 03/04/2014 Relating to Those in Need 02/26/2014 How Does Narrative Teach Theology and Ethics? 02/25/2014
Ministering to Victims of Sex Trafficking 02/18/2014 Helping Women Escape Sex Trafficking 02/11/2014 Integrating a Biblical Theology of Work in the Life of the Church 02/04/2014 Cultural Engagement: Sexual Identity 01/31/2014
A Biblical View of Stewardship 01/28/2014 Practical Advice for Ministering to Patients 01/21/2014 How Narrative Medicine Can Minister to Hurting Patients 01/14/2014 Challenges to the Existence of God 01/07/2014
Engaging the New Atheism 12/31/2013 Catholicism and Protestantism: Contrasting Distinctives of Protestantism and Catholicism 12/17/2013 Catholicism and Protestantism: The History and Organization of the Roman Catholic Church 12/10/2013 Genocide in the Old Testament 12/04/2013
Biblical Encouragement for Overwhelmed Parents 12/03/2013 Nurturing a Christian Family in a Secular World 11/26/2013 Implementing Change and Making it Stick 11/19/2013 Reshaping a Church's Mission and Vision 11/12/2013
Living Missionally in a Local Context 11/05/2013 Spiritual Renewal in a Post-Christian Society 10/29/2013 Church Lessons from Non-Protestant Countries 10/22/2013 Younger International Views on American Christianity 10/15/2013
The New Testament View of Same-Sex Sexuality 10/08/2013 Queen James Passages in the Old Testament 10/01/2013 Historical Adam in the New Testament 09/24/2013 Historical Adam in the Old Testament and Early Judaism 09/17/2013
What Does The Bible Say about Divorce and Redemption in Cases of Spousal Abuse? 09/10/2013 A Christian Response to Abusive Relationships 09/03/2013 Simple Ways to Fight Human Trafficking 08/27/2013 Human Trafficking: What Every Christian Should Know 08/20/2013
How Do I Talk to My Teen About Sex? 08/13/2013 Raising Children in a Sex-Saturated Society 08/06/2013 Building a Better Ministry to Immigrants 07/30/2013 A Biblical Response to Immigration Policy 07/23/2013
Culture Shock: Living as a Faithful Christian Overseas 07/16/2013 Developing Christian Leaders in Non-Western Countries 07/09/2013 Supreme Court Cases on Same-Sex Marriage: Where the Church Goes from Here 07/02/2013 How to Build Relationships with Muslims 06/25/2013
Growing Up in the Middle East 06/18/2013 Westerners' Most Common Misconceptions about Islam 06/11/2013 Conversion & Persecution in a Muslim Setting 06/04/2013 Cross-cultural Evangelism and Apologetics 05/28/2013
Training Pastors for Global Service 05/21/2013 Do We Need to Believe in a Historical Adam? 05/14/2013 Comparing the Bible to Other Creation Accounts 05/07/2013 3 Simple Ways to Minister to Muslims & Immigrants 04/30/2013
Muslim Europe: Opportunities for Evangelism 04/23/2013 Challenges of Bible Translation in Muslim Cultures 04/16/2013 Culture and Apologetics 04/10/2013 General Issues in Bible Translation 04/09/2013
Discrepancies in the Gospels 04/02/2013 What the New Pope Means for the Future of the Church 04/02/2013 Naima Lett Interview: Confessions of a Hollywood Christian 03/27/2013 The Calling of a Christian Artist in the Media 03/26/2013
Stories Mirror the World and Invite Reflection 03/19/2013 Influencing Culture Through Media Arts 03/12/2013 Beginnings in Media Arts 03/05/2013 Early Church: Christianity or Christianities? 02/28/2013
Practical Ways to Culturally Engage 02/19/2013 Importance of Tone in Cultural Confrontations 02/12/2013 Defining Culture with a Worldwide Perspective 02/05/2013 Cultural Shift of Hostility 02/01/2013
Understanding Islam in the West 01/29/2013 Stanton Jones Chapel on Homosexuality and the Church 01/22/2013 Stanton Jones Brown Bag: Questions on Ministry to Homosexuals 01/22/2013 Tone in Addressing Homosexuality 01/15/2013
Studies and Research on Homosexuality 01/08/2013 Discussing Homosexuality and Sexuality Together 01/02/2013 How to Practically Influence Culture 12/18/2012 Defining Culture and “Culture Making” 12/05/2012
Effects of the “Culture Wars” 11/30/2012 The Need for Evangelicals in Media 11/14/2012 Media Bias or Media Ignorance? 11/07/2012 Cultural Engagement and the Media 11/01/2012
Personal Goals for the Initiative 10/24/2012 Tone and Goals for this Initiative 10/17/2012 Need for this Initiative at this Time 10/10/2012 Importance of this Initiative at DTS 10/03/2012
Why I Believe the Bible 03/28/2012 The Gospel of Good News 02/16/2010 Evangelicalism in a Non-Evangelical World 11/09/2009 Reviewing Bart Ehrman's Jesus Interupted 04/27/2009
Christian Cultural Engagement 04/20/2009 Faculty Forum: Representing Christ in a Pluralistic World 10/03/2008 Jewish Evangelism Today 05/01/2008 "So What?" Panel Discussion 01/24/2008
Jesus, Canon and Theology 01/23/2008 Media Panel 01/22/2008 What's "News" about Jesus? 01/21/2008 Contemporary Challenges to Jesus (3 of 3) 10/15/2007
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The Da Vinci Code (3 of 3) 06/17/2004 The Da Vinci Code (2 of 3) 06/16/2004 The Da Vinci Code (1 of 3) 06/15/2004
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Academic Interests

  • Historical Jesus
  • Gospels
  • Luke-Acts
  • Hermeneutics
  • Jewish backgrounds to New Testament
  • Dispensationalism
  • Evangelicalism
  • Culture and Christianity

Personal Interests

  • Photography