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About DTS

Dorian G. Coover-Cox

Associate Professor of Old Testament Studies

BA, Wheaton College, 1975; MA(BS), Dallas Theological Seminary, 1984; ThM, 1988; PhD, 2001.

Dr. Coover-Cox has been a part of DTS as a student, a teacher, and associate editor for Bibliotheca Sacra. Originally she came to the Seminary to become a better editor; she found, however, that what she enjoys most about editing is helping people learn. While still an editor, she has found her niche in the classroom as well, encouraging students as they learn Hebrew. She has special interest in the Book of Exodus and in literary analysis of narratives and poetry.

Dorian G. Coover-Cox
TODD 204
  • OT101 - Elements of Hebrew I
  • OT102 - Elements of Hebrew II
  • OT103 - Hebrew Exegesis & OT Intro I
  • OT104 - Hebrew Exegesis & OT Intro II
  • OT407 - Exegesis of Exodus
  • OT310 - Hebrew Reading
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  1. Coover-Cox, Dorian G., "The Hardening of Pharaoh’s Heart in Its Literary and Cultural Contexts." Bibliotheca Sacra 163 (2006). 292-311.

Academic Interests

  • Exodus
  • Hebrew grammar
  • Teaching methods for Hebrew