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Deborah Y. Reed

Profiles of Ministry Internship Moderator

BS, University at Arkansas at Pine Bluff, 1976; MA (CE) Dallas Theological Seminary, 2012; MA (BC) Dallas Theological Seminary, 2012

Deborah maintains a passion to provide biblically sound Christian counseling, education and awareness to help improve the lives of the people she serves. While attending DTS, Deborah served as a spiritual formation a leader and as treasurer of the Women Students Fellowship. She currently holds a license in Texas as a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern providing counseling in private practice and in a non-profit transition organization for women. She is also pursuing doctoral studies. As a veteran of the U.S. Army, Deborah desires to develop a biblically based model for the treatment of Combat Related Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Her academic and research interests include: Pastoral Ethics, The Impact of Childhood Parentification in Adult Maladaptive Behaviors, Biblically Based Treatments for PTSD and Complex Stress Disorder, and Developmental Needs Based Strategy in the Treatment of Adult Disorders. In addition to work in private practice, her professional interests include Forensic Psychological Evaluations, Parent Coordination and Social Studies. Personal interests include classical music, Broadway shows and travel. Deborah has one daughter, Seana Montgomery, and four grandchildren.

Deborah Y. Reed
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  1. Reed, Deborah Y., "PTSD." DTS Jot & Tiddle (2008).

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