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About DTS

Inna Chats

Adjunct Professor in World Missions and Intercultural Studies, TESOL Coordinator

BA, Cornerstone University and Seminary, 2002; MABEL, Dallas Theological Seminary, 2006; PhD, Free University of Berlin, 2013.

A native of Ukraine, Inna Chats has always been interested in language. She has studied at the Language School in Kiev, Ukraine receiving a Diploma in the English Language. Dr. Chats’ doctoral dissertation is “The Inductive Interactive-Analytical Approach to the Learning of Koine Greek for Adults” and received with cum laude and magna cum laude for disputation. She has served as a Language Teacher with Beit Sar Shalom Evangeliumsdienst; as Director of Language Programs and Lecturer of the OT Hebrew, NT Greek, and English with the Messianic Institute; and also as a Language Teacher of English, German and Russian at ABACUS Institute in Germany. She holds an M.A. in Bible Exegesis and Linguistics and Ph.D. in Comparative Linguistics and Philosophy and Humanities.

Inna Chats
  • WM605 - General Linguistics
  • WM610 - Introduction to TESOL
  • WM615 - Methodology & Practice of TESOL
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Academic Interests

  • Academic: Teaching Biblical Hebrew, Koine Greek
  • Also teaching English, German and Russian to individuals and groups of adults and children
  • Linguistic research
  • Translating of speeches, articles, and songs (Hebrew, English, German and Russian)

Personal Interests

  • Music (singing / song writing), reading, swimming, and skiing