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About DTS

John Adair

Assistant Professor of Theological Studies

BS, The Criswell College, 1997; ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary, 2000; PhD, 2008

Dr. John Adair emphasizes guiding his students toward a Christ-centered, historically informed faith. His research interests include historical exegesis and the role of culture in theology. Prior to joining the faculty at DTS, Dr. Adair spent several years as a writer at Insight for Living. He and his wife, Laura, have three children—Nicholas, Harper, and Thomas.

John Adair
  • ST101 - Theological Method and Bibliology
  • ST103 - Angelology, Anthropology, & Hamartiology
  • ST105 - Sanctification & Ecclesiology
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  1. Adair, John, "The Power and Will of God: Justin’s Christological Confession." Studia Patristica XLV (2010). 361-366.
  2. Adair, John, "Film and the Incarnation." Collide Magazine , no. July/August 2008 (2008).

Academic Interests

  • Historical Exegesis
  • Culture and Theology
  • Church Fathers

Personal Interests

  • Film
  • Literature
  • Hiking