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About DTS

Marvin T. Hunn

Library Director

B.A., Trinity University, 1972; Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary, 1977; M.L.S., University of North Texas, 1981.

Mr. Hunn brings over 30 years of library experience to his job at DTS, with particular strengths in public services and information technologies. He is a member of the American Theological Library Association, the Association of Christian Librarians and past president of the Southwestern Area Theological Library Association. He is especially interested in developing online resources and services to meet the needs of students. His goal for his role as a theological librarian is best stated in his own words. “Theological libraries are operating in a rapidly changing environment. The social context of education is changing. Pedagogy is changing. Information delivery systems are changing. The library must learn to serve both new online/extension programs and traditional residential campus programs. We must integrate digital resources with traditional analog/paper resources. We must find ways to adapt library services without following foolish and wasteful fads.” His wife, Debbie, is also a librarian. Since 1998 they have volunteered together to help youth detained by the Dallas county juvenile justice system. They are inveterate walker and you can see them walking around the campus daily come rain or shine.

Marvin T. Hunn
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Academic Interests

  • Socio-economic factors often associated with juvenile crime

Personal Interests

  • Reading science fiction
  • Eating ice cream almost daily