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About DTS

Michael S. Lawson

Senior Professor of Educational Ministries and Leadership; Coordinator of the Doctor of Educational Ministry degree

BBA, University of North Texas, 1965; ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1969; PhD, Oklahoma University, 1983.

Dr. Lawson invested seventeen years in pastoral work and Christian education before returning to teach at DTS in 1986. His special concern for Christian education in the developing world has guided his international preaching and teaching schedule to scores of countries around the world. In recent years numerous international Bible colleges and seminaries have requested his help in curriculum design and faculty development. His recent focus has been on developing the Family Ministry, Advanced Academic Ministry, and Chinese cohorts within the Doctor of Educational Ministry Degree program.

Michael S. Lawson
WSC 212
  • EML101 - Introduction to Educational Ministries and Leadership
  • EML102 - History & Philosophy of Christian Education
  • EML103 - Teaching Process
  • EML205 - Small Group Process in Ministry
  • EML215 - Teaching in Christian Higher Ed
  • EML505-1 - The Christian Home: Dynamics of a Christian Marriage
  • EML505-3 - The Christian Home: Dynamics of a Christian Family
  • EML515 - Family Life Education
  • DM103 - Applied Research Project
  • DM305 - Select Topics of CE Issues in Today's Ministry
  • DM315 - Creative Problem Solving
  • DM340 - Strategic Resource Development
  • DM420 - Creativity in Ministry
  • WM405 - CE in Intercultural Contexts
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Academic Interests

  • Philosophy and practice of Christian Education