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On Tuesday, September 5, 2017, Stan D. Toussaint went to be with the Lord. This page is maintained as a reference.

Stanley D. Toussaint

Senior Professor Emeritus of Bible Exposition, Adjunct Professor in Bible Exposition

B.A., Augsburg College, 1951; Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary, 1955; Th.D., 1957.

A pastor-teacher committed to expository preaching, Dr. Toussaint enjoys both roles. He has taught at Dallas Seminary since 1960 and pastored for more than 20 years. An editor, author, teacher, and conference speaker, he has taught in Christian schools in the Middle East, Australia, and the Far East and has ministered in the pulpit literally around the world.

Stanley D. Toussaint
Sorry, we don't currently have a list of this faculty member's regular courses.
On Listening 08/31/2016 The Millennium 10/26/2015 Three Testimonies 10/26/2015 A Revelation of Eternity 10/26/2015
Götterdämmerung 10/22/2015 Rejoice at the Marriage of the Lamb 10/22/2015 The Scarlet Harlot 10/21/2015 The Bowls of Wrath 10/21/2015
The Fall of Babylon 10/21/2015 The Beginning of the End 10/19/2015 The Thee Flying Angels 10/19/2015 The Company of the Lamb 10/19/2015
The Reaping of the Earth 10/19/2015 The Radiant Woman and the Red Dragon 10/16/2015 The Power of Two Witnesses 10/16/2015 War in Heaven and War on Earth 10/16/2015
The Depopulation of Planet Earth 10/16/2015 The Beast from the Sea 10/16/2015 The Victory of the Seventh Trumpet 10/16/2015 When the Mystery of God is Complete 10/16/2015
The Hour of Tragedy and Triumph 10/16/2015 Locusts from the Pit 10/09/2015 In the Throne Room 10/09/2015 The Danger of Decay 10/09/2015
The Beast from the Land 10/09/2015 The Wrath of the Lamb 10/09/2015 Jezebel in Thyatira 10/09/2015 The Cry of the Martyrs 10/09/2015
The Post-Church Era 10/09/2015 Kept from the Hour of Trial 10/09/2015 The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 10/09/2015 White Robe and Red Blood 10/09/2015
The Four Plagues of the Apocalypse 10/09/2015 The Lukewarm Church 10/09/2015 The Secret of the Seven-Sealed Scroll 10/09/2015 The Seventh Seal 10/09/2015
The Sealed 144,000 10/09/2015 Problem Parables: The Grumbling Workers 10/09/2015 Problem Parables: The Good Samaritan 10/08/2015 What John Saw, Part 1 10/08/2015
Introduction 10/08/2015 What John Saw, Part 2 10/08/2015 Wealth in Poverty 10/08/2015 Keeping Your First Love 10/08/2015
A Survey of Revelation 10/08/2015 The Throne of Satan 10/08/2015 Problem Parables: The Rich Man and Lazarus 10/07/2015 Problem Parables: The Shrewd Manager 10/06/2015
Behind the Law 08/29/2014 The Sovereignty of God 01/17/2014 An Essential Quality 08/30/2012 Commencement Chapel 2012 05/11/2012
Dr. Stanley Toussaint, Sr. Professor Emeritus 09/15/2011 Revelations of God 09/02/2011 What Prophecy Produces 08/26/2010 It's What's Up Front that Counts 08/27/2009
Hypocrisy 01/15/2009 Immanuel 12/12/2007 The Temple of the Holy Church 09/06/2007 Differing on the Doubtful 01/26/2007
Controlled by God 01/25/2007 What is Prayer and What's It For?" 01/24/2007 Four Kinds of People 01/23/2007 The Rich Man and Lazarus 03/02/2006
The Sufficiency of the Lord Jesus 09/07/2005 Four Kinds of People 09/02/2004 The Filling of the Spirit 08/28/2003
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Academic Interests

  • The theology of the Kingdom
  • New Testament epistles

Personal Interests

  • Fishing
  • Traveling