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About DTS

J. William Johnston

Associate Professor of New Testament Studies, DTS-Houston

BA, University of Texas, 1990; ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1994; PhD, 2002.

Before Dr. Johnston was a believer he doubted the accuracy of Scripture translations, and therefore the integrity of the Bible. After coming to faith he decided that the only way to find out whether the translations were reliable was to learn the original languages. After majoring in the classics at the University of Texas, he came to DTS and discovered that teaching was his passion. His research interests are in Greek grammar, syntax, and Johannine studies.

J. William Johnston
  • NT101 - Elements of Greek
  • NT102 - Elements of Greek
  • NT505 - Intro to New Testament Exegesis using Logos Bible Software
  • BE106 - Acts & Pauline Epistles
  • NT103 - Intermediate Greek
  • NT104 - Intro to NT Exegesis
  • OT101 - Elements of Hebrew I
  • OT102 - Elements of Hebrew II
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Academic Interests

  • Greek grammar
  • Textual criticism
  • Septuagint studies (future direction)

Personal Interests

  • Classical and Flamenco guitar
  • Database development
  • Visual Basic programming