Advanced Standing Exam Information

Students interested in taking advanced standing exams have one year from the date they enroll to take advantage of this opportunity. After one year, no advanced standing may be earned (with the exception of advanced standing in Greek and Hebrew—credit in languages can be earned after the one year limit as long as the student has not yet taken Greek or Hebrew at DTS). Below are the courses for which exams are available. Exams may be taken only for courses required in your program. No advanced standing is granted in elective credit (i.e., if you are in the MABS program, WM101 Introduction to Missions is an elective; therefore you are not eligible to take the WM101 exam). There is a testing fee of $30 for each exam that is taken. Contact the Advising Center (800-DTS-WORD, ext. 5080 or 214-887-5080) for the procedure to follow in taking advanced standing exams.

Old Testament

(ThM & MABEL only)
  • OT101-OT102 Elements of Hebrew (5 hours)*
  • OT103 Intro to Hebrew Exgesis (3 hours)*

Pastoral Ministries

  • PM102 Evangelism (2 hours)

World Missions

(ThM Only)
  • WM101 Introduction to World Missions (3 hours)

Bible Exposition

(credit limited to 9 hours in this dept.)
  • BE102 Old Testament History I (3 hours)
  • BE103 Old Testament History II & Poetry (2 hours)**
  • BE104 Old Testament Prophets (3 hours)
  • BE105 The Gospels (2 hours)**
  • BE106 Acts & Pauline Epistles (3 hours)
  • BE107 Hebrew, General Epistles, & Revelation (3 hours)
  • BE109 Ruth, Psalms, & Selected Epistles (3 hours–MA only)

New Testament

(ThM & MABEL only)

Systematic Theology

(credit limited to 9 hours)
  • ST102 Trinitarianism (3 hours)
  • ST103 Angelology, Anthropology, & Sin (3 hours)
  • ST104 Soteriology (3 hours)
  • ST105 Sanctification & Ecclesiology (3 hours)
  • ST106 Eschatology (3 hours)

Historical Theology

(limited to 3 hours–ThM only)
  • HT101 Church to the Modern Era (3 hours)
  • HT102 Church in the Modern Era (3 hours)

  1. *The Hebrew exams do not include the Old Testament Introduction portion of OT101.
  2. Advanced standing credit is not available for Christian Education or Biblical Counseling courses.
  3. Please note that advanced standing hours are classified as non-residency hours, as are online courses, independent studies, and transfer credit.