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Detailed Fees & Expenses for 2015-2016

DTS's student financial aid program, including scholarships, loans, and an interest-free payment plan (TMS), offers students realistic opportunities to finance their education. The amount of scholarship available to students has increased in recent years. Total aid available to students now exceeds $2 million.

Every effort is made to keep student expenses as low as possible. Because of gifts from alumni and friends of the seminary, students pay only a portion of the real cost of their education.

Detailed Tuition Costs

Master's, fall/spring, 9+ hours* $495/hour
Master's, fall/spring, 1-8 hours $522/hour
Master's, Wintersession and summer $495/hour
Full-time Ministry (CRU, YoungLife, Kanakuk),
Doctor of Ministry $615/hour
Full-time Ministry (CRU, YoungLife, Kanakuk), DMin $450/hour
Doctor of Philosophy, stage one $575/hour
Doctor of Philosophy, stage two $645/hour
Auditing, Master's degree programs $30/hour
Auditing, doctoral degree programs $55/hour
Master's-level, nondegree credit courses for alumni $170/hour
Alumni auditing, all terms $30/hour
Spouse Audit (Spouse of a current degree-seeking student can audit up to three courses/term) $30/course
ThM tuition-free, audit or credit courses above the hours
required for your degree (limit five courses)

* Students needing fewer than 9 hours in their last semester of study may qualify for the reduced rate. Contact the Registrar's Office for details.


General Fees (applies to all students)
Fall and spring, per semester $60/semester
Summer School and Wintersession, per credit hour $10/hour
Doctor of Ministry, per credit hour $15/hour
Technology fee
Fall and spring, per semester $175/semester
Summer School and Wintersession, per credit hour $25/hour
Doctor of Ministry, per credit hour $25/hour
Activity fee
Fall and spring, per semester (charged to all Dallas-campus students) $75/semester
Fall and spring, for spouses per semester (optional) $55/semester
Spiritual Formation Fee (refundable)  
SF100 Individual, per semester $85/semester
SF100 Married Couples, per semester $110/semester
SF110 Individual, per semester $170/semester
Campus-use Fee
Charged to students who are not currently enrolled but on official leave and who desire to use campus services $60/semester

Advance Deposits

New (and reentering) master's and doctoral-level students (except nondegree) $175

For students completing a certificate, a master's- or doctoral-level program, the advance deposit applies toward the graduation fee.

On-campus Housing

Swiss Tower - 1 Bedroom $700
Swiss Tower - 2 Bedroom $855
Washington Hall* - 1 Bedroom (private room) $688
Washington Hall* - 1 Bedroom (shared room) $369/each
Washington Hall* - 2 Bedroom (private room) $575
Washington Hall* - 2 Bedroom (shared room) $312.50/each

Both married student and single student housing is available to current DTS students. Please see the Housing Department page for detailed information.

* Note: Each resident of Washington Hall is in their own lease. Rental rates are dependent upon how many residents reside in a bedroom.

Thesis, Dissertation, and Graduation Fees

Master’s thesis filing fee $60
PhD or DMin dissertation or applied research project filing fee (includes microfilming) $100
Binding fee (for each personal copy of dissertation or applied research project desired) $20
Graduation/Conferral fee, all programs $175
Graduation postponement fee $175
Exchange of a certificate for a degree diploma $30

Miscellaneous Expenses

Advanced standing exam application fee, per exam $30
Application fee (nonrefundable)
General application fee $50
Additional program application fee $50
Reclassification fee (transferring from one degree program to another) $50
Change in schedule after payment deadline, each course $10
Late registration fee $50
Late payment fee
One day after payment due date $50
Through first week of term $100
Second week of term $150
After second week until the student registers, per week $20
MA/BC student counseling fee $100
PhD Modern Language Exam Fee $15
Orientation Fee / New Student Assesment Fee $70
Parking violations $25
Personality Inventory, per individual/couple, for PhD program $60 ($72/couple)
Servant-Leadership Internship Assessment fee $100