DTS Office Locations

View office locations on the campus map.

Academic Dean, Todd Building—1st Floor
Accounting, Davidson Building—3rd/4th Floors
Admissions, Walvoord Student Center—2nd Floor
Advancement, Davidson Building—1st/2nd Floors
Alumni/Placement, Walvoord Student Center—2nd Floor
Audiovisual, Todd Building—Basement
Baylor Fitness Center, 411 N. Washington St. (3 blocks east of campus)
Bible Exposition, Stearns Hall—2nd Floor
Biblical Counseling, Hendricks Center—2nd Floor
Book Center, Mitchell Ministries Center
Campus Post Office, Mail Services Building
Cashier, Davidson Building—3rd Floor
Copy Center, Mail Services Building
Dining Commons, Mitchell Ministries Center
Doctor of Ministry, Todd Building—3rd Floor
Doctor of Philosophy, Todd Building—2nd Floor
Educational Ministries and Leadership, Faculty Annex Building
Event Services, Facilities & Plant Operations—Administration Building (1222 Apple Street)
Housing, Mitchell Ministries Center
Hendricks Center for Christian Leadership and Cultural Engagement, Hendricks Building—2nd Floor
Library, Turpin Library
Luke’s Closet, 4022 Swiss Avenue
Luke’s Pantry, 4022 Swiss Avenue
Media Center, Mosher Library—Basement
NT Studies, Todd Building—2nd Floor
OT Studies, Todd Building—2nd Floor
Pastoral Ministries, Todd Building—3rd Floor
President’s Office, Davidson Building—1st Floor
Registrar, Walvoord Student Center—2nd Floor
Spiritual Formation & Internships, Faculty Annex Building
Student Financial Services, Davidson Building—2nd Floor
Student Information Page, (Students Only)
Student Services, Walvoord Student Center—3rd Floor
World Missions & Intercultural Studies, Faculty Annex Building