Pre-Seminary Preparation

Our Admissions team has several tips for you:

  • Brush up on your paper formatting skills: Turabian or APA (for counseling students). – Emily
  • New Th.M. students can order their Greek textbook and begin studying the vocabulary. I did this and it blessed me tremendously as I walked into Greek class very nervous but confident in that I had memorized the first 15 chapters of vocabulary – Mark
  • Schedule a “no books, no studying, no homework” appointment weekly and do something fun. Oh, and take the rapid reading course. – Luke
  • Start out light. Your first semester will be full of changes, most likely you will be moving, starting a new job, and getting adjusted to seminary life. I would suggest taking it easy your first semester and then you will be able to adequately gauge your future semesters with confidence – Lynsey
  • Daytimer? iCalender? Productivity app? Find and utilize a great organizational tool that will help keep your life in order! – Marnie