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Alumni Church & Ministry Directory

San Jose, CA

Chinese Church In Christ - logo Chinese Church In Christ 1490 Saratoga Ave
San Jose, CA 95129-4907
408-364-2242 http://www.ccic-sj.org
East Valley Church - logo East Valley Church 2827 Flint Ave
San Jose, CA 95148-2123
408-238-0231 http://www.eastvalleychurch.com/
Korean Emmanuel Presbyter Church - logo Korean Emmanuel Presbyter Church 4435 Fortran Dr
San Jose, CA 95134-2300
408-263-9100 http://www.kepc.org
New Life Covenant Church - logo New Life Covenant Church 5044 Tottenham Ct
San Jose, CA 95136
Westgate Church - logo Westgate Church 1735 Saratoga Ave
San Jose, CA 95129-5203
408-252-3700 http://www.westgatechurch.org
Bible Exposition International - logo Bible Exposition International 500 Sands Dr
San Jose, CA 95125-6233
Chinese Chr Train Resources Ctr - logo Chinese Chr Train Resources Ctr PO Box 700305
San Jose, CA 95170
Overseas Theological Seminary - logo Overseas Theological Seminary 2116 Newport Ave
San Jose, CA 95125-3526
408-266-7575 http://www.otseminary.org

The mission of Dallas Theological Seminary is to glorify God by equipping godly servant-leaders for the proclamation of His Word and the building up of the body of Christ worldwide.

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