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Denton Bible Church

Contact Information

2300 E University Dr
Denton, TX 76209-7806
940-297-6700 Update Info

DTS Alumni on Staff

James L. Arnold (THM, 2002) Pastor & Missionary
Brent C. Bowen (MABS, 2005) Pastor for Discipleship Groups Ministry
W. Joe Calfee (MACM, 2010) Associate Missions Pastor - Operations
Jerry D. Clark Staff Pastor
Calvin Clark (MACE, 2006) Urban Outreach
Christopher A. Cobble (THM, 2005) Missions Pastor-Broad Based Leadership Training Coordinator
Jacob K. Craven (MABS, 2002) Director of ChurchLife
Gerald F. Falbo (MABS, 2005) Church Administrator
Jason A. Fanning (MACE, 2012) Student Ministry Director
James C. Hill (THM, 1993) Director of Pastoral Care
Larry J. Hutson (THM, 2015) Staff Member
Amy R. Jez (MABS, 2008) Missionary, SERVE
Jean L. Klughart (MABS, 2001) Director of Women''s Discipleship Training Program
Keith R. Kopsky (MABS, 2007) Missionary
H. Thomas Nelson (MABS, 1982) Pastor
Michael C. Pirtle (MACM, 2011) Vision Ministry Director
Jacob B. Ray (MAMC, 2013) Music Ministry Assistant
Janis B. Saville (THM, 2004) Director of Missions Women
Michael L. Scheer (THM, 2003) Associate Pastor of Missions
Charles E. Stolfus (THM, 1994) Executive Pastor & Theology & Ministry Support
Nicolas E. Tranchini (MACM, 2003) Missionary to Argentina