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8625 La Prada Dr
Dallas, TX 75228-5034
214-327-8206 Update Info

DTS Alumni on Staff

Jim B. Adams (THM, 1988) Missionary
Amanda C. Autry (MACM, 2011) Missionary
Jon L. Baker (MABS, 1997) Missionary
Barbara A. Baker (CGS, 1999) Missionary
Karin R. Benningfield (MACE, 1998) Short Tem Missions Coordinator, Campus Mobilizer
J. Ronald Blue (THM, 1965) International Mobilizer for Latin Missions
Phyllis S. Brown Missionary
Alan L. Brown (DMIN, 2008) Minister to Hispanics
Bob A. Buhler (THM, 1993) Director of Field Ministries
Kevin D. Bult (THM, 2010) Church Planter, Theological Educator
Voltaire D. Cacal (CGS, 2010) Director of Mobilization
Jon B. Edwards (THM, 1970) Director of Member Care
Steve H. Forman (THM, 2012) Business Development
Rob M. Jaworski (THM, 1982) Missionary
Wilfred O. Johnson (DMIN, 2015) President Emeritus, Professor of Guatemala Bible Seminary
Aaron N. Kraft (THM, 2010) Missionary
Jerry A. Laursen (THD, 1976) Hispanic Leadership Training
D. Woodward Lewis Missionary
John Lohrenz Missionary
Peggy W. Lopez (MABS, 2000) Missionary
Zac Malthaner (MACM, 2014) Missionary
Bill Mendez (STM, 1981) Missionary & Professor
Jack C. O'Brien (THM, 1973) Northeast US Team Leader
Tim E. O'Brien (THM, 2003) Evangelism & Discipleship/Counseling Ministry
Jim A. Paul Missionary
Craig M. Prather (DMIN, 1999) Missionary Pastor of Hispanic Church at Mansfield Bible Church
Sergio A. Ramirez (STM, 1985) Missionary
Paul J. Reid (THM, 1985) Missionary
Mark P. Robinson (THM, 1973) Missionary for Discipleship & Leadership
Steve C. Rodemann (THM, 1977) Missionary & Church Planter
Chalo Sandoval (STM, 1981) Missionary & Director of ELA
Brandon C. Scott (MACE, 2005) Missionary
Paul E. Sywulka (PHD, 2001) Missionary
Tina M. Vars (MACE, 2005) Assistant Director of Mobilization
Duke T. White (MABS, 1998) Director of Mobilization
Lew G. Whittle (THM, 1967) Hispanic Missionary
Denise C. Williams (MABS, 1989) Missionary
Craig E. Williams (THM, 1990) Hispanic Church Planter
Gary R. Williams (THM, 1972) Missionary