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100 Lake Hart Dr
Orlando, FL 32832-0100
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DTS Alumni on Staff

Luke N. Abraham (THM, 2009) Campus Staff
Nathan V. Ardle (THM, 1998) Missional Team Leader for University of Michigan
John J. Boudreaux (MABS, 2006) Campus Director
Ann L. Bowman (MABS, 1983) MTrack Counselor
David D. Broadwell (MABS, 2011) Staff
Robert M. Caddel (THM, 1962) Director of Education CrossTalk
Glenn S. Carter (THM, 1996) Director at the University of Michigan
Kenneth L. Cochrum (MABS, 1992) Vice President for Global Campus Strategies
Grover L. Cooper (THM, 1995) The Impact Movement
Craig L. Corley (THM, 1999) Campus Field Staff - South Texas Team
Warren D. Culwell (DMIN, 2015) Bible & Theology Development
Christopher P. Cunningham Campus Minister
Michael D. Darling (MACE, 2000) Campus Minister
Joel B. Dasalla (MACM, 1992) Media Director
Ely G. Dasalla (MACE, 2014) Missionary
David W. DeHuff (MABS, 1993) Philadelphia Director of Faculty Ministry
Adam C. Dixon (THM, 2004) Theological Director
Augusto C. Dizon (THM, 1999) Church Resource Ministry Director
Dodd K. Drake (MABS, 1993) Ministry Team Leader-Campus Ministry
James W. Fishback (MABS, 2007) Missionary
Gary A. Fredricks (THM, 1982) Staff
Corey B. Friend (MACE, 2006) Campus Minister
Christina W. Friend (MACE, 2007) Campus Minister
James R. Furr (DMIN, 1993) City Director and Executive Minister
Jennifer J. Gentile (MABS, 1984) Staff
Drew W. Gentile (THM, 1984) Chief of Staff for Leader-led Movements
Edward J. Holtz (MABS, 1980) Team Leader, Cru City Orlando
Henry F. Hornstein (THM, 1985) Special Projects
D. Trent Hyatt (THM, 1973) Teaching & Research Fellow
Andrea C. Johnson (MACM, 2001) Priority Associate Field Staff
David W. Kanne (MABS, 1991) National Director for Adult Professional Ministry
Dennis J. Kavanaugh (PHD, 2011) Staff Member
James F. Kessler (MABS, 1998) Director for Theological Education, Family Life Representative
Frank Kifer Senior Staff
Fung Mui Doris Lam (THM, 2004) Staff
Danny D. Loe (THM, 1998) Teaching Fellow, Institute for Biblical & Theological Studies
Paul J. Lucido City Director for DFW Here's Life Inner Church
Lisa Grace MacEwen (MABS, 1993) Missionary and Professor
Trueman M. Martin (THD, 1958) M-Team
Lynn M. Maynard (THM, 1999) Staff Activity
Steven B. McCoy Career Stewardship Coordinator
Richard L. McGee (THM, 1981) Director of Ministry Development
W. Jackman McGill (MABS, 1989) National Director of Priority Association
David K. Mennen (THM, 1999) Director
Michael J. Mettetal (THM, 2014) Staff
Douglas C. Meyerdirk (MABS, 1987) National Director of Slovakia
Thomas S. Miller (MABS, 1996) Affiliate and Volunteer Coordinator
Kristi L. Miller (MACE, 2014) Missionary to Women
Victor Miron Angurell (MACE, 1991) Director of Family Life Ministry in Spain
David C. Moles (MABS, 1991) Senior Campus Ministry Staff
Edward G. Murray (THM, 1973) International Representative
Mitsuhiro Nakamura (THM, 1999) National Coordinator
Karen M. Nakamura (MABC, 2000) Staff
Chris A. Newport (MABS, 2001) Director, University of Texas
Ryan D. Nolterieke (THM, 2006) Missionary
Erin W. O'Brien (MABS, 2006) Campus Director of South Texas
Keith A. Onishi (MABS, 2001) Campus Director for Latin American & Caribbean
Sheryl L. Onishi (MABS, 2001) Campus Ministry to Latin America & Caribbean
Lacie S. Phillips (MACE, 2008) USAFA Cru Women's Director
Steven L. Pogue (MABS, 1991) Faculty Commons
John R. Poolman (THM, 1994) IT Coordinator
David W. Preston (DMIN, 2011) National Team Leader for Cru Valor
Kurt Richardson Dir
Garrick C. Roegner (THM, 2004) Campus Director, Granada Spain
J. Baldwin Smith (MABS, 2002) Senior Staff at the University of Mississippi
Ilir Stavro (MABS, 2012) Leader Led Movement Team Leader for Albania & Kosovo
Stephen F. Sternberg (THM, 1973) Senior Staff, Faculty Commons, North and Central Texas
Jason R. Storie (THM, 2006) Campus Minister at Eastern Kentucky University
Sarah L. Strand (MABS, 2005) Missionary
David A. Sunde (THM, 1964) FamilyLife/Global International Rep
Jerry S. Varghese (THM, 2011) International Campus Staff
Brian A. White (MABS, 2001) Campus Director
Elizabeth M. Wilson Midsouth Area Director of Leadership Development
Brent E. Wong Campus Minister
Jerry C. Wong (THM, 1991) Part-Time Staff
Gerardo M. Zambrano (THM, 2007) Staff
Marlen Zharmenov (MABS, 2009) National Director for Cru in Kazakhstan