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PO Box 6000
Colorado Springs, CO 80934-6000
719-598-1212 Update Info

DTS Alumni on Staff

Larry Frank Archer Hispanic Church Discipleship Minister
Chip Chip Battle (THM, 1984) Staff
J. Stowe Campbell (THM, 2008) Campus Staff Canterbury University
Keith C. Carlson (MABS, 1987) Church Discpleship Ministry
Joe E. Fanning (THM, 2008) Entity Staff
Gary M. Glenney (MABS, 1980) Area Representative for Puget Sound Region
Fernando S. Gonzalez (THM, 1994) Brazil Leadership Team
Titus W. Hanham (MABS, 1989) Missionary
Joe L. Holt (MABS, 1980) Area Representative
Tom W. Horn (THM, 1983) Leader Development and Learning Specialist
Lisa Horn (MABS, 1983) Missions
James W. Kang (THM, 1988) Staff
Jose A. Lamberty (MABS, 1996) Staff
Mark S. Lewis (MABS, 1984) Nations Within Our Nation National Director
Charles Lloyd (MABS, 1984) Area Representative
Matt M. Martin (MABS, 1992) Director of Global Enterprise Network Coaching Practice
N. Blake McDaniel (MABS, 1984) Regional Field Director
Eric J. McDonald (THM, 2009) Staff
J. Walter Millet (MABS, 1986) Navigator Representative
Bill C. Myers (MABS, 2006) Discipleship, Mentoring, Coaching
Cameron W. Norvell (MABS, 2009) Campus Director of Texas A&M University
Doug J. Simmons (MABS, 1982) Nav20s City Leader/Kansas City
Jim L. White Area Representative
Ted G. Yeats (MABS, 1980) Staff Member
Paul J. Young (THM, 1968) Staff