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820 N La Salle Dr
Chicago, IL 60610-3263
312-329-4000 http://www.moody.edu Update Info

DTS Alumni on Staff

Andrew J. Beaty (MACE, 1992) Assistant Director of Instructional Quality
Michael Boyle (THM, 1980) Associate Professor in Pastoral Studies Department
Drew R. Brown (DMIN, 2001) Adjunct Professor
John C. Clark (THM, 2002) Assistant Professor of Theology
Larry J. Davidhizar (THM, 1984) Vice President & Dean of Undergraduate School
Gregory A. Dykstra (THM, 1981) Instructor
David W. Fetzer (THM, 1969) Professor
Patrick D. Friedline (THM, 1989) Associate Dean of Career Development
John F. Hart (THM, 1976) Professor
John A. Jelinek (THM, 1986) Vice President & Dean of Moody Theological Seminary
Bryan M. Litfin (THM, 1997) Professor of Theology
William H. Marty (THD, 1984) Professor of Bible
Brenda K. McCord (MACE, 2001) Stewardship Representative
Walter W. McCord (THM, 1995) Assistant Professor
Laurie L. Norris (THM, 2003) Assistant Professor of Pastoral Studies
J. Paul Nyquist (PHD, 1984) President
David T. Rim (THM, 1992) Instructor
Michael A. Rydelnik (THM, 1983) Professor of Jewish Studies
Ronald C. Sauer (THM, 1975) Professor of Bible
Andrew J. Schmutzer (THM, 1994) Professor of Biblical Studies
Harry E. Shields (THM, 1976) Adjunct Professor
Harry E. Shields (THM, 1976) Adjunct Professor
Timothy R. Sisk (THM, 1986) Chairman, Professor of Intercultural Studies
William D. Thrasher (THD, 1982) Professor
Junias V. Venugopal (THM, 1984) Provost

The mission of Dallas Theological Seminary is to glorify God by equipping godly servant-leaders for the proclamation of His Word and the building up of the body of Christ worldwide.

Help train the next generation of godly servant leaders by breaking down financial barriers.

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