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The Evangelical Alliance Mission

Contact Information

PO Box 969
Wheaton, IL 60187-0969
800-343-3144 http://www.team.org Update Info

DTS Alumni on Staff

William J. Bacheller (THM, 1978) Missionary
J. Eric Binion (THM, 1987) Missionary
William G. Boggess (THM, 1980) Missionary
Paul G. Bowman (DMIN, 2009) Missionary
Katherine M. Carringer (MABS, 2005) Missionary
Jason E. Evans (THM, 2004) Missions Coach
Jonathan F. Freeman (THM, 2009) Missionary
Kimberly W. Freeman (MAMC, 2009) Missionary
Chris F. Goppert (MABS, 1980) Senior Lecturer at Harare Theological College
Sun M. Hwang (MACE, 1993) Missionary
Doyle W. Klaassen Staff
Isaac B. Mann (THM, 2011) Missionary
J. Timothy Martin (THM, 2008) Missionary
J. Bradley Newport (THM, 2004) Disciplemaking Work Among Muslim Refugees
Kimberly J. Rathbun (MACE, 1996) Missionary
James K. Rathbun (MACE, 1996) Director of Church Connections
Katherine A. Sedlacek (MACM, 1994) Missionary
David A. Sedlacek (THM, 1994) Missionary
Laura Ramage Spinella Global Care
Steven Paul Spinella (THM, 1984) Global Care
Michael J. Swanson (MABL, 2012) Missionary Candidate
Kunimi Tamai (THM, 1977) Director of Oasis Church Ministry; Pastor of Shinkamagaya Bible Church
T. Steven Taylor (THM, 1991) Missionary
Wayne S. Wideman (THM, 1978) Missionary & Academic Dean for Swaziland Evangelical Bible School
Michael F. Yaney (THM, 2001) Missionary

The mission of Dallas Theological Seminary is to glorify God by equipping godly servant-leaders for the proclamation of His Word and the building up of the body of Christ worldwide.

Help train the next generation of godly servant leaders by breaking down financial barriers.

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