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DTS Alumni on Staff

Walter L. Baker (THM, 1957) Minister at Large
John E. Berger (THM, 1989) Vice President
Boxley B. Boggs Minister of Large
Bradley J. Crawford (CGS, 1995) Missionary
Denny D. Day (MACE, 1991) Teacher for QCS in PAP
Merle V. Ediger (MABS, 1988) Church Planter among Hispanics
G. Raymond Gorrell (DMIN, 1997) Missionary
Robert E. Hawkins (THM, 1947) Part-Time Missionary
Lucy S. Heater (MABS, 1982) Missionary
Kevin L. Heater Missionary
Judy W. Kay (MABS, 1984) Missionary
Robert G. Kay (MABS, 1997) Missionary
James M. Kutnow (DMIN, 1996) Missionary
Tracy L. Lesan (THM, 1995) Missionary
Hamilton W. Lewis (DMIN, 2001) Missionary Part-Time
Dale S. Losch (THM, 1987) President
M. Hillary Luker (THM, 2002) Missionary
Terrance B. Luker (THM, 2002) Missionary
Wayne Keith Lynch (MABS, 1984) Consultant
Moises Mariscal (DMIN, 1994) Professor of Bible & Missions at CATS
Bruce W. McMartin (THM, 1980) Missionary
James L. Montgomery (STM, 1976) Missionary & Teacher
David C. Muchmore (THM, 1980) International Director for Asia
R. James Munn (STM, 1983) Missionary
L. Wesley Peach (THM, 1981) Missionary
Luke A. Perkins (THM, 2013) Missionary Serving at STEP Seminary
David W. Ray (MABS, 1982) Intercultural Consultant
Virgil L. Reeves (THM, 1979) International Director
Rose Roberts Missionary
David B. Showalter (THM, 2010) Church Planter
David R. Spirek (MACM, 1997) Cross-Cultural Worker
Charles G. Stoner (THM, 1970) Part-Time Missionary, Retired
Walter M. Stuart (THM, 1970) Missionary & Professor of Famille Je t''Aime
John Voss (THD, 1984) Missionary
Harry E. Walker (THM, 1975) Teacher

The mission of Dallas Theological Seminary is to glorify God by equipping godly servant-leaders for the proclamation of His Word and the building up of the body of Christ worldwide.

Help train the next generation of godly servant leaders by breaking down financial barriers.

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