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Orlando, FL 32862-8200
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DTS Alumni on Staff

V. Camelia Borza (MABL, 2006) Missionary Linguist
Bryan G. Burtch (THM, 1951) Translation Consultant
David R. Gibson (MABL, 2000) Linguist, Translator
Gregory S. Jones (MABL, 2003) Bible Translator
Brian W. Kelly (MABL, 2010) Translation & Storytelling Consultant
Helen L. Miehle (CGS, 2000) Translation Consultant
Brian L. Migliazza (MABS, 1986) Administrator, Linguist & Translator
Rachel D. Morgan (MABL, 2007) Missionary
Kevin N. Nicholas (MABS, 2008) Bible Translator Partner
James E. Rupp (THM, 1966) Translator
Jennifer C. Schaefer (MABL, 2001) Missionary & Translator
John R. Siegel (MACM, 1991) Teacher
Scott A. Smith (MABS, 1985) Missionary
Mary Lou Smyth (MABL, 2000) Translator
Katie J. Wheeler (THM, 2011) Exegetical Specialist

The mission of Dallas Theological Seminary is to glorify God by equipping godly servant-leaders for the proclamation of His Word and the building up of the body of Christ worldwide.

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