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DTS Alumni on Staff

Steven R. Benthien (STM, 1985) Missionary
David G. Berkey (THM, 1990) Church Planter
Jerrine K. Berkey (MABS, 1987) Church Planter & Developer
Mel E. Davis (THM, 1989) Missionary
Patricia S. Davis (MACE, 1989) Missionary
Kenneth L. Davis (THM, 1997) Missionary, Pastor
J. Wayne Denny (THM, 2006) Professor
Bart A. Engel (THM, 1988) Missionary
Lance W. Ferguson (THM, 2010) Missionary
Randall C. Gleason (PHD, 1992) South Asia Pastor Training
Richard J. Griffith (PHD, 1990) Missionary, Professor, Pastor, Teacher
Jason K. Gupta (THM, 2003) Missionary
D. Douglas Hazen (THM, 1981) Northwest Regional Mission Director
M. Shane Hudson (THM, 2010) Missionary
April M. Hudson (MACM, 2012) Missionary
Roy K. Low (THM, 1984) Missionary, Teacher
J. Mark McDonnel (THM, 1996) Missionary & Professor
Mark K. Mercer (THD, 1987) Missionary
Stephen L. Newkirk (THM, 1996) Missionary
Jason A. Post (THM, 2001) Church Planter
Chad E. Reeser (THM, 2008) Missionary
Stanley E. Sorensen (THM, 1983) Missionary
Rick D. Wilson (MABS, 1988) International Project Developer
Theodore G. Winston (MABS, 1991) Missionary
Christopher G. Wynn (THM, 2003) Web Content Specialist
Fred L. Young (THM, 1990) Missionary
Janet Winston Young (THM, 1990) Missionary
Lisa K. Yunker (MACM, 2010) Missionary

The mission of Dallas Theological Seminary is to glorify God by equipping godly servant-leaders for the proclamation of His Word and the building up of the body of Christ worldwide.

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