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Dallas Theo Sem-Houston Campus

Contact Information

6000 Dale Carnegie Ln
Houston, TX 77036-3211
713-789-7771 Update Info

DTS Alumni on Staff

Evetta R. Armstrong (MACE, 1996) Adjunct Professor in Educational Min & Ldrshp, Associate Dir/Student Services
Tina L. Brown (MACE, 2014) Spiritual Formation Coordinator
Bruce W. Fong (THM, 1978) Professor of Pastoral Ministries, Dean of Houston Extension
Karen N. Giesen (DMCE, 2008) Adjunct Professor in Educational Ministries & Leadership/Houston
Alexander R. Gonzales (PHD, 2012) Assistant Professor of Bible Exposition
Will Johnston (PHD, 2002) Associate Professor in New Testament Studies
Paige A. King (THM, 2013) Director of Operations
David R. Klingler (PHD, 2010) Adjunct Professor
Israel P. Loken (PHD, 2001) Adjunct Professor of Bible Exposition
Barbara A. Neumann (DMIN, 2011) Adjunct Professor
Stanley C. Newton (THM, 1996) Internship Director Houston Campus
Erik D. Salwen (MABS, 2010) Director of Biblical Counseling
Benjamin I. Simpson (PHD, 2011) Associate Dean, Assistant Professor of New Testament Studies
Jefferson P. Webster (THM, 1996) Director of the Library
Andrew M. Woods (PHD, 2009) Adjunct Professor in Bible Exposition