The Compassionate Servant



The Compassionate Servant: Developing a Habit of Loving Well is an empowered learning and reflective process where students have the opportunity to apply the rich biblical and theological instruction they receive in the classroom by showing compassion to people in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)?
As part of DTS's reaffirmation of accreditation, we are required by one of our accrediting bodies, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (which also accredits schools like Texas A&M and Georgia Tech), to implement a new program that enhances the overall educational experience of students.
What is “The Compassionate Servant”?
Our QEP project adds a Service-Learning component to the DTS curriculum that focuses on engaging people on the fringes of society (homeless, elderly, refugees, etc.).
How will my classes change?
Starting in fall 2014, in some courses you will see an optional Compassion Project in the syllabus that you may choose to do in place of a paper or project.
What will be required for a Compassion Project?
Students will be required to spend about 15 hours per Compassion Project throughout the semester interacting with and ministering to people in need of compassion, such as the homeless, the elderly, those with physical limitations, or refugees. After investing this time in interpersonal ministry, you will be expected to write a brief reflection, describing what you learned during the experience, probably reflecting on a specific topic related to your course. See your course syllabus for specific instructions.
Who is required to do this?
Compassion Projects are optional in academic year 2014–2015. It is proposed that starting fall 2015, all incoming ThM students will be required to complete at least four Compassion Projects before graduating.
What does this mean for current students?
If you are a current student, nothing has changed with your curriculum. You are not required to complete any Compassion Projects, but professors would love for you to join. If you see a Compassion Project  in your syllabus, let your professor know that you would like to do the assignment.