Academic Departments

Courses in Biblical Counseling

  • BC101 Pastoral Counseling
    A course designed to consider the special issues associated with the theory, practice, and administration of counseling in pastoral contexts. Students will receive training for certification in the PREPARE-ENRICH© and Counselaid® assessments as well as the Strategic Pastoral Counseling model. (2 hours)
  • BC102 Theological and Psychological Foundations of Counseling
    An introduction to the foundations of Christian counseling, emphasizing the priority of a theological system for theory and practice. Special attention is given to models of integration, historical developments, current directions, and collaborative models of Christian counseling for the local church and the professional Christian counselor. (3 hours)
  • BC205 Personality Theory
    An analysis of major theories of personality taught by various Christian and secular authors and how those issues relate to biblical anthropology, sanctification, and counseling. (2 hours)
  • BC210 Counseling Theory
    A course designed to provide an introduction to primary counseling theories, with special attention given to evaluating those theories on the basis of Scripture, understanding the nature of men and women, observing how and why problems develop, and dealing with those problems in appropriate and effective ways. (3 hours)
  • BC215 Normal Human Growth
    A course designed to trace the normal stages and understand the natural processes of human growth and development (from before birth to old age) on various levels: physical, intellectual, relational, and emotional. (3 hours)
  • BC220 Counseling Methods & Techniques
    A study of the major techniques and strategies that can be appropriately and effectively used in counseling individuals, including ways of determining and defining problems (diagnosis) as well as helping with the problem (treatment). Prerequisite: BC210 Counseling Theory. (3 hours)
  • BC225 Abnormal Human Behavior
    A course designed to study the symptoms and underlying personal and interpersonal dynamics of the major categories of dysfunction as found in the DSM manual. Special attention will be given to depressive, obsessive-compulsive, and sexual disorders. Prerequisite: BC210 Counseling Theory. (3 hours)
  • BC227 Human Sexuality
    (3 hours)
  • BC230 Lifestyle & Career Development
    A survey of theories, issues, and informational sources associated with educational choices, career options, and vocational decisions that will enable the counselor to assist clients with vocational guidance and healthy lifestyle choices. (2 hours)
  • BC235 Social & Cultural Foundations
    A study of cultural and cross-cultural issues related to counseling. The course will investigate society and the church in terms of the role of women, ethnic groups, lifestyle traditions and change, population patterns, and counseling on the mission field. (2 hours)
  • BC240 Research Methods & Statistics
    A study of statistics (principles, usefulness, and limitations) and other standard research tools and methods as applied in the field of counseling. (2 hours)
  • BC245 Appraisal & Assessmt Techniques
    A course in which the student is trained in the theory, principles, and practice of using the major test instruments and nontesting approaches to assessment of a client's condition and needs. (2 hours)
  • BC250 Professional Orientation
    A course designed to introduce the student to the ethical and legal standards, professional organizations, educational standards, and the appropriate role of practitioners in the field of counseling. (2 hours)
  • BC255 Counseling and Family Law
    A course designed to introduce students to the legal aspects and implications of family relationships, and the interaction between the disciplines of counseling and law. It prepares students to recognize legal issues that arise in counseling practice and to identify situations in which the counselor should advise clients to seek legal assistance. (3 hours)
  • BC260 Death and Dying
    This course examines selected aspects of death, including the dying person's needs, palliative care, legal arrangements, bereavement issues, and personal and cultural differences in grieving. Difficult spiritual questions and the scriptural responses are discussed. (3 hours)
  • BC265 Marital Enrichment
    A course designed to train students in the theory and skills necessary to conduct a marital enrichment program. The student will learn various models designed to strengthen marriages not in crisis. These models will be examined within a theological framework, with an emphasis on integration as well as on specific skills and strategies. Enrollment requires consent of the professor. (3 hours)
  • BC275 Diagnosis & Treatment of Trauma Disorders
    A study of post-traumatic stress disorder, dissociative disorders, and dissociative identity disorder, as well as how trauma is correlated with other diagnoses. Attention is given to examining the prevalence, cause, and specialized treatment of physical and sexual abuse and trauma disorders. Controversies surrounding dissociative identity disorder, repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse, satanic ritual abuse, and exorcism as a treatment are examined. (3 hours)
  • BC280 Group Counseling
    An examination of group purpose, membership, stages and process, including the leader's role and leadership competencies. Emphasis is placed on small-group experience and its application both professionally and ministerially. (3 hours)
  • BC285 Substance Abuse
    This class will examine the diagnosis, treatment planning, and recovery process for the alcoholic/addict and family members, with emphasis on the 'disease� model of addictions treatment and the utilization of 12-step support groups in the treatment of the recovering person and the family members. Other compulsive diseases will be discussed, such as sexual addiction and eating disorders. (3 hours)
  • BC297 Marriage Counseling
    (3 hours)
  • BC305 Counseling Practicum I
    A course designed to introduce the practices, processes, and procedures involved in counseling based on the theory and practice taught in BC210 Counseling Theory. Direct interaction in 20 1-hour individual counseling sessions with a supervised LPC intern helps develop students' understanding of and ability to address common problems that people face. Students enrolling in this course will be assessed a $100 student counseling fee to help defray the costs of the individual counseling sessions. Prerequisite: BC210 Counseling Theory (must be taken previously or concurrently with this practicum). Enrollment limited to 12 students per section. Open to students who are not in the M.A. in Biblical Counseling program. (3 hours)
  • BC310 Counseling Practicum II
    A course designed for students to experience, observe, and apply in practice counseling theory, methods, and techniques at an off-site location, while under supervision (10 hours per week). Includes supervision and evaluation from professor, as well as interactive feedback from professor and students within an on-site, group practicum context. Students present a minimum of three videotaped counseling experiences, supplemented with a case summary. Emphasis is placed on diagnosis, treatment plan, and biblical integration. Prerequisites: BC305 Counseling Practicum I, BC215 Normal Human Growth, BC220 Counseling Methods and Techniques, and BC225 Abnormal Human Behavior (the latter two must be taken previously or concurrent with this practicum). Enrollment limited to eight students and requires consent of the professor. (3 hours)
  • BC315 Counseling Practicum III
    A course designed as a continuation of Practicum II with greater emphasis on comprehensive clinical definition carefully written in accordance with the standards of the profession. Students present a minimum of three videotaped counseling experiences, supplemented with a case summary. Prerequisite: BC310 Counseling Practicum II. Enrollment limited to eight students and requires consent of the professor. (3 hours)
  • BC325 Counseling Practicum Elective
    The counseling practicum elective is a continuation of Practicum III with a greater emphasis on careful clinical practice according to the standards of the profession. The course will require a supervisory relationship between a counseling professor and M.A./BC student working to accrue additional practicum hours. The student will be supervised as he or she experiences, observes, and practices the application of counseling techniques at an off-site location. Enrollment requires consent of the professor. (1 hour)
  • BC405 Introduction to Play Therapy
    A course designed to introduce the major theories of play therapy, help the student develop an approach to play therapy, increase the student's understanding of children and the child's natural language of play, and help the student learn the essential skills of play therapy. Biblical foundations of play therapy will be considered. 3 hours. (3 hours)
  • BC428 Family Systems
    An introduction to the family-system approach to intervention, which integrates marital, sibling, and individual subsystems, as well as family-of-origin and external societal influences. Biblical perspectives, clinical diagnosis, and treatment strategies are emphasized. (3 hours)
  • BC505-4 The Christian Home: Family Research & Assessment
    Examines the findings of research on family dynamics and provides certification and training for the Prepare/Enrich Inventory for couple and family assessments. May also be credited in the Department of Christian Education (see CE505'4). (1 hour)
  • BC511 Sexual Educator Certification I
    (3 hours)
  • BC547 A Biblical Theol of Suffering, Disability, and the Church
    A study of the biblical meanings and purposes of suffering, with theological reflections and application to various aspects of suffering and disability-related ministries. The course includes a number of guest lecturers, including Joni Eareckson Tada. May also be credited in the Department of Bible Exposition (See BE547). (3 hours)