Academic Departments

Courses in Educational Ministries and Leadership

EML101 Introduction to Educational Ministries and Leadership
A study of the educational ministry of the local church, with attention to aims, principles, leadership, organization, and agencies of a biblical program for all age-groups. Enrollment limited to 40 students. (3 hours)

EML102 History & Philosophy of Christian Education
A survey of the history of religious education from Old Testament times to the present and a study of theories of Christian education with emphasis on developing a biblical philosophy of education. (3 hours)

EML103 Teaching Process
A study of spiritual dynamics in effective Bible teaching and principles of learning and teaching, with practice in using creative classroom methods in an actual teaching experience. Prerequisite: BE101 Bible Study Methods and Hermeneutics. Corequisite: EML104 Audiovisual Presentations. Enrollment limited to 40 students. 2 hours. (2 hours)

EML104 Media Presentations
A hands-on exploration of speaker-support media for face-to-face teaching, with emphasis on clear communication and aesthetic design. (see EML105 and MW502). (1 hour)

EML105 Teaching Process and Media Presentations
A study of spiritual dynamics in effective Bible teaching and principles of learning and teaching, with practice in using creative classroom methods in an actual teaching experience. A hands-on exploration of speaker-support media for face-to-face teaching, with emphasis on clear communication and aesthetic design. This course integrates the requirements for EML103 Teaching Process and EML104 Media Presentations, and is offered at the Seminary's extension locations in place of EML103 and EML104. Prerequisite: BE101 Bible Study Methods and Hermeneutics. 3 hours. (3 hours)

EML205 Small Group Process in Ministry
The examination and practice of communication skills in small-group settings with emphasis on exercises that enhance those skills. Current small-group ministry models will be reviewed. Enrollment limited to 20 students. (3 hours)

EML215 Teaching in Christian Higher Ed
A seminar on the philosophy, organization, process, and procedures of designing an academic course in a Christian college or seminary. Students in the Academic Ministries track may take WM410 Theological Education in Intercultural Contexts in place of EML215. (3 hours)

EML305 Dynamics of Christian Leadership
An analysis of the qualities and practices of the effective Christian leader based on principles in Scripture and related literature, with attention to devising a personal philosophy of Christian leadership. (3 hours)

EML310 Admin in Christian Higher Education
A study of the principles of academic governance, including the nature and function of church-related institutions of higher education, with attention to the responsibilities of leaders in academic affairs, student services, business affairs, development, and general administration. (3 hours)

EML315 Introduction to Christian Mentoring and Coaching
This course is a practical introduction to mentoring and coaching. Attention is given to biblical principles, definitions, models, techniques, and available resources, with an emphasis on applications in counseling and leadership context. (2 hours)

EML325 Legal & Financial Issues in Ministry
A study of legal issues affecting ministry organizations with attention to administration, compliance with state and federal regulations, plant and property concerns, and various forms of liability coupled with an analysis of good financial practice for nonprofit ministries, including budgeting, accountability, and general stewardship of gifts and revenues. (3 hours)

EML335 Personal Assessment & Min Vision
A course designed to assess and define a person's ministry strengths and weaknesses and to develop leadership and interpersonal skills for more effective ministry, for the purpose of building confidence in future ministry decisions and developing vision. Limited enrollment. (2 hours)

EML340 Team Leadership
A study of principles and procedures that relate to leadership in a team environment. This course will focus on the essential elements necessary for effective teamwork on ministry leadership teams in church and parachurch settings. (2 hours)

EML355 Emotional Intelligence and Relationships in Leadership
A study of emotional intelligence in the context of Christian leadership. Since relationships are an important element of leadership, emotional intelligence is critical for the leader to relate authentically and effectively. (3 hours)

EML360 Change and Resistance in Christian Leadership
A study of change and conflict in the context of Christian ministry. Increased understanding and skill development in change agency, conflict resolution/management, and handling of criticism are intended outcomes for each student. (3 hours)

EML370 Organizational Communication
This course is an advanced study of communication principles for leaders. Students will develop communication skills, principles, and plans for their organization, staff, and/or ministry through an effective biblical process. (3 hours)

EML385 Readings in Leadership/Current Issues in Leadership
A study of selected major writings of modern leadership theorists, with an emphasis on current issues in leadership and an evaluation of modern leadership theories from a Christian worldview. The readings are designed to meet the professional interests and needs of servant-leaders in all fields. Enrollment limited to 12 students. (2 hours)

EML405 Early Faith Foundations
This course will explore the biblical rationale for faith development within the family from birth through age 12 and will present models where partnerships are taking place between families and churches in the spiritual development of children. Students will be provided with opportunities to learn from guest speakers and participate in field trips. (3 hours)

EML410 Children's Ministry in the Church
A study of the nature and needs of children from birth through grade six, methods and materials for working with children, and administration of the children's division of the church. Students participate in two teaching demonstrations to integrate classroom learning. (3 hours)

EML412 Ministry to Children at Risk
An exploration of the biblical and theological basis for meeting the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of children at risk both in the U.S. and around the world. Attention will be given to such issues such as divorce, abortion, adoption, foster care, poverty, child labor, and human trafficking as they relate to children at risk, as well as to orphans, refugees, and children of war. Opportunities will be provided to learn from guest speakers and organizations that are addressing and effectively ministering to children. (3 hours)

EML415 Church Ministries with Youth
A study of the nature and needs of young people and objectives and methods of Christian education for youth. Group dynamics and discussion of practical problems and issues related to youth work are also discussed. Students will develop a working philosophy of youth ministry. (3 hours)

EML420 Outdoor Ministry
A study of the theological, philosphic, and historic foundations of outdoor ministry and an overview of Christian camp ministry and management today. Special emphasis will be given to experiential learning, program planning, staff recruitment, and management, leadership development, marketing, and evaluation. (3 hours)

EML430 Programming for Youth Ministries
A course on contemporary strategies for reaching today's youth, with emphasis on evangelism and discipleship. Attention is given to the philosophy of, and principles for, the four levels of youth programming: outreach, growth, ministry, and multiplication. Examination of area youth ministry strategies through field trips gives practical opportunity to apply classroom instruction to real-world scenarios. (3 hours)

EML435 Effective Ministry with Women
A study of the unique needs of women and how to best teach, lead, mentor, shepherd, and care for women in local church, para-church, academic, and cross-cultural missions contexts. (3 hours)

EML438 Effective Ministry with Men
This course surveys the current trends in men's ministry across the evangelical landscape and takes an informative look at the biblical and theological data on manhood and masculinity. The course includes field trips and guest speakers who are actively engaged in ministry to men$ Students are encouraged to formulate practical strategies and effective ministry plans to evangelize, disciple, and train men. (3 hours)

EML445 Young Adult Ministry in the Post Modern Era: by Independent Study
A study of postmodernism and its effect on the ministry of the church specifically focused on strategies for reaching young adults. Young-adult development and needs are discussed in light of shifting cultural forces. Students will develop a working philosophy of young-adult ministry. (3 hours)

EML450 Women Teaching Women
A study of women in their capacity as the audience and also as learners, with multiple opportunities to create and practice relevant, biblical presentations and studies for large groups, retreats, and conferences. Prerequisite: BE101 Bible Study Methods and Hermeneutics. Enrollment limited to 15 students. (3 hours)

EML505-1 The Christian Home: Dynamics of a Christian Marriage
Examines both Old and New Testament passages that establish the foundation for a dynamic Christian marriage. (1 hour)

EML505-2 The Christian Home: Communicat & Conflict Resolution
Offers exercises and experiences that strengthen communication and conflict-resolution skills within the Christian marriage and home. (1 hour)

EML505-3 The Christian Home: Dynamics of a Christian Family
Looks at issues and responsibilities that affect the nurturing and enriching of a Christian family. (1 hour)

EML505-4 The Christian Home: Family Research & Assessment
Examines the findings of research on family dynamics and provides certification and training for the Prepare/Enrich Inventory for couple and family assessments. May also be credited in the department of Biblical Counseling (see BC505-4). (1 hour)

EML505-5 The Christian Home: Grace-based Parenting
The Christian Home course comprises five 1-hour modules designed to provide a biblical understanding of the issues, responsibilities, and problems in Christian families. Each module can be taken individually for 1 hour of credit. Module 5: Grace-based ParentingThis module looks at the application of the principles of grace-based parenting for children and youth. (1 hour)

EML615 Role of Associate in Ministry
From candidating to ministry development, this course will enable the student to be effective from the first day in ministry. Key program issues will include recruiting, training, and working with professional staff. A comprehensive approach to evaluating various church ministries will be developed. Weddings, funerals, and baptismal services will be discussed. Field trips to various local ministry organizations provide opportunities for practical experience in weddings, funerals, baptism, camping, hospital visitation, and homeless ministry. (3 hours)

EML620 Ministry Safe Certification Training
(3 hours)

EML705 Principles Discipleship
The study of the philosophy and methodology of disciple development, based on selected portions of the New Testament, especially the life of Christ. (3 hours)

EML710 Practice of Discipleship
A small-group seminar emphasizing the process of discipleship. The professor and students share together the discipleship experience, using various techniques of sound discipleship ministry. (3 hours)

EML730 Spir Form in Hist Perspective
A study of the history of Christian spiritual formation from the patristic era through its contemporary evangelical expressions designed to introduce students to the rich resources of the Christian tradition available for providing nurture and guidance in soul care. (3 hours)

EML740 Spir Form Min in Contemp Culture
A study of contemporary cultural dynamics and the implications for spiritual formation which they present with special attention given to paradigms of the church's engagement with the broader cultural environment, the contemporary cultural realities that inhibit growth in Christ-likeness, and cultural factors that inform and shape faithful expressions of soul care. (3 hours)

EML750 Spiritual Disciplines
A study of the theology and practice of the classical spiritual disciplines, including prayer, fasting, biblical meditation, and acts of service. The course is designed to help students understand, engage, and lead others in the practice of the spiritual disciplines commended in Scripture and developed throughout the history of the church. (2 hours)

EML760 Readings in Christian Spirituality
A study of selected major writings associated with important issues, eras, or figures in the history of Christian spirituality. Topics vary from year to year. (2 hours)

EML801 Ministry Residency I
Supervised field-based education in the student's intended vocational ministry context, under the supervision and encouragement of and experienced on-site Ministry Mentor. This contextual education experience consists of instruction, cohort interaction, and practical application in selected ministry settings in the Dallas area, across the United States, or around the world. This intensive learning opportunity is designed as an 8-month residency (two consecutive semesters-- Ministry Residencey I and Ministry Residency II) with an approved church or parachurch/mission organization during a student's studies. Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of half the student's degree program. (6 hours)

SF100-1 Spiritual Formation
(0 hours)

SF100-2 Spiritual Formation
(0 hours)

SF100-3 Spiritual Formation
(0 hours)

SF100-4 Spiritual Formation
(0 hours)

SF104 Spiritual Formation IV
This course challenges students to implement their divine design in harmony with the mission of Christ and the uniqueness of others. Life Vision is the primary resource used in establishing each group member's vision for future ministry. The course helps focus the remainder of the students' academic experiences by providing an opportunity to anticipate carefully how they might serve the Lord for a lifetime. Transcripted nonacademic credit, spring only. (0 hours)

SF110 Spiritual Formation
(0 hours)

SF110-1 Spiritual Formation
(0 hours)

SF110-2 Spiritual Formation
(0 hours)

SF201 Spiritual Formation I
This course challenges students to grasp more fully the reality of our identity in Christ both personally and corporately. The Life Inventory Exercises are the primary resource used in discovering and establishing identity. An adequate understanding of one's identity in relation to God, self, the body of Christ, and the world is presented as a precursor to developing authentic community. This course must be taken concurrently with the first semester of SF100. (1 hour)

SF202 Spiritual Formation II
This course challenges students to pursue new depths of trust out of a common commitment to discovering God's authorship in their lives. Life Story is the primary resource used in guiding each Spiritual Formation group toward the development of authentic community. This course must be taken concurrently with the second semester of SF100. (1 hour)

SF203 Spiritual Formation III (Integrity)
This course challenges students to examine the personal and corporate implications of sin and grace in their lives. The Life Change Exercises are the primary resource used in developing integrity in the lives of group members. This course must be taken concurrently with the third semester of SF100. (1 hour)

SF204 Spiritual Formation IV (Fidelity)
This course challenges students to implement their divine design in pursuing Christlikeness in every arena of life. The Vision and Fidelity Exercises are the primary resources used for exploring each member's vision for a continued life of fidelity in faith and practice. This course guides students through synthesizing the previous modules and considering the kind of life they want to live as a follower of Jesus Christ. This course must be taken concurrently with the fourth semester of SF100. (1 hour)

SF245 M.A./BEL Spiritual Formation
This course focuses on building community through an understanding of and appreciation for God's sovereign and gracious work in the student's life. It is an orientation uniquely suited to a cross-cultural experience. This course may not be taken as a substitute for SF101. Required of and limited to M.A. in Biblical Exegesis and Linguistics students. Transcripted nonacademic credit, spring only. (0 hours)

SF245-1 M.A./BEL Spiritual Formation
(0 hours)

SF245-2 M.A./BEL Spiritual Formation
(0 hours)

SF320 Spir Form Min in Contemp Culture
(2 hours)

SF330 Spiritual Disciplines
(2 hours)

SF355 Readings in Christian Spirituality
(2 hours)