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Ministry Residency Testimonials

Hear what our students are saying about the program

Keith Twigg

Cody, WY

Keith Twigg, who pastored in Montana and Wyoming, continued to minister to the people God called him to serve, all while working on his degree online at DTS.

Scott Avary

Executive Pastor at The Bible Chapel
McMurray, PA

“Through interaction with students in ministry settings all over the world, practical assignments, and a well-designed Ministry Residency program, I have been able to immediately apply classroom learning within my current ministry context. The blend of real world application with world-class biblical teaching makes this an wonderful option.”

Meagan Wall

Special Needs Director, Stonebriar Community Church
Frisco, TX

“I really enjoyed the Ministry Residency year. I was faced with challenges I never saw coming. It was almost as though the Lord knew this would be a year of change for the ministry and I wouldn’t be able to handle it without my mentor, advisor, and cohort speaking truth into my life. The wisdom and encouragement I received through each of them was the most valuable part of the whole experience. I would encourage anyone who is working in ministry to take advantage of the Ministry Residency.”

T.J. Morelli

Small Groups/Men’s Pastor, Austin Ridge Bible Church
Austin, TX

"The Ministry Residency was by far one of the best experiences I have had at DTS. The two-semester Ministry Residency has a very strong balance of three core areas: classroom leadership training, practical hands-on leadership experience, and unparallel interaction with other ministry leaders. It is a program you do not want to miss."

Josh Stone

Pastoral Intern, Community Bible Church
Beaufort, SC

“The real deal is when you are actually immersed in ministry. The Ministry Residency program has been so rewarding in allowing me to sink and swim for credit."

Tory Mayo

Lead Pastor, The Well Community Church
Austin, TX

“A student should consider the Ministry Residency because it gives students hands on experience in a ministry context mixed with practical ‘on-time’ learning. In the regular classroom setting, you learn something and then apply it several years down the road when you are doing ministry. However, with the residency, you are learning as you are serving, and this makes the learning stick more as it is immediately applicable and necessary.”

Steven Richard

Senior Pastor, Fellowship Community Baptist Church
Baytown, TX

“Through the DTS Ministry Residency, I was able to work in ministry as a senior pastor at my current location while completing my degree at the same time. I was learning on the job. I was able to apply many principles learned from the classroom in my leadership setting. I gained new information in the area of leadership that helped me as a senior pastor. I was also able to train my own leadership team at the church. This was very exciting for me in ministry and my leadership team welcomed the new change. I developed the confidence needed to fulfill my ministry. The Ministry Residency takes the classroom learning off the pages and enables the student to experience what he is learning firsthand while working in ministry. You are able to see the Lord work right before your eyes, and this builds your confidence as a leader.”

Matt Driggers

Groups Director, North Point Community Church
Alpharetta, GA

“The DTS Ministry Residency equipped me with practical tools that helped and will continue to help me in areas of ministry and leadership. It helped to solidify through real world practice much of the learning that has taken place in the classroom. If you are looking for a way to marry sound biblical teaching with real world leadership training, then I highly recommend the DTS Ministry Residency experience.”

Jay Felker

Young Adults Pastor, McKinney Memorial Bible Church
Fort Worth, TX

“A student at DTS faces the challenge of being overwhelmed with information, and if not careful, can begin to see their education merely through an academic lens rather than seeing the practical use as well. The DTS Ministry Residency has given me an avenue to immediately exercise and apply the truths I am gleaning from the classroom.”