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DTS - Texas A&M-Commerce Cooperative EdD Program

Below is a broad outline of Dallas Theological Seminary's collaborative agreement with Texas A&M Commerce. Individual details must be worked out with Texas A&M advisors Dr. Rusty Waller and Dr. Richard Lumadue

If you have any further questions, you may contact Dr. Michael Lawson or Dr. Jim Thames in the Dean’s office.

Program Summary

Texas A&M Commerce (TAMU) offers the EdD (Doctorate in Education) degree in Curriculum, Supervision, & Instruction in a cooperative format with Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS).

The EdD degree requires 102 hours (39 hours of master’s leveling work of any kind + 63 hours for the doctorate).

Normally a master’s degree is required but in lieu of a master’s degree, TAMU will evaluate for admission 36 hours of graduate work done at DTS. In addition, the student must take the GRE. In the past, a score of 800 or above has been looked on favorably. But there are at least 10 factors examined and evaluated for admission.

TAMU will accept 12 hours in transfer from DTS's MA/CE or ThM/CE if the student is accepted into the TAMU program before completing the master's degree at DTS (courses must be preapproved).

Courses commonly cross credited for the 12 hours:

  • CE 102 History and Philosophy of Christian Education
  • CE 103 Teaching Process CE – 104 Audio-visual Presentations
  • CE 215 Teaching in Christian Higher Education
  • CE 310 Administration in Christian Higher Ed.
  • CE 315 Administrative Process
  • CE 320 Christian School Administration
  • CE 325 Legal and Financial Issues

Hours from "any accredited graduate program" (including DTS MACE)

Breakdown of Hours
Master's Leveling Hours 39
Transfer in CE courses from DTS 12
TAMU course work in Research Tools (4 courses in statistics)*** 12
TAMU doctoral course work 21
Internship (flexibly determined with advisor; maybe independent study) 6
Complete Dissertation** 12
Total* 63

This means that DTS MA/CE or ThM/CE students in the TAMU EdD program can count a total of 51 hours of their DTS work toward the 102-hour requirement beyond the bachelor’s degree. (This is made up of 39 hours of DTS course work granted upon entry into the program PLUS 12 more hours of specific CE course work toward the EdD requirements.) That leaves 51 hours of course work for the TAMU EdD.

Important Notes
  1. * “Residency” at TAMU is NOT about being on the Commerce campus; “Residency” is established by taking two semesters back to back of 9 hours each. Any combination of Spring/Summer; Summer/Fall; Spring/Fall or Fall/Spring will qualify. This could be a combination of Internship + online + face to face in Commerce or Mesquite as long as the total adds up to 9 per semester and the semesters are back to back. A number of face to face courses are offered on week ends and during the evenings.
  2. ** TAMU enables students to become familiar with various processes by requiring students to attend other “Dissertation Proposal” interviews and “Dissertation Defense” interviews. The Graduate College sends a representative to evaluate the professors on their ‘professional’ conduct during these interviews.
  3. *** Advisors at TAMU recommend that these courses be taken first as they tend to be the most demanding.