A Madness Most Discreet

Join us October 20-23 for DTS Arts Week,
with Chapel speaker Dr. Esther Meek.

  • “Love, not bare information amassing, should characterize the way we relate to the world.”
    Dr Esther Meek, A Little Manual for Knowing
  • “I have come to believe we should think as knower and known as persons in relationship, where knowing is the relationship.”
    Dr Esther Meek, A Little Manual for Knowing
  • “Knowing ventures begin out of love or desire.”
    Dr Esther Meek, A Little Manual for Knowing
  • “To begin to know, we should uncover and tap into our desire. Knowing rides the wave of our desire.”
    Dr Esther Meek, A Little Manual for Knowing
  • “Thinking of knowledge as information is an epistemic stance that does not help make sense of knowing ventures. We may need epistemological therapy."
    Dr Esther Meek, A Little Manual for Knowing
  • “Caring in order to know is often best done—actually, inevitably done—together with others. Not even a solitary knowing is ever entirely solitary.”
    Dr Esther Meek, A Little Manual for Knowing
  • “The knowledge-as-information orientation contains no place for delight and excitement.Yet these responses should be counted as epistemically significant. Delight and excitement are felt body responses on which we rely to guide us toward a discovery."
    Dr Esther Meek, A Little Manual for Knowing

Featured Artist: Letitia Huckaby

Artist work will be displayed in CAC, Hope Coffee and Todd Gallery Space. Accessible 7:30-5:00 daily. A special night with the artist will be at Hope Coffee on Thursday, October 22, 2015 from 7-9. Check out more of her work here.

  • “The experience of art offers a kind of understanding of ourselves and of the world, of the coherence of the world, not in quick bursts, in bullet-pointed insights, or in sound bites. The knowledge conveyed in art—like the knowledge conveyed in love or in contemplation or even in gardening—is a knowledge that takes time to receive.“
    Ken Myers
  • “Art is redemptive when it is meant to reflect the glory of the Creator and to stimulate consideration of the purpose God intended with His gracious gifting. To that end we invite the celebration of God's grandeur and grace in DTS Arts week."
    Mark Bailey
    DTS President
  • “DTS and the Arts—reflecting the Lord Jesus Christ, opening a window into heaven.”
    Reg Grant
    Chair of Media Arts & Worship
  • "Worship artfully."
    Tim Basselin
    Asst. Professor
  • “I've seen the Arts speak grace into the lives of people from China to Venezuela and from India to France—I can't wait to see what the DTS Arts Week will surface here!"
    Mike Pocock
    Senior Professor Emeritus
  • “Art presupposes a coherence and intelligibility in Creation. Art works because the world is a Creation, not simply a meaningless, cosmic accident. Even people who believe that the world is the product of chance often cannot help—when they work creatively—to behave otherwise.“
    Ken Myers
  • “The creative arts express what words cannot and thus help heal the deeply wounded.“
    Linda Marten
    Assoc. Professor
  • "Overwhelmed by media, it is difficult for substantive messages to be implanted in the minds of our congregations without the effective assistance of the media arts."
    Ramesh Richard
  • “Flood my heart and soul with truth even as my mind is filled.”
    Timothy Warren
    Senior Professor
  • "The experience of art—the sense we have of significance and connection and meaning conveyed through artistic expression—is not an illusory and escapist exercise, but a return to reality."
    Ken Myers
  • “At DTS our greatest investment is in the invisible, requiring imagination in order to develop empathy and exercise faith. Arts Week provides a great way to develop that 'sanctified imagination.'"
    Sandra Glahn
    Associate Professor in Media Arts and Worship, Editor-in-Chief, Kindred Spirit
  • "Art is the language of the postmodern world."
    George Hillman
    Chair of Educational Ministry and Leadership
  • “Gifted Christian artists studying at DTS, filling their hearts and minds with sound biblical theology, producing life-changing creations full of truth and beauty—electrifying!”
    Larry Waters
    Assoc. Professor
  • “I have seen first-hand what the Arts Program at DTS has produced and it is a boon for the church. People who understand how to communicate in a variety of media and reach the heart with the gospel—impressive.”
    Darrell Bock
    Senior Professor
  • “I am thrilled that Dallas Seminary is sponsoring an Arts Week where many of the talented artists in our community will have the opportunity to help us all see what they see when they look at the world.”
    Glenn Kreider

Arts Week Chapel Speaker

Speaker: Dr. Esther L. Meek

Topic: “Loving to Know/Create: Epistemological Therapy for Artists and Other Knowers”

Esther L. Meek, Ph.D., is Professor of Philosophy at Geneva College and Visiting Professor of Apologetics at Redeemer Seminary in Dallas, TX. A writer, teacher, speaker and conversationalist, Esther especially likes to think and talk about how we know (epistemology). That equates to talking about just about everything in life: identity, vocation, business, learning, research, parenting, Christian discipleship. Read Dr. Meek's full bio.

Read Esther's background on how philosophy became her focus.

A chapter of her book, A Little Manual for Knowing

Arts Week Chapels & Events

Tuesday, October 20

Dr. Esther Meek: "Why We All Need Epistemological Therapy"

11:30am - 12:30pm
Book signing at the book center with Dr Esther Meek

Wednesday, October 21

Dr. Esther Meek: "How Knowing (and the Creative Act) Works"

11:30am - 12:30pm
Book signing at the Book Center with Dr. Esther Meek

Thursday, October 22

Dr. Esther Meek: "Loving to Know: Covenant Epistemology for Artists and other Knowers"

7:00pm - 9:00pm
Artist Talk with Letitia Huckaby at Hope Coffee

Friday, October 23

Dr. Esther Meek: "Inviting the Real, and the Real We Invite"

11:30am - 12:30pm
Open lunch with the speaker