Academic Departments

Courses in Media Arts and Worship

MW101 The Art of Media and Worship
(3 hours)

MW102 Media Arts Apprenticeship
(2 hours)

MW103 A Christian View of Art
(3 hours)

MW104 Jesus and the Media: (by independent study)
(3 hours)

MW201 Introduction to Audio Broadcasting
(3 hours)

MW202 Creative Audio Production for Ministry
(3 hours)

MW301 Creative Writing in Ministry
(3 hours)

MW302 Writing for Publication
(3 hours)

MW303 Advanced Creative Writing
(3 hours)

MW304 Theology and Contemporary Literature
(3 hours)

MW401 Graphic Design for Ministry
(3 hours)

MW501 Video Production for Ministry
(3 hours)

MW502 Media Presentations
(1 hour)

MW601 Media Arts & Worshp Practicum I
(1 hour)

MW703 Seminar in Worship Arts
(3 hours)

MW801 Rdg Scripture to Change Lives
(3 hours)

MW802 Dramatizing Scripture
(3 hours)

MW905: Theology at Sundance
This course is an opportunity for students to engage the film industry (movies and people) from a theological perspective. The majority of the course requirement will be met by attending one of the most significant film festivals in the world: Sundance. Students will take part in the Windrider Forum at Sundance, daily discussing theological issues with over 100 other Christians at the festival, and will also meet daily as a DTS class. Theology at Sundance is a hybrid course and will continue online as students meet the full requirements for reading and papers throughout the remainder of the semester.

  • Park City, UT
  • Faculty: Dr. Tim Basselin
  • Next offering: January 21-31, 2016

Jesus told his disciples that they (we) are in the world but not of the world (John 17:14-15). He used the metaphors of salt and light to describe their (our) relationship to the world (Matt. 5:13-15). In the incarnation, the eternal Son of God became a creature and came into the world that he created. In so doing, he not only told us how to relate the world, he showed us.

The South by Southwest(SXSW) Conference offers the unique convergence of original music, independent films, and emerging technologies. This course is designed to give students the opportunity to experience immersion in a music and media conference and to reflect theologically on the experience together with other students and with a faculty member and spouse.

  • Austin, TX
  • Faculty: Dr. Glenn Kreider
  • Next offering: March 15-20, 2016

MW905: Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing
An immersion experience interacting with critically acclaimed writers and their writing that demonstrated an integration of art and faith as part of the biennial Calvin Festival. The Festival of Faith and Writing at Calvin College brings together writers, editors, publishers, musicians, artists, and readers for three days of discussing and celebrating insightful writing that explores, in some significant way, issues of faith. The Festival began in 1990, and since that time has welcomed thousands of attendees and hundreds of speakers—including John Updike, Elie Wiesel, Maya Angelou, Salman Rushdie, Donald Hall, Katherine Paterson, Madeleine L’Engle, Annie Dillard, and many more.

  • Grand Rapids, MI
  • Faculty: Dr. Sandra Glahne
  • Next offering: April 14-16, 2016

MW905: Medieval Art & Spirituality
A study of the spiritual practices of the medieval church and the art that supported her worship in Italy. The class trip to Italy is truly a unique experience of medieval architecture, spirituality, and culture. It is the perfect setting to explore the ancient influences and contemporary application of medieval spirituality, art, and theology. 3 hours. (Option for additional hours of independent study credit in the area of a student’s choice, such as spiritual formation, historical theology, Aquinas studies, iconography, images in Christian art, medieval mystics such as Catherine of Siena and Francis of Assisi.)

  • Orvieto, Vincena, Venice, Padua, Florence, and Milan, Italy
  • Faculty: Dr. Sandra Glahn, Dr. Barry Jones, Sten-Erik Armitage
  • Next offering: May 2017