Business Office

Information for Employees

For Your Reference

Common Expense Codes

Object Purpose
6210 honorarium
6560 special meetings/events
6650 travel and entertainment
6660 conferences
6700 materials
6710 office supplies
7200 equipment
7020 dues/fees

Deadlines for Accounts Payable

Invoices and check requests must be submitted by 10am on Wednesdays to be processed for that week.

Direct deposits are processed on Wednesday afternoons, and the funds are usually available Thursday or Friday.

Checks are processed Thursday and available for pickup Friday morning from the Cashier.

Business Contacts

Questions regarding... Please contact:
…Account adjustments/expense questions Shelly Scheffer or Patricia Mayabb
…Budget revisions/changes Dale Larson
…Purchasing/credit card usage Lisa Reeves
…Student Accounts Sara Rosenbeck
…Gifts Nicole McKechnie
…Financial Aid
…Payroll Human Resources Department
…Human resources
…DTS insurance/benefits
…Retirement benefits