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Luke's Closet Entries

Below is a list of entries that have been submitted in the last three weeks.


Description: This desk is 27" deep and 42" wide. It has three drawers that are about 24" deep. The sitting spot has a divider at the mid-point for privacy from those on the opposite side of the desk. It is "vintage"…old! :) It can be used just as it is. Would look nicer if it was refinished, but I have been using it for years and especially enjoy the large drawers. No repair is required to use the desk. We need to find a new home for this desk within the next couple of weeks. (before Easter). Feel free to email or call with any questions. We live very close to the seminary.
Location: Off-Campus
Age: at least 40 years deold
Condition: Good but worn
Pictures: View Picture 1 | View Picture 2
Contact: Pam Cobb; phone: 469-767-7575; email:


Description: 32-inch CRT TV (the big tube kind that takes two people to carry) could be used with a converter box, gaming system, or DVD player.
Location: Off-Campus
Age: Unknown, but it works.
Condition: Some repair required
Pictures: none
Contact: Jay Thompson; phone: 214-554-3055; email: