Luke's Ministries

Luke's Closet Needs

Below is a list of needs that have been submitted by DTS students in the last three weeks.

Diaper changing table

Description: We are in need of a diaper changing table. Thank you!

Contact: Daegon Ko; phone: 4695697572; email:

Living room furniture

Description: In need of a couch and/or love seat.

Contact: Danielle Hayes; phone: 757-214-2587; email:

Diaper Changing Pad

Description: We are expecting our first baby. She will meet us in February.

Contact: Daegon Ko; phone: 469-888-3160; email:


Description: Wooden bookcase to house books.

Contact: Lonnie Holbrook; phone: 9185197333; email:

old hymnals needed

Description: Any version, any condition, needed asap. Please call or email if you can help. Thank you!

Contact: Jennifer Lacey; phone: 469.315.4114; email:


Description: Next week I do my driving test and I hope to pass. Hoping to maybe get a car somehow, I know it's no small thing and it is always a big ask but feel I could use it profitably. Thanks.

Contact: Daniel Murphy; phone: 3045219302; email:

Baby's Crib is needed

Description: We need a baby's crib.

Contact: Kevin Kim; phone: 2147081707; email:

Used Laptop

Description: I have a mini-laptop that is dying and crashes sometimes in the middle of assignments :( Need a replacement that has enough memory to allow me to upload MS Windows suite and Logos.

Contact: Samantha Childs; phone: 832-419-7344; email:

Dining table set

Description: We are in need of a dining table set. A square one or a small rectangular one with chairs would work for us. Thanks!

Contact: Mimi Lin; phone: 808-969-6991; email:

Study Desk, Chair and Book Rack

Description: I would be grateful if anybody can help me getting these items.

Contact: Komal Subhadheer Vempati; phone: 469-685-4815; email:

Baby Walker

Description: I need a baby walker for my 5 month old son.

Contact: CJ Lee; phone: 5713404747; email:

microwave oven

Description: Any microwave or toaster oven would be great to use as we move in to Swiss Towers.

Contact: Marie Woods; phone: 903-445-7246; email: