Luke's Ministries

Luke's Closet Needs

Below is a list of needs that have been submitted by DTS students in the last three weeks.

Used car for $1500 or a donate car

Description: My family and I just moved to the States from the missions field in Monterrey Mexico. I am getting ready to start classes in September at DTS. We live off campus in the Richardson area and are praying for a car that could help us travel from home to campus. Hope some one can help, thank you very much. Blessings

Contact: Ruben Hooi; phone: 956 369 5183; email:

King size bed

Description: My fiance and I are getting married soon and are looking for a king-size bed. We are both rather tall, so a queen is just a little small. We should be able to come get it, with a few days' notice to round up a truck.

Contact: Anne Cottle; phone: 9895331541; email:


Description: I would like have a bicycle to move around since we have a lot of good places close to our campus. I do have a car, but I think a bicycle will save me on gas. Also, I think it would be wonderful to enjoy the weather of March and April on a Bicycle.

Contact: Mara Estrada; phone: 2147251879; email:


Description: I am an international student and I am in an urgent need of a car. Since I am new to Dallas and even to US I am finding it difficult to get one and even difficult to get to places and my church.. Will take good care and will pay for gas and insurance. Blessings Dani David

Contact: DANI DAVID; phone: 972-900-3212; email:

vacuum cleaner

Description: My vacuum cleaner died and I don't have the money to replace it right now. We don't need much, just something to keep a small, two bedroom, carpeted apartment tidy.

Contact: Anne Cottle; phone: 9895331541; email:

couch or love seat

Description: My apartment has recently had to get rid of our couch because of a bug problem. We are looking for a replacement, preferably no tears or stains, comfy enough to have out-of-town family crash on every once in a blue moon.

Contact: Anne Cottle; phone: 9895331541; email:

laptop computer

Description: I need a laptop computer. The one I have been using for school had stopped working properly, and will not load Window at all. I am not sure it is repairable, and I need another one for class. Thank you.

Contact: Becky Knight; phone: 828-275-7602; email:


Description: Couch/Loveseat

Contact: scott Cyre; phone: 2144409886; email:

Full or Queen Mattress

Description: Hi there! I am a brand new DTS student living on campus in desperate need of a decent full or queen mattress...If you have any leads, please shoot me an email! A girl can only sleep on an air mattress for so long!

Contact: Tory Henderson; phone: (509) 200-3316; email:


Description: I am in need of a bike for transportation. I do not have a car so having a bike would be very helpful. Thank you.

Contact: Anna Jung; phone: 7039459351; email:

Bed, Mattress, Desk, Chair, Kitchen Supplies

Description: I am moving from across the country, and do not have much to begin with. I will need to get these items, but do not have the money to buy them as of now. Anything helps! God bless, Daylon Rock

Contact: Daylon Rock; phone: 3038085948; email:

Dinning room table

Description: I need a small dinning room table. My current roommate is moving out to get married and our current one is her which she will be taking with her. It can be with or with out chairs. Thanks!

Contact: Kimberly Stoll; phone: 4056946261; email:


Description: We are in need of a second vehicle to borrow from September 2015-August 2016. We would take care of gas, maintenance, insurance, etc. It would help as my wife has a full-time job and I too will require a vehicle for my youth pastor position I start in August. Thanks!

Contact: Tim Hawkins; phone: 785.341.0052; email:

Queen size and Twin size Mattress

Description: Queen size and Twin size Mattress for our children.

Contact: Edison & Medgine Senat; phone: 9415801002; email:

Tall Dresser, night stand and black or dark brown end table

Description: any color tall Dresser, black night stand and black or dark brown end table

Contact: Edison & Medgine Senat; phone: 9415801002; email:

Queen size and Twin size Matress

Description: Queen size and Twin size Matress

Contact: Edison & Medgine Senat; phone: 9415801002; email:


Description: Looking for a working washer, thank you!

Contact: Cassie Schenck; phone: 7083082581; email:

Dining Table & Chairs

Description: Rectangular, square, or oval dining room table and chairs to seat 4 - 6 people. Will be used to foster community through small group activities and meals.

Contact: Bernadette Moore; phone: 404.375.2566; email:

Any Vehicle

Description: We had to move further out from Dallas while we transition to a new job and are in need of a vehicle to get to work and back.

Contact: Josh Balthrop; phone: 903-780-2921; email:

Nightstand and dresser

Description: I am in need of a nightstand and/or dresser. Thanks!

Contact: Laura Woods; phone: 7855349004; email:


Description: I need a car.

Contact: Nancy Li; phone: 214-810-5528; email:


Description: My engine just recently blew out. I would need a vehicle to get me to and from work, but my funds are extremely low at the moment. If anyone has or knows someone who has a vehicle they'd be will to give away or sell for a low price (perhaps even a payment plan), I'd really appreciate it if you could contact me about it. Thank you.

Contact: Kevin Okoyomo; phone: 4196999749; email:

automobile (car)

Description: I need a small gas saving car.

Contact: Joseph McNeil; phone: (214)881-2032; email:


Description: Hi! We are graduating (!) and therefore have to move out of Swiss quite soon. It would be such a blessing if anyone had any extra boxes that we might have so we don't have to go buy them. Any size will do. We can pick up anything five boxes or more within about a ten mile radius of the seminary.

Contact: Kymberli Cook; phone: 214.406.7743; email:

Computer Monitor

Description: I am in need of an extension monitor for my laptop. Thank you!

Contact: Indeok Kim; phone: 940-205-7183; email:

Diaper changing table

Description: We are in need of a diaper changing table. Thank you!

Contact: Daegon Ko; phone: 4695697572; email:

Living room furniture

Description: In need of a couch and/or love seat.

Contact: Danielle Hayes; phone: 757-214-2587; email:

Diaper Changing Pad

Description: We are expecting our first baby. She will meet us in February.

Contact: Daegon Ko; phone: 469-888-3160; email:


Description: Wooden bookcase to house books.

Contact: Lonnie Holbrook; phone: 9185197333; email: