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Luke's Closet Needs

Below is a list of needs that have been submitted by DTS students in the last three weeks.

Praying for a Car


Description: Hi, My name is Genesis and I am from Cameroon. I am married and have 4 kids (10-5). I have been studying here at DTS since Spring of 2016. As I progress in my studies, the need for a vehicle is becoming more and more pressing. For example, in her mission to train students who "Love Well', DTS requires students to be involved with the community beyond campus. Several required projects need to be completed off-campus such as the Agape Project, the Wise Compassionate Servant Project, Internships, just to mention a few. With such requirements coupled with the need to be involved with my local church and buying groceries etc, it is not only very difficult to carpool all the time but it is very stressful and time consuming to try to accomplish all of this without a car. Thank you for trusting God with me in this area. God bless you.

Contact: Genesis Tinshu; phone: 2147186987; email:



Description: Hi. I am in need of a car. I have been in Dallas for 5-6 months. It is still difficult to go to churches where I want to visit. I have gone to churches where other students attend (if riding is available). Also, I found many other difficulties in living in US without car. I am wiling to pay small amount of money that I have saved for the purchase. Thanks

Contact: SangWook Lee; phone: 2146827362; email:



Description: Hello, How are you? I am praying and seeking for a laptop where I can bring to class to take notes and work on school assignments, papers and logos software. Thank you so much, Blessings, Nguyen

Contact: Nguyen Nguyen; phone: 4697097973; email:

electronic piano


Description: Thanks for reading my post. In order to practice piano at home, it's would be great if you can help me with a electronic piano. I appreciate your generosity and love in Christ.

Contact: Han Jin; phone: 2149340298; email:

Clothes dresser


Description: We are in need of a dresser to store clothes for our two girls. Daughter #2 will be born soon and we don't have anywhere to put her clothes. It is preferrable that the dresser be tall instead of long.

Contact: Laura Bracy; phone: 802-356-0087; email:



Description: I need a guitar to prepare coming ministry.

Contact: SangWook Lee; phone: 2146827362; email: