Luke's Ministries

Luke's Closet Needs

Below is a list of needs that have been submitted by DTS students in the last three weeks.


Description: We are in desperate need of a laptop for my husbands work, but don't have the financial means right now to buy one. Brand does not matter, we just need one that works well. Thank you!

Contact: Mandy Franklin; phone: 985-705-9123; email:


Description: Hi! We are graduating (!) and therefore have to move out of Swiss quite soon. It would be such a blessing if anyone had any extra boxes that we might have so we don't have to go buy them. Any size will do. We can pick up anything five boxes or more within about a ten mile radius of the seminary.

Contact: Kymberli Cook; phone: 214.406.7743; email:

Computer Monitor

Description: I am in need of an extension monitor for my laptop. Thank you!

Contact: Indeok Kim; phone: 940-205-7183; email:

Diaper changing table

Description: We are in need of a diaper changing table. Thank you!

Contact: Daegon Ko; phone: 4695697572; email:

Living room furniture

Description: In need of a couch and/or love seat.

Contact: Danielle Hayes; phone: 757-214-2587; email:

Diaper Changing Pad

Description: We are expecting our first baby. She will meet us in February.

Contact: Daegon Ko; phone: 469-888-3160; email:


Description: Wooden bookcase to house books.

Contact: Lonnie Holbrook; phone: 9185197333; email: