Luke's Ministries

Luke's Closet Needs

Below is a list of needs that have been submitted by DTS students in the last three weeks.

microwave oven

Description: Any microwave or toaster oven would be great to use as we move in to Swiss Towers.

Contact: Marie Woods; phone: 903-445-7246; email:

High Chair for the baby

Description: I need a high chair for the baby. Is there anyone else who gives away this one?

Contact: INDEOK KIM; phone: 940-205-7183; email:

Iron and Ironing board, Microwave oven

Description: I am an International student and new to Dallas. I am in need of an iron and ironing board and a microwave oven.

Contact: Renny Cherian; phone: 2145001189; email:

Roof carrier

Description: Our family would greatly appreciate your used roof carrier/ box if you no longer need/ use it. With our limited car space and three children we are hoping to find one before our road trip iin early August. We already have the mounting racks. Please let us know if you can help!

Contact: Jennifer Lacey; phone: 214.403.8836; email:

Road Bicycle

Description: I really enjoy cycling classes at the gym and I would love to start going out on the road to ride and maybe even do some races, but bikes are very expensive. If anyone has a road bike/ racing bike that they would like to get rid of, I will gladly take it!

Contact: Kelli Coleman; phone: 972-890-2641; email:


Description: Family of 4 (including two teenage boys) need a reliable washer for clothes to replace one that has stopped working. Please email or call if you can help.

Contact: Scott Cyre; phone: 910-574-4224; email:

dinning table

Description: I need of a dinning table with chairs. thank you.

Contact: erika ramirez; phone: 301-518-1997; email:


Description: I am in need of a reliable car, as mine has just blown a head gasket and I cannot afford to repair it. I need it to get to work, church, and to stores when need arises for supplies. Thank you!

Contact: Micah Mahan; phone: 815-997-4130; email:

Washer and Dryer

Description: My roommates and I are in need of a washer and dryer. Both have been frequently repaired over the past year and a half and both have completely died now. Thanks!

Contact: Candice Piscitelli; phone: 757-692-2431; email:


Description: After many years of service, our vacuum finally cleaned its last piece of carpet. If you would be so inclined, we would be extremely blessed with a replacement. Thank you!

Contact: Eric Keck; phone: 936-676-2778; email:

Baby Crib and cushion

Description: My first baby is coming in 3 months and we are in need of a baby crib and crib mattress.

Contact: Indeok Kim; phone: 940 205 7183; email: