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The Media Center provides a variety of rental equipment for class and personal projects. Items may be rented by current DTS students, staff, and faculty.

The rental period is for two days at a time with items due back at noon on the return date. Since the Media Center is not open on Sundays, Friday rentals are due back on Monday. Reservations are recommended. Some of the most popular items are reserved months in advance. Most items range in price from $5.00 to $20.00 for the two-day rental period.

If an item is rented for two consecutive rental periods, the third period is free. This means that an item checked out on Friday could be returned the following Friday at noon for the cost of two rental periods. Just be sure to note this on the reservation calendar so that no late fees are assessed. Plan to spend at least 15 minutes checking items out since there will be paper work to complete.

Reservations can be made by calling the help desk at (214) 887-5285, emailing mbly@dts.edu, or stopping in at the Media Center.



AcomData FireWire Hard Drive 320 GB more info Cost: $5 SKU: FireWire Hard Drive
Airturn BT105 more info Cost: $5 SKU: iPad Foot Pedal and Stand Mount
Analog USB Video Capture Device: Elgato Capture analog video for your Mac or Pc, iPad & iPhone more info Cost: $5 SKU: Analog USB Video Capture Device Elgato
Flip Pal Mobile Scanner This is a 4x6 inches mobile scanner. more info Cost: $5 SKU: Scanner Flip Pal
Fluid Head Tripod more info Cost: $5 SKU: Fluid Head Tripod 1-10
Gorilla Pod The media center has 2 versions of the gorilla pod, one smaller and one bigger. These tripods can be bended and are easy to carry around. more info Cost: $1 SKU: Gorilla Pod
Headphones These are high quality headphones ideal for professional studio and live/broadcast applications. more info Cost: $5 SKU: Headphones
HiTi 640PS more info Cost: $10 SKU: Photo Printer 1
International Power Converter This set contains the adapters needed when traveling around the world. more info Cost: $1 SKU: International Power Converter 1
iPod 60GB This is a 2005 model. more info Cost: $5 SKU: iPod 1
iPod 80GB with portable speakers The iPod is a 2006 model. The portable speakers are from Altec Lansing inMotion N1281. more info Cost: $5 SKU: iPod 1
iPod Touch 32GB with iPod Travel Dock This iPod Touch is a 2008 model. The iPod Travel Dock is a Sony Impact i-F3 which can be used as a portable stereo and alarm clock. more info Cost: $5 SKU: iPod 3
Laptop Remote The Media Center has 3 laptop remotes. These clickers can help you with powerpoint presentations, etc. more info Cost: $1 SKU: Laptop Remote 1-3
Lilliput 7-inch LCD monitor with HDMI more info Cost: $5 SKU: Video Monitor
Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 This is a high end webcam with Full HD 1080p. more info Cost: $5 SKU: Webcam
Logitech Premiere Utilisation BCC950 ConferenceCam This webcam is made for conference purposes, etc. more info Cost: $5 SKU: Webcam 2
Megaphone Pyle more info Cost: $5 SKU: megaphone
Music Stand more info Cost: $1 SKU: Music Stand
PLAiR PLAiR is used to wirelessly stream HDMI to TV. more info Cost: $1 SKU: PLAiR
QuickPod QuickPod can extend up to 18" and can help you take pictures or videos of yourself. You do not need to ask strangers to help you take pictures of yourself anymore. more info Cost: $1 SKU: QuickPod
Sandbag Sandbags are useful to put extra weight to stabilize unstable equipments such as lighting equipments, etc. more info Cost: $1 SKU: Sandbag 1-6
Seagate Portable USB (750GB and 1TB) The media center has 4 external hard drives. There are items that can be used for Macs or Windows only. Please specify your operating system when renting the item out. more info Cost: $5 SKU: USB Hard Drive 1-4
Sony D-NE518CK Atrac3plus more info Cost: $2 SKU: CD Player
Sony DVP-FX810 more info Cost: $10 SKU: DVD Player Portable 1-2
Trekpod more info Cost: $1 SKU: TrekPod
Tripod more info Cost: $1 SKU: Tripod
USB DVD Burner This DVD burner can burn either CD or DVD and is compatible with both Macs and Windows operating system. more info Cost: $5 SKU: USB CD or DVD Burner

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