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Rental Equipment

The Media Center provides a variety of rental equipment for class and personal projects. Items may be rented by current DTS students, staff, and faculty.

The rental period is for two days at a time with items due back at noon on the return date. Since the Media Center is not open on Sundays, Friday rentals are due back on Monday. Reservations are recommended. Some of the most popular items are reserved months in advance. Most items range in price from $5.00 to $20.00 for the two-day rental period.

If an item is rented for two consecutive rental periods, the third period is free. This means that an item checked out on Friday could be returned the following Friday at noon for the cost of two rental periods. Just be sure to note this on the reservation calendar so that no late fees are assessed. Plan to spend at least 15 minutes checking items out since there will be paper work to complete.

Reservations can be made by calling the help desk at (214) 887-5285, emailing mbly@dts.edu, or stopping in at the Media Center.


Audio Equipment

Behringer Eurorack MXB1002 This is an Audio Mixer that has 7 inputs. more info Cost: $5 SKU: Audio Mixer 1-2
Blue Microphones Icicle Icicle is an adapter that converts XLR mic to USB which you can then plug into your computer. more info Cost: $1 SKU: Mic XLR to USB Adapter 1-2
Cyber Acoustics CA2.2 more info Cost: $2 SKU: Mini Speakers
DJ Tech iBoost 202 more info Cost: $15 SKU: Portable Sound System 3
Edirol R-09 This is a high quality WAV/MP3 Recorder that can be used to record live music events, interviews, class lectures, etc. more info Cost: $15 SKU: SD Recorder 1-2
Fender Passport P250 This is a portable sound system that you can bring to outdoor parties,etc. more info Cost: $20 SKU: Portable Sound System 1
JVC RVB99 This is a Boom Box. more info Cost: $2 SKU: Boom Box
Klassic Boom Poles more info Cost: $10 SKU: Mic Shotgun Boom Pole
Panasonic RN-505 more info Cost: $2 SKU: Micro Cassette Player Recorder
Panasonic RQ-L51 more info Cost: $2 SKU: Audio Cassette Player
PreSonus FireBox This is a 24-bit/96k FireWire recording interface that has a built in DSP mixer for 6 live inputs. more info Cost: $5 SKU: FireBox
Roland CD2 CF/CD Recorder more info Cost: $10 SKU: CD CF Recorder
Sony ICD-UX80 This is a digital voice recorder. It uses an external microphone to record audio. This can be used to record your own voice for sermons and such. It has a 2GB space. more info Cost: $5 SKU: Digital Voice Recorder 1-3
Sony MZR700 more info Cost: $2 SKU: MiniDisk Player Recorder
Speakers more info Cost: $5 SKU: Speakers 1-2
Stage Visa 200 Light This is a portable sound system ideal for outdoor parties, etc. more info Cost: $15 SKU: Portable Sound System 2
Tascam DR-100 This is a portable digital recorder that offers high-end recording features to musicians and engineers who demand more from their portable recorder. more info Cost: $15 SKU: SD Recorder 3-4
Tascam HD-P2 This is a portable stereo audio recorder ideal for recording high quality live performance anytime, anywhere. more info Cost: $20 SKU: CF Recorder
Tascam PocketStudio DP-004 This is an Audio Mixer that takes in 2 inputs. This is perfect for concerts, rehearsals and songwriting inspirations. more info Cost: $5 SKU: Audio Mixer 3-4

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