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Racial Reconciliation Part I

Dr. Fong
January 25, 2016

Racial Reconciliation Part I with Dr. Fong January 25, 2016 Compassion Week Part III with Pastor George Haines December 03, 2015 Compassion Week - Part II with Mitch Maher December 01, 2015 Compassion Week - Part I with Roche Coleman November 30, 2015 Cultural Engagement Week Part IV with Dr. Darrell Bock October 31, 2015 Cultural Engagement Week Part III with Dr. Darrell Bock October 29, 2015 Cultural Engagement Week Part II with Dr. Darrell Bock October 27, 2015 Cultural Engagement Week Part I with Dr. Darrell Bock October 26, 2015 Counseling Week Part IV with Erik Salwen September 25, 2015 Counseling Chapel Week Part III with Adam Mason September 24, 2015 Counseling Chapel Week Part II with Dr. Charles Dickens September 22, 2015 Counseling Chapel Week Part I with Dr. Linda Martin September 21, 2015 DTS Houston Building Celebration Ceremony with Dr. Mark Bailey September 19, 2015 The Multiplication Movement of Discipleship with Tom Douthit April 24, 2015 How to Participate in the Kingdom of God with West Brazelton April 23, 2015 Creating an Environment for Discipleship with Dr. Willie Bolden April 21, 2015 The Cost of Discipleship with Pastor Brian Lam February 23, 2015 Asking A Direction with Dr. John Beukema November 15, 2014 Be A Good Under-shepherd with Rev. Johnny Tang November 13, 2014 Lord Save Me From Myself with Devalin Drennon October 07, 2014 Eat Locusts and Exalt Jesus with Wayne Smith October 06, 2014 Open Bible Academy with Avis Blake, Tina Brown and London Wilson September 13, 2014 It's Not About Us with Dr. Willie Bolden September 11, 2014 Living a Missional Life with Alex Hernandez September 09, 2014 Teach truth, Love Well with Dr. Bruce Fong September 08, 2014 Interview with Julie Waters April 05, 2014 Waiting on God with Professor France Brown April 03, 2014 It's Harvest Time with Dr. Willie Bolden April 01, 2014 Finding Significance in Satisfaction with Will Johnston March 31, 2014 Pastors Summit Luncheon - The Problem of Spiritual Anemia with Dr. Paul R. Shockley March 12, 2014 For Us with Erik Salwen March 05, 2014 Interview with Lettie Watkins March 01, 2014 A Dead Dash to a Live Cross with Ivory Varner February 27, 2014 What Questions Should You Ask Jesus? with Stan Newton January 27, 2014 Humility with Pastor Perry Riley October 12, 2013 Righteousness Produced by Discipline with Erik Salwen October 08, 2013 Trusting in God with Dr. Joe Parle September 14, 2013 Servant Leadership with Dr. Bruce Fong September 12, 2013 Why We Need the Wilderness with Dr. Will Johnston September 10, 2013 What a Difference a Day Makes with Kenneth Hanna March 30, 2013 Finding Joy in the Midst of Grace with Ben Simpson March 28, 2013 Why Didn't He Come Down? with Willie Bolden March 26, 2013 Imperfect but Still Useful with Bruce Fong March 25, 2013 Show More

Chapel Schedule & Requirements

Chapel is held during Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 7:15-7:45pm, and Saturday from 11:30am-12:00pm throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. Students are able to attend chapel during their break-time of the evening classes.

DTS-Houston students are required to complete 10 chapels per semester. Students can physically attend chapel during the semester or online (audio or video) to fulfill their requirement. You must report your chapel attendance on CampusNet at the midpoint (first 5) and the end (second 5) of the Fall and Spring semesters. View the full list of chapel requirements.

WEC Week Chapel Requirements: All Houston campus students have an online requirement of two WEC sessions.

Fall 2015 Schedule

September: Counseling Week
Monday, September 21
Tuesday, September 22
Thursday, September 24
Saturday, September 26
Dr. Linda Marten
Dr. Charles Dickens
Adam Mason
Prof. Erik Salwen
During the week of counseling, a combination of DTS Counseling faculty will come together and share wisdom with the student body and inform students on how to become more involved. All students are encouraged to attend; this week is not for counseling students only.
October: Cultural Engagement Week
Monday, October 26
Tuesday, October 27
Thursday, October 29
Saturday, October 31
Dr. Darrell Bock
Dr. Darrell Bock
Dr. Darrell Bock
Dr. Darrell Bock
Dr. Darrell Bock, Executive Director of Cultural Engagement and Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies, will be here in Houston to share insight on different topics in Cultural Engagement. Dr. Bock is an author of over 30 books as well as host of the seminary’s Table Podcast.
November/December: Compassion Week
Monday, November 30
Tuesday, December 1
Thursday, December 3
Saturday, December 5
Roche Coleman
Mitch Maher
George Haines
David Duty
During this week, local pastors from all over the Houston area will be joining us to teach and address different areas of compassion. For example, some topics covered throughout this week will be the hungry; broken families and their needs; etc.