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Spring 2017

Code Title Profs Days
HT102 HO Church in the Modern Era: Europe & America Hannah; Adair 01/14; 02/04; 02/25; 03/25; 04/15
NT113 HO New Testament Introduction Simpson 01/14; 02/04; 03/25
BE102 HO Old Testament History I Klingler Tue 7:00a–9:45a
EML102 HO History & Philosophy of Christian Education Armitage 02/18; 04/08; 02/17
BC240 HO Research Methods & Statistics Salwen Mon 9:00a–11:45a
RS101 HO Orientation & Research Methods Todd Sat 9:00a–4:00p
BC102 HO Theological and Psychological Foundations of Counseling Salwen Mon 1:00p–3:40p
BC225 HO Abnormal Human Behavior Wade Mon 1:00p–3:45p
BE103 HO OT History II & Poetry Gonzales Thu 1:15p–4:00p
ST104 HO Soteriology Adair Tue 1:15p–4:00p
PM104 HO Expository Preaching II Raymer 01/17; 05/08
BC310 H2 Counseling Practicum II Chock Mon 6:00p–8:45p
BC310 HO Counseling Practicum II Salwen Mon 6:00p–8:45p
BE101 HO Bible Study Methods and Hermeneutics Gonzales Thu 6:00p–8:45p
BE104 HO OT Prophets Klingler Mon 6:00p–8:45p
NT102 HO Elements of Greek Johnston Thu 6:00p–8:45p
NT104 HO Intro to NT Exegesis Johnston Mon 6:00p–8:45p
OT102 HO Elements of Hebrew II Johnston Tue 6:00p–8:45p
OT104 HO Hebrew Exegesis & OT Intro II Halloran Tue 6:00p–8:45p
ST102 HO Trinitarianism Adair Thu 6:00p–8:45p
EML435 HO Effective Ministry with Women Neumann 01/21; 02/11; 03/04; 04/01; 04/22
ST106 HO Eschatology Adair 01/21; 02/11; 03/04; 04/01; 04/22
PM102 HO Evangelism Bolden 01/21; 02/11; 03/04; 04/01
BE106 HO Acts & Pauline Epistles Allen 01/28; 02/18; 03/18; 04/08; 04/29
BC230 HO Lifestyle & Career Development Wade 02/09; 03/10

Summer 2017

Code Title Profs Days
BC245 HO Appraisal & Assessmt Techniques Salwen 05/15; 05/22; 06/05; 06/12; 06/19
BC315 H1 Counseling Practicum III Taylor Mon 1:00p–3:40p
BC315 HO Counseling Practicum III Salwen Mon 6:00p–8:45p
BC436 HO Diagnosis and Treatment of Trauma Disorders Marten 05/18; 05/26
BE102 HO Old Testament History I Johnson MTWRF 8:00a–5:00p
ST103 HO Angelology, Anthropology, & Hamartiology Adair MTWRF 8:00a–5:00p
NT105 HO Exegesis of Romans Johnston MWR 6:00p–8:45p
BC215 HO Normal Human Growth Thacker 06/01; 06/09
BE104 HO OT Prophets Freedman MTWRF 8:00a–5:00p
BC250 HO Professional Orientation Salwen 06/26; 07/10; 07/17; 07/31; 08/07
ST102 HO Trinitarianism Adair MTWRF 8:00a–5:00p
WM210 HO Intercultural Communication Orr MTWRF 8:00a–5:00p
BE105 HO The Gospels Hanna MTWR 9:00a–5:00p
EML360 HO Change and Resistance in Christian Leadership Bradley MTWRF 8:00a–5:00p

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