Lay Institute at DTS

Online Leadership Development Certificate

To earn a Leadership Development Certificate, the participant must take 10 courses with the DTS Lay Institute Online. The certificate verifies that the participant has earned 20 Continuing Education Units from Dallas Seminary Lay Institute. Each course requires 8 hours of video viewing, and 8 weeks of homework and reading assignments and quizzes.

Course Participation Biblical and Theological Courses Semester/Year Offered
1 LI-01 Bible Study Methods Available
2 LI-02 Thinking About the Christian God Available
3 LI-04 John: When the Word Became Flesh Available
4 LI-05 Romans: Christ's Work; Our Joy Spring 2015
5 End Times and Revelation Summer 2015
6 LI-07 The Pentateuch – OT History I Spring 2015
7 Elective  
Course Participation Awards for Topical Studies
Course Participation Applied Ministry Courses Semester/Year Offered
8 LI-03 Developing Godly Leadership Skills Available
9 Learning How to Develop a Lesson Plan (Teaching Process) Summer 2015
10 Theology of Suffering TBD

Future Electives Targeted for 2015:

  • Minor Prophets (available Spring 2015)
  • Covenants
  • Hebrews
  • Old Testament II & Psalms
  • World Missions
  • And others