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Each course qualifies for 1.0 Continuing Education Unit (CEU).

Monday Evening Courses

Monday, September 14 – November 2, 6:45-7:45 p.m.
(8 weeks)

The Spiritual Life: Growing in Understanding and Practice

Leon Li

Have you ever questioned how grace truly affects your life? What does it mean to “identify in Christ” or “live by the Spirit” both biblically and practically? This is the course for you. This course is a study of the biblical principles that govern true Christian character and service, with emphasis on the sufficiency of the divine provisions and the heart condition necessary for holy living and spiritual power in ministry. The course is designed so that you will grow in an understanding and practice of the principles of the spiritual life with the result that each will pursue spiritual power and productivity for the glory of God throughout a lifetime of effective Christian ministry.

Cultural Engagement: Rethinking the Tone of the Culture Conversation

Kasey Summerer

What do Bill O’Reilly, President Obama and Steven Spielberg all have in common? They shape the culture around us. From Ferguson to Washington to same-sex marriage; how do we as Christians navigate these issues that aren’t going away anytime soon? While the answer isn’t always black and white, this course is designed to aid students in these often heated discussions. Through the study of Scripture, evaluation of existing models, and discussion of case studies, students will develop strategies for how they can confidently approach these kinds of issues in our tension-filled world.

Monday, September 14 – November 2, 8:00-9:00 p.m.
(8 weeks)

History of Doctrine: Christian Beliefs through the Centuries

Nathan Coleston

For every major Christian holiday the media comes out with a new article or show about Jesus and Christianity. Often they will conclude that there were multiple early “christianities” with their own legitimate doctrine and accounts of Jesus. The early church faced similar challenges and formulated a defense for the faith. The course will examine the core doctrines defended and passed down by the early church with an emphasis on the early creeds. Additionally, the course will examine the historical trajectory of the major areas of theology and evaluate the legitimacy of major doctrinal developments with respect to scripture and the early creeds. The course will focus on the early creeds because of their value in defending, articulating, and passing down essential Christian doctrine.

Tuesday Evening Courses

Tuesday, September 15 – November 3, 6:45-7:45 p.m.
(8 weeks)

Hermenéutica & Métodos de Estudio Bíblicos (Bible Study Methods in Spanish)

Jazmine Sanchez

¿Alguna vez has escuchado decir que la Biblia es un libro difícil de entender? Bueno, la realidad es que definitivamente es un libro que requiere de estudio y cuidado ya que es la Palabra de Dios. La manera en cómo la interpretes afectará tu doctrina, tu iglesia e incluso tu relación con Dios. Por esta razón nuestro curso se enfocará en un estudio inductivo referente a la observación, interpretación, aplicación y correlación bíblica. Analizaremos diversos pasajes de la Escritura de una manera práctica y significativa que nos darán las bases para una mejor comprensión de la Palabra. ¡No te lo puedes perder! ¡Te esperamos!

Tuesday, September 15 – November 3, 8:00-9:00 p.m.
(8 weeks)

Being or Doing Church: Observing Modern Day American Church Culture

David Stackhouse

As Christians, we must ask ourselves how the church relates to it’s surrounding culture, how we are to live out our inherently counter cultural faith without ostracizing ourselves? Today’s American church is largely confused with the picture that Scripture paints for the church’s interaction with the culture in which it is placed. The only way to live like Jesus is to understand people and engage in culture like Jesus did. This course is a study of God’s missional church strategy by surveying past and present expressions of the church and observing today’s American church lifestyle, structure, and make-up in light of the biblical relationship between culture and God’s people.

Revelation Walkthrough: A Study of End Times

James Stuard

More and more people have questions about the direction the world is going. Many are fearful and most have never studied what the Bible has to say about the future. This course is a quick walkthrough of the book of Revelation with a couple stopping points along the way to discuss theories on the Rapture, Tribulation, and Millennium.