Running with Sun Shadows

Mary DeMuth Jul 7, 2005

Learn how God takes the light of His love and adds length to our tiny shadows in an excerpt from Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God.

Petition: "Bring Our Community Together"

Danny Houze Jul 7, 2002

A few years ago as Valerie Simonds was walking through her Dallas neighborhood, which is full of diverse, young professionals, she asked the Lord to somehow bring that community together in the fellowship of Christ.

Drawing Strength from the Right Sources

Chris Goppert Jul 7, 2004

Is the Lord really good to those who love Him? Prophets such as Jeremiah wondered as much. Such cries throughout Scripture teach us how to endure when circumstances spiral out of control.

If I Had More Faith Would God Answer My Prayers?

Thomas L. Constable Jul 7, 1997

“If you just had more faith, you would see more miracles happen in your life.” The idea behind this challenging statement has become prevalent in the Christian community and shows no sign of going away. Is it biblical, or is it the result of misinformation? Certainly faith in God...

Seven Everyday Ways to Worship the Lord

Millicent Martin Poole, Joycelyn Seybold Jul 7, 2005

Do you want to make worship a bigger part of your daily experience? It's easier than you might think.

The Devoted Life

Kelly M. Kapic, Randall C. Gleason Jul 7, 2006

Read an excerpt from The Devoted Life by Kelly M. Kapic and Randall Gleason.

Threshing Floor Offerings

Mary DeMuth Jul 7, 2005

When our eldest daughter Sophie turned eleven, I asked family members and adult friends to send her birthday cards with growing up advice. Since she was born on Christmas Eve, people often overlooked her special day. Imagine her delight as we handed her cards and letters from all over...

Come Thou Fount

Harry A. Adams Jul 7, 2005

Our Lord promises us the desires of our hearts, but do we really believe Him? Harry Adams drinks from a deep well of promise as he battles Lou Gherig’s disease.

Preparation Inspires Confidence

Tommy Maxwell Jul 7, 2006

by Tommy Maxwell (ThM, 1983)

Cycles of Grief—and Grace

William Hendricks Jul 7, 2005

“In my Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you” (John 14:2). At some point we all see the face of evil so closely that we recall each wrinkle at the eye and each turn of the mouth. At some point, we...

Keep Watch: How to Combat Spiritual Slumber

Chris Ross Jul 7, 2005

A feeling of insecurity hovers over the age in which we live. Enemies threaten us from abroad, while crime remains a reality close to home. Insecurity, however, is not unique to our own era.

A Visit with Amy Carmichael

Lesa Engelthaler Jul 7, 2005

Through the writings of Amy Carmichael, a woman with a crippling illness finds comfort in her sorrow.

Restoration Hardware

Roy B. Zuck Jul 7, 2004

A personal letter written nearly two thousand years ago offers sage advice for hammering the dents out of relationships.

Tender Visitation

Les Cantrell Jul 7, 2005

Sometimes God shows up in unexpected ways to bring hope in our despair.

Where’s Oscar?

Marla DeShong Alupoaicei Jul 7, 2005

Like Oscar the Grouch and Oscar Meyer, Dr. Oscar López is a household name around Dallas Seminary. In this profile of a DTS professor known for his sense of humor, you’ll read about how Dr. López’s gospel ministry has taken him from garbage cans to Guatemala.

Seeing the Unseen

Forrest S. Weiland Jul 7, 2005

Though God's name is not mentioned in the Book of Esther, we find His fingerprints everywhere, demonstrating that sometimes the very hiddenness of God reveals His presence.

Follow the Faculty

Staff Jul 7, 2006

A Dallas Seminary professor may be speaking in a city near you. Find out more.

Model the Prayer of Jesus

Barb Peil Jul 7, 2002

I have virtually ignored the Lord's Prayer most of my life. In my mind the familiar "Our Father" belonged in a category of high church liturgy or, at best, "nice verses" that lacked power, grandness, or personal application. But in spite of my inattention the Lord's Prayer had somehow gotten itself lodged in my memory.

Pattern: The Prayer of Agur

John C. Hutchison Jul 7, 2002

In the past year a great deal of attention has focused on prayer. Books about it have made the bestseller lists, national leaders have called for national prayer, and we’ve read reports of increased interest in the topic.

A Man of God: Profile of Dr. Mark L. Bailey

Sandra Glahn Jul 7, 2001

Dr. Mark L. Bailey stands at the front of the classroom holding a Bible in his hands while students in his Bible Study Methods course take notes. He reads from Luke 12 the words of the rich man who produced a good crop: “I will tear down my barns and build bigger ones, and there I will store all my grain and my goods. And I'll say to myself, ‘You have plenty of good things laid up for many years. Take life easy; eat, drink and be merry.’”

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