Raised by Gay Parents: Would Anyone Follow a Leader Like Me?

Caleb Kaltenbach Sep 9, 2016

Late one night, as my heart thumped and my attention stayed focused on the speaker, I made a crucial, life-changing decision. At my first youth conference, as a newly saved teen, I stood up to take my first steps into ministry. The speaker had given an invitation to come forward to those wanting...

8 Ways to Get Involved with the Deaf

Sarita Fowler Jul 26, 2016

Whenever Christians engage the Deaf sensitively and respectfully, their efforts please Christ. To fulfill Christ’s mandate, believers must engage the Deaf community. Regardless of Christians’ initial knowledge of sign language or Deaf culture, all of us can take steps to educate...

The Great Commission Here at Home: Sharing Christ with the Deaf Community

Sarita Fowler Jul 14, 2016

Many Christians unwittingly overlook the world’s third-largest unreached people group, many of whom live in the United States. Although this group shares many similarities with the rest of us, their culture and language differ significantly from ours. Although natural-born citizens,...

Ask Dr. Swindoll: How Do You Keep From Competing With Other Believers?

Charles R. Swindoll Jul 10, 2016

S everal times a year, Dr. Swindoll preaches in chapel at DTS and engages in a question-and-answer time with prospective students. Here are some of the questions he answered recently. How do you, as a growing Christian, keep from competing with other believers? I have a few...

Ask Dr. Swindoll: How Do You Balance Scholarship When Preaching?

Charles R. Swindoll Feb 28, 2016

Several times a year, Dr. Swindoll preaches in chapel at DTS and engages in a question-and-answer time with prospective students. Here are some of the questions he answered recently. How do you balance scholarship when preaching? "Am I just parading my knowledge, or am I using a language...

Take, Eat: This Is My Gluten-Free Body

Katie Fisher Oct 19, 2015

How providing Gluten-free bread and wine reminds us of Jesus’s sacrifice and our union in him.

Ask Dr. Swindoll - Advice for Preachers and Finishing Well

Charles R. Swindoll Oct 1, 2015

Several times a year, Dr. Swindoll preaches in chapel at DTS and engages in a question-and-answer time with prospective students. Here are some of the questions he answered recently. Which book of the Bible is your favorite and why? I don’t have a favorite. That’s like asking, “Which one...

Napkin Theology

Mark L. Bailey Oct 1, 2015

On the day after my son Joshua turned sixteen, he obtained his driver’s license. That night, I thought it might be a timely moment for a father-son chat. So we went to our favorite coffee shop. I ordered a cup of coffee, and he ordered a chocolate shake. And I pulled out a napkin. Josh...

A Process for Problematic Scenarios: Same-Sex Attraction and the Gospel

Staff Sep 4, 2015

Four broad questions followed by 19 scenarios related to same-sex attraction and same-sex marriage that you can use to lead a discussion within your church or ministry. These were first introduced at a pastors' gathering on the Dallas campus on September 1, 2015.

4 Trends in Full-time Vocational Christian Ministry

Paul E. Pettit Aug 20, 2015

DTS's Director of Placement observes recent trends in the hiring processes of evangelical churches of various shapes, sizes, and denominations. He employs the acronym S.T.A.R. (Specialization, Technology, Accreditation, Residencies) to describe four recent developments.

Semester-Based Bible Reading Plan

John C. Dyer Aug 17, 2013

Read the entire Bible in 10 minutes a day during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters with 10 weeks off in between

3 Reasons Why Christians Should Visit Israel

Jacob Marshall Jun 8, 2015

DTS students earn class credit by participating in a study tour of Israel. ThM student Jacob Marshall shares how the experience had a profound impact on his faith and understanding of the Word.

5 Things Single People Need from the Church

Shannon Gianotti Jun 8, 2015

1. See us. If you’re a speaker, talk about marriage, but also about the possibility of celibacy and prolonged singleness. Revere all options—like the apostle Paul did. Broaden views of male and female roles beyond breadwinning and childrearing....

God's Heart for Human Trafficking Victims

Kim Jones Jun 1, 2015

Human trafficking is one the biggest human rights issues of our day. More than 20 million people are currently enslaved. However, we all have been invited to be a part of God’s plan—His plan to help rebuild what has been broken.

The Church and Singles: Some Advice from DTS Grads

Staff May 15, 2015

Some DTS grads shared what their churches have done right, as well as some suggestions for improvement in integrating singles.

The Big Payoff: Church Dumps $9M Debt to Give More, Do More, Reach More

Staff Mar 25, 2015

A Texas church’s two-year giving initiative aimed at eliminating their mortgage debt. The goal: to go from $9 million to zero.

Missions: How Can I Avoid Help that Hurts?

Rodney H. Orr, Victor D. Anderson Dec 29, 2014

A DTS graduate serving overseas was approached by a donor who wanted only to build multiple orphanages in one city. But the city had too few orphans to fill that much space, and the ministry was moving to a model that supported extended family caring for their own orphaned family members. So the...

How to Vet a Charity

Lenita Dunlap Dec 29, 2014

Lenita Dunlap (MA/CE, 2012) is Executive Director at Heart House Dallas, a nonprofit organization that provides quality after-school care for refugee and immigrant children. She is a nonprofit professional with more than fifteen years of service in nonprofit and education sectors. Ms. Dunlap...

Passing on God’s Reliable Truth: Mentoring the Next Generation

Sue G. Edwards May 1, 2014

Young people crave mentors, but not the formulaic mentoring styles that worked in the past. To create thriving relationships with next-generation believers, ditch worn-out mentoring models. Be encouraged. Next generation young adults don’t envision a strict weekly commitment. Nor are...

25 Years of Digital Bible Initiatives at DTS From CDWord to Logos Bible Software

Staff Jan 31, 2013

Very few know that today's Logos Bible Software, now free for every DTS student, has roots in a 1980s software development project at Dallas Theological Seminary called CDWord.