Christianity and Disability: Thinking Theologically about Brokenness

Sharifa Stevens May 16, 2013

Any man or woman who lives long enough will join the ranks of the disabled. How do we think theologically about such brokenness?

God Works in Our Weakness

Charles R. Swindoll May 15, 2013

If you’ve seen the movie The King’s Speech , or if you’ve lived long enough to remember, you know that the man we now refer to as King George VI took the throne when his brother abdicated. But this father of Elizabeth, now Queen Elizabeth II, had a dreaded...

"Renewable" Resources: The Gift of Suffering

Mark L. Bailey May 15, 2013

More than one billion people, about fifteen percent of the world’s population, live with some form of disability, according to the World Health Organization. These people form the world’s largest minority. And the church has a great opportunity to reach out. But how? Dallas...

Review of Logos Bible Software

Staff May 15, 2013

Coming soon: A review of LOGOS computer software. ...

3 Ways Churches Can Minister to the Disabled

Rick Smith May 15, 2013

Rick Smith (ThM, 2012) has a rambunctious, adorable two-year-old who has Down syndrome. Rick chronicles each day in his son’s life on in an effort to give encouragement to parents of kids with Down’s and to parents who discover their unborn child may have an extra...

The Lasting Legacy of Howard Hendricks

Jeanne Hendricks May 15, 2013

DTS remembers the life of our beloved Dr. Howard G. “Prof” Hendricks (1924–2013). During his sixty-year tenure Prof taught three hundred fifty individual courses and invested in some thirteen thousand students.

Follow the Faculty: Summer 2013

Staff May 15, 2013

Follow Dallas Seminary's full-time and adjunct faculty in the months ahead

Prayer Warrior Mom

Marla DeShong Alupoaicei May 15, 2013

Archimedes once said, “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the earth.” Prayer is the “lever” we press on earth that unleashes God’s power from heaven. It’s the catalyst that moves God to enter into the earthly realm...

DTS Celebrates Nearly 400 New Graduates

Staff May 11, 2013

DTS celebrated God's faithful work in the lives of 396 new graduates at commencement exercises on May 11, 2013. Kelly Shackelford delivered the commencement address.

Hendricks Center Hosts First Cultural Engagement Conference

Staff Apr 22, 2013

Six leading Christian scholars took the stage in Dallas this weekend to challenge nearly 500 attendees at the Table Conference to think theologically and historically about the Christian faith. Special emphasis was placed on cultural engagement or communicating reasons for the faith with sensitivity.

Follow the Faculty: Spring-Summer 2013

Staff Apr 4, 2013

Follow Dallas Seminary's full-time and adjunct faculty in the months ahead

Bib Sac Opens Book Review Archives

Staff Apr 2, 2013

In honor of Dr. Roy B. Zuck, the longtime editor of Bibliotheca Sacra, DTS has opened its archive of Bib Sac book reviews. Reviews cover a range of academic and popular books, articles, and software.

A Tribute to Dr. Roy B. Zuck (1932-2013)

Staff Mar 17, 2013

Roy B. Zuck, senior professor emeritus of Bible Exposition at Dallas Theological Seminary and editor of Bibliotheca Sacra, went to be with the Lord on the evening of Saturday, March 16, 2013.

The Life of Howard G. “Prof” Hendricks

Staff Feb 20, 2013

Our beloved Dr. Howard G. Hendricks went to be with the Lord early Wednesday morning. Dr. Hendricks’s memorial service from Saturday, March 2 is now available to watch online. A Lasting Legacy “You’re looking at a completely fulfilled human being. If I died today...

New Scholarships for Part-time Students

Staff Feb 6, 2013

DTS is now offering scholarships to students working full time (30 hours or more) while taking a part-time load (9-11 hours).

Take Your Faith to Work

William C. Peel Jan 23, 2012

Bill Peel (ThM, 1976), executive director of LeTourneau University’s Center for Faith and Work, describes three attitudes the Bible says we should bring to the workplace.

Dr. Stan Toussaint Retires After 47 Years of Teaching at Dallas Theological Seminary

Staff Dec 13, 2012

Photo: Dr. Stan Toussaint with his wife Maxine and the students of his final class at DTS. Leave a note for Dr. T A citation from the president of DTS I have always called him Chief to his face and Mr. Precision behind his back. When I think of the ministry of Dr. Toussaint...

DTS's New Initiative, Podcast, and Conference on Cultural Engagement

Staff Dec 10, 2012

Dallas Theological Seminary has expanded and renamed the Howard G. Hendricks Center for Christian Leadership to create more opportunities for the seminary to provide a biblical perspective on timely topics in contemporary culture. DTS President Dr. Mark Bailey and DTS’ Board of...

Work for the Master

Mark L. Bailey Dec 1, 2012

If we open our Bibles and begin reading on page one, we find after only twenty-five verses a reason God placed humans on earth: to do the work of God according to the will of God as revealed by the Word of God (Gen. 1:28). God tasked man and woman to work His garden together and to fill the earth...

What Does It Mean?

R. Larry Moyer Dec 1, 2012

DTS grad Larry Moyer explores prayer and thanksgiving as essential qualities to one's Christian witness in the workplace.

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