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He’s As Good As His Word

Author: F. Duane Lindsey
Week of August 24, 2014
Ruth 3:16-18; Romans 5:1-5

After Ruth had met Boaz for the first time, she had returned home to report to Naomi all that had happened to her on that first day of gleaning (Ruth 2:18-22). How much more excited she was to report to her mother-in-law about the outcome of her night on the threshing floor!

Once again, Naomi was the one with the question: “How did it go, my daughter?” (3:16) Ruth’s full report left out no detail of the night, for “she told her everything Boaz had done for her” (v. 16), including the gift of barley, which seemed to be meant as a tangible assurance for Naomi that he would indeed be their kinsman-redeemer.

Naomi’s next statement indicated her insight into human nature, particularly when a couple is in love! Ruth needed to be patient and sit tight: “Wait, my daughter, until you find out what happens”; that is, when Boaz would meet the nearer kinsman. Boaz, on the other hand, would not rest until the matter was settled (v. 18). Naomi knew that Boaz was as good as his word.

This scene reminds us of the patience (Ruth) and impatience of love (Boaz), the providence of God (“what happens”) and the agency of man (“the man will not rest”). It ends with a tension—how will the matter be resolved?

There are times when we become impatient—very impatient, even with God. Like Ruth we need to “sit tight” and wait for action by our Kinsman-Redeemer who, like Boaz, is as good as His word. This does not mean that the Christian life is one of passivity. Ruth demonstrated active and knowledgeable obedience in her encounter with Boaz. Then it was time for her to rest patiently for what he would do for her.

Note carefully: As we read the Word of God and commit ourselves to obey it, God will give us the good sense to have a balance between activity and rest. Both require faith in Him and His promises to us.

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