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DTS Devotional

The Quest for the Best

Author: Roy B. Zuck
Week of July 24, 2016
Ecclesiastes 12:8-14

As Solomon concluded his book, he repeated in 12:8 his words in 1:2, “Everything is meaningless.” Yes, all is futile and without meaning if you have lived out your life and are approaching death and have not found the key! Apart from being content with our lot in life and living in the fear of God, life is in fact meaningless. How sad to see an elderly, depressed person whose life has been dissipated with sin and whose energies have been wasted trying to discover what life is all about. How tragic to face the imminency of death realizing that life will soon be over, and the world in itself has offered nothing permanent.

Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Solomon pointed out in his epilogue (12:9-14) that as a wise man looking back on life, he carefully selected what he wrote in this book; he “searched to find just the right words.” Those words, which he said were “upright” (sincere) and true, were written in order to “goad” us into action and to “nail” the truth in our minds. Perhaps you have been prompted into some proper action by Solomon’s words in Ecclesiastes.

These words—“given by one Shepherd,” the Lord Himself—are hardly the words of a cynic or a pessimist. No need then to keep searching tiringly in numerous other new books, for the answer to life won’t be found there (v. 12). The quest for the best in life is answered in his conclusion: “Fear God and keep His commandments.” This is everyone’s duty: it “applies to every person” (v. 13, NASB), not just some people. Every action, hidden or obvious, will be tested in the judgment (vv. 13-14).

Remember: We are all accountable to God for everything we have done. We may hide our actions from some people, but we can’t hide them from God. Since “nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight” (Heb. 4:13), “there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed” (Matt. 10:26). Think about this fact and let it prod you to be faithful in fearing God and obeying His commands.