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DTS Devotional

I Shall Return

Author: J. Ronald Blue
Week of February 19, 2017
Zechariah 9:1-17; 14:1-21

In March 1942 President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered General Douglas MacArthur to leave the Philippines in what seemed a hopeless battle. Before leaving for Australia, MacArthur declared, “I came through and I shall return.” Return he did. On December 18, 1944 the determined general waded ashore with his troops and within months MacArthur had recaptured the Philippines.

The Prophet Zechariah foretold the return of the King “endowed with salvation, humble, and mounted on a donkey” (Zech. 9:9, NASB) which, of course, occurred in Christ’s first advent precisely as it was prophesied. Even the rise and fall of the opposing Greek Empire was foretold centuries before it occurred (v. 13). It seems only reasonable, therefore, to assume that the prophecy concerning the restoration of Israel will also come true.

In spite of the seemingly irreversible destruction Israel suffered (Zech. 10) and the vain attempts of a helpless shepherd to protect his flock (Zech. 11), Jerusalem will experience the Lord’s care and cleansing (Zech. 12-13).

The King who “came through” on a donkey and died for our sins on Calvary has declared, “I shall return.” His return is as certain as His Word. When He comes back to the mount from which He ascended, the Mount of Olives will split in two (14:4). And “the Lord will be King over the whole earth” (v. 9).

Pause right now: Express your thanks to the Lord for His sure Word. Rejoice in His first coming as Saviour. Bow in worship in anticipation of His return as Sovereign. He who “came through” “shall return.” Count on His promise and live today in His hope.