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Ask Me about My Grandbaby!

Author: F. Duane Lindsey
Week of October 19, 2014
Ruth 4:16-17; Romans 8:31-34

Asked if she had yet made a long trip to visit her son and his new wife, a woman replied, “No, I’ve been waiting until they have their new baby.” When her friend thought the delay was to save money, she explained, “No, it isn’t that. You see, I have a theory that grandmothers are more welcome than mothers-in-law.”

Ruth and Boaz were no doubt delighted in their new baby. And Naomi was certainly welcome to lavish her love on her grandson. Like any doting grandmother, Naomi “took the child, laid him in her lap, and cared for him” (Ruth 4:16).

Because of his special legal status as the heir of Elimelech and Mahlon, the neighbors said, “Naomi has a son” (v. 17). She no doubt treated him as her own son. In fact, the childcare that Naomi provided may have been on a more or less permanent basis. Ruth may have given Obed over to Naomi to raise as her own son, for he was the legal heir to the estate of Elimelech.

The name given to the child was Obed, meaning “servant,” perhaps in anticipation of the comfort he would be to Naomi in her old age.

Naomi found in her grandson Obed all that she had lost in Moab. In fact, she gained more than she lost, for she was back in Bethlehem with joyful family surroundings and a secure future.

Compare: That situation is like our condition as sinners lost in Adam and then redeemed in Christ. God the Father has not only restored to believers all that we lost in Adam, but He has also given us so much more through our position in Christ. Through the grace He has bestowed on us, we have forgiveness for the past, joy for the present, and security for the future. What a cause for rejoicing!

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