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Author: Robert P. Lightner
Week of August 30, 2015
Psalm 42

Some people like to be alone most of the time. They seem to be happiest when they are by themselves. Others enjoy companionship so much that they dread being alone, even for short periods of time. Of course, it is possible to be lonely even when you are around others. This is the worst kind of loneliness. It is also possible to be alone and yet not be lonely.

The psalmist found himself surrounded by enemies. While in enemy territory he longed for the sanctuary, the place of public worship of God. His thirsty soul craved fellowship with God and God’s people. Though not alone—enemies were all around him, mocking him he became very lonely, lonely for the house of God (vv. 1-5). And he longed for help from God (vv. 6-11).

Are you bothered when you miss attending a church service you normally attend? Has going to church become commonplace for you? It seems the psalmist missed the public worship of God and it brought him to tears. Instead of eating, he wept (v. 3). He found relief for his loneliness as he engaged in self-examination. This turned his discouragement into encouragement. The psalmist talked to himself. He asked himself questions and then he determined the action he needed to take (v. 5).

Reflection on God and His many past goodnesses to him greatly encouraged the psalmist. The more he thought about God and His past blessings, the less lonely he became. His enemies were still all around him, but he had a whole new perspective on them and on life.

Consider this: This may be a lonely day for you. God knows all about it. He wants you to find intimate fellowship with Him. Remember His promise, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you” (Heb. 13:5).