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DTS Devotional


Author: Robert P. Lightner
Week of November 29, 2015
Psalm 60:6-12

Israel had experienced defeat from her enemies. Because of her sin God had not been with the armies of Israel (Ps. 60:1-3). He allowed them to be defeated. But David was willing now to trust God for victory even over the best protected and most impregnable city of that day. “The fortified city” (v. 9) most likely refers to Petra, the capital of Edom. The city, located in a mountain, was accessible only by a very narrow passageway. This certainly reveals David’s simple trust in God to bring the victory over this city which was filled with Baal worshipers.

In the earlier battles God apparently did not have the complete confidence of His people. The clue to the cause of defeat is in verses 11 and 12. David and the people had been trusting in their own strength. But now there was complete trust and confidence in God to bring the victory to His people.

We, of course, will not be marshaling an army to go up against the capital of Edom. But each of us is engaged constantly in spiritual warfare. Our foe is the devil himself and all the demons of hell. In our own strength we cannot win over Satan and his hosts. The Bible exhorts each believer to put forth effort to live for God. But all these efforts must be motivated and performed in the power of the Holy Spirit. God has called on us to do battle with Satan in the armor He has provided (Eph. 6:11-18). As we fight we must ever keep in mind, however, we can do nothing without Him (John 15:5).

Remember this: All of us have problems over which we need to be victorious. Whether pride, a sharp tongue, lust, greed, or other sin, victory is available to those who fight in God’s strength. Today and each day you can do “valiantly” (v. 12) through God. He longs to give you victory.