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Man’s Responsibility and God’s Reliability

Author: F. Duane Lindsey
Week of March 29, 2015
2 Samuel 8:1-18; 10:1-19

One of God’s promises in the Davidic Covenant was “I will give you rest from all your enemies” (2 Sam. 7:11). “In the course of time” (8:1; 10:1), David’s army defeated the Philistines, the Moabites, the Arameans, the Edomites, and the Ammonites. This was a fulfillment of the Davidic Covenant, for “the Lord gave David victory everywhere he went” (8:6, 14).

One of the campaigns was precipitated needlessly by the distrust of Hanun who became king of the Ammonites when his) father died. David “sent a delegation to express his sympathy to Hanun concerning his father” (10:2). But Hanun believed his nobles’ claim that the Israelites were David’s spies. So he humiliated them by cutting off half their beards and half their garments. As a result the Ammonites became “a stench in David’s nostrils” (v. 6); so they hired mercenary soldiers from the Arameans to help them fight Israel.

As the Israelites drew up their battle lines, David’s commander , Joab, said to Abishai, his brother, “Be strong and let us fight bravely for our people and the cities of our God. The Lord will do what is good in His sight” (v. 12). These enemies were defeated and became vassals of David.

Be reminded: David and his military leaders recognized that they must employ the best military strategy they could, but that victory in battle was from the Lord. The spiritual warfare in which we are involved against the hosts of Satan is the same way. We need to be aware of the strategy of our enemy. We must protect ourselves with “the full armor of God” (Eph. 6:11). We are to take the offense with “the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God” (v. 17). And we must “be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power” (v. 10), knowing that victory in the battle is from the Lord.

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