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DTS Devotional

I’ll Take the Low Road

Author: J. Ronald Blue
Week of January 22, 2017
Zephaniah 3

Apparently there were two ways to get to Scotland. Long before the rush of traffic on interstate highways, someone had figured out which road provided the most rapid route, declaring, “I’ll get to Scotland before you.”

Like the unknown composer of the little Scottish song “I’ll Take the Low Road,” Zephaniah provided some helpful rules of the road in the conclusion of his prophetic discourse. He showed that the high road may actually be the low road and the low road may be the high road. What seems like a confusing paradox is nonetheless an eternal principle drawn from God’s perfect plan.

The citizens of Jerusalem walked proudly along what they thought was the high road. Zephaniah’s self-confident neighbors were moving right into God’s vengeance. The “rebellious” inhabitants who accepted “no correction” and did not “trust in the Lord” were about to experience the Lord’s “fierce anger” (Zeph. 3:2, 8).

A remnant of “meek and humble” people who trusted “in the name of the Lord” (v. 12) moved on the low road. To them was promised divine blessing, victory, and joy (vv. 14-20). The low road was in reality the high road.

The confusion continues today. Most of life’s parades move down Pride Avenue. Cheers and applause fill the air as conceited participants pass by. By contrast, Meek Lane can be a very lonely road. But look at the destinations. Pride Avenue leads to destruction. Meek Lane ends in blessing.

Remember: Don’t let the world’s bright signs put you on a detour that leads to ultimate failure. Learn from Zephaniah. Learn from the Lord. It is the meek who inherit the earth. The way up is down. Today, take the low road of a humble heart and experience God’s joy and blessing.