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DTS Devotional

A Marriage Restored

Author: J. Ronald Blue
Week of August 28, 2016
Hosea 3

Of all the marriage ceremonies I have officiated, none could match this one. It was not held in an ornate cathedral or romantic chapel. Decorations were minimal and the participants few. But the joy was overwhelming, especially for the youngest of the participants. Mommy and Daddy were finally getting back together. The three children were ecstatic when I pronounced the handsome couple standing before me husband and wife. The two had hardly a chance to kiss when the children rushed to join in the hugs and tears of this joyous moment. I even got swept into the act. Two years after a trying divorce, there was a triumphant reunion. A reunion of a couple and a family.

Such is the case of Hosea and Gomer. The horror of harlotry in the Book of Hosea is lost in the glory of restoration. However, the restoration in which the prophet was engaged was much more radical than the one I witnessed. Hosea’s wife was not merely separated from him. She had skidded to the pit of immorality. When Hosea finally found her, Gomer was a discarded piece of humanity, a prostitute slave on the auction block to be purchased by anyone willing to pay the bargain price. Hosea joined in the bidding. He bought her back! He restored her. He cared for her. He loved her (Hos. 3:1).

Contemplate God’s amazing love: Hosea experienced in a small way the wonder of God’s love for the wayward nation of Israel in which the prophet lived. And so is the Lord’s love toward us. We merit eternal separation. We deserve His wrath. Instead, He bought us with the sacrifice of the Cross so that we might be His bride, without “spot or blemish.” And even though we may be prone to wander, prone to leave the God we love, He is quick to restore us when we return to Him in humility and confession. What love!