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The Reward of Faithfulness

Author: F. Duane Lindsey
Week of March 1, 2015
2 Samuel 3:1-5:5

In the continuing “war between the house of Saul and the house of David” (2 Sam. 3:1), the opposition to David was depleted by several violent incidents. Abner became angry at Ish-bosheth over a personal matter and made an agreement to support David. He arranged for representatives of “Israel and the whole house of Benjamin [Saul’s tribe]” (v. 19) to come to Hebron and make a compact with David to rule over all Israel.

Meanwhile Joab returned to Hebron from a military expedition and learned that Abner (who had killed his brother Asahel) had been entertained by David. He accused Abner of spying on David, and Joab sent messengers to bring Abner back under false pretenses to Hebron. Joab took Abner aside and “stabbed him in the stomach, and he died” (v. 27). David mourned over Abner’s death and pronounced a curse on those who killed him.

After Abner’s death, two Benjamites assassinated Ish-bosheth in his house “while he was taking his noonday rest” (4:5). Then they cut off his head and took it to David, thinking he would be delighted by the gift! But David viewed their act as the murder of “an innocent man in his own house and on his own bed” (v. 11). And so he had them executed.

The groundwork laid by Abner, complemented by the death of Ish-bosheth, came to fruition when all the elders of Israel came to Hebron “and anointed David king over Israel” (5:3). They knew that the Lord had told David, “You will shepherd My people Israel, and you will become their ruler” (v. 2).

So the Lord brought David into the position of prominent service for which he had been anointed by Samuel many years before.

Reflect on this: Like David, God expects us to be faithful during periods of preparation so that we will be faithful in positions of service where He may place us.

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