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He Knows It All

Author: Robert P. Lightner
Week of June 28, 2015
Psalm 139:1-6

At least three great characteristics of God are revealed in Psalm 139, and each one relates to our human experience. In verses 1-6, He is seen as the all-knowing God. That very thought is mind-boggling. Man often spends a lifetime learning all he can about one particular thing. Even then he can know only a small part of a given subject. We learn about a subject line upon line, precept upon precept—that is, little by little, step by step. God does not.

Even the most educated and intelligent people know only an infinitely small portion of all that is to be known. How different it is with God. He really does know it all. In fact, He knows the possible as well as the actual.

God’s complete knowledge might be illustrated by the view of a parade from the perspective of a tall building. From that vantage point one might see the whole parade. By contrast, from the sidewalk only a small part of the parade can be observed as it passes.

The psalmist found great delight in the truth that God not only knew about him but also knew him personally (v. 1). God knew all about his body (v. 2), his mind (v. 2), and all his activities (v. 3). Even the psalmist’s tongue was known by God (v. 4). God knew everything about him (v. 5). This all-inclusive knowledge of God was not gained by experience. It was not something God learned gradually about the psalmist.

Think it over: What was true of God’s knowledge of the psalmist is also true of us. God knows us in the same way and to the same extent. His knowledge of us and all things about us is both comforting and convicting. It is comforting to know He knows our true motives and intentions even when we fail. It is convicting to know He knows our deepest thoughts which we share with no one. He does know it all and He also understands. He is a God of grace as well as of knowledge.

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