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08/12/2014 Amado Lozano Amado Lozano, Camino Global Missionary, Reaches Spanish-speaking Culture Video HD
06/17/2014 Dallas Theological Seminary Who Are You Investing In
06/10/2014 Dallas Theological Seminary Christ Centered to The Core
05/15/2014 Dallas Theological Seminary Answering Jesus' Call
04/04/2014 Sandra Glahn Sandra Glahn's Coffee Cup Bible Series Video Lo HD
02/13/2014 Timothy Hawks Pastor Tim Hawk's Ambitious Plan of Church Planting Video HD
10/08/2013 Ed Condra Dr. Ed Condra Launches Biblical Linguistics Center in New Guinea Video HD
08/06/2013 Will Gough Will Gough's Wilderness Passage Ministry Video Lo HD
06/13/2013 Chris Simmons Reverend Christopher Simmons revitalizes “war-zone” community MP3 Video Lo HD
03/28/2013 Imad N. Shehadeh Meet Dr. Imad Shehadeh, President, Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary Video Lo HD
11/13/2012 Jennie F. Allen Jennie Allen Engages Women’s Hearts for Christ Video Lo HD
08/28/2012 Cristian Barbosu Dr. Cristian Barbosu brings hope to Romania Video HD
07/24/2012 Lettie Watkins Prison Chaplain Lettie Watkins Brings Hope to Inmates Video HD
06/06/2012 Kyle Martin Kyle Lance Martin Pursues City Transformation Video HD
04/03/2012 Julie Waters Houston Attorney Draws on Her Theological Training to Fight Human Trafficking Video HD
02/07/2012 Peter Mitskevich Meet Dr. Peter Mitskevich, President of Moscow Theological Seminary Video HD
01/31/2012 Anita G. Carman Anita Carman in Women's Ministry Video
01/30/2012 Willie J. Bolden Willie Bolden in Pastoral Ministry Video
01/27/2012 Joe Parle Joe Parle on Urban Ministry Video
01/26/2012 Todd Bradley Todd Bradley on Carrying Out the Mission of DTS-Houston Video
12/21/2011 Mary Jerkovic Nothing Is Impossible With God Video
12/13/2011 Brad Hopkins Brad Hopkins Ministers to the Homeless in Denver Video HD
11/03/2011 Hans W. Finzel Dr. Hans Finzel leads WorldVenture in 65 Countries Worldwide Video HD
09/15/2011 Stanley D. Toussaint Dr. Stanley Toussaint, Sr. Professor Emeritus Video HD
07/14/2011 Eric Mason Dr. Eric Mason, church co-founder and lead pastor in Philadelphia Video HD
06/09/2011 David P. Jeremiah The Many Hats of Dr. David Jeremiah Video HD
04/26/2011 Bill Boyce Bill Boyce, Director of Princeton Evangelical Fellowship MP3 Video HD
03/08/2011 Elizabeth M. Oates Elizabeth Oates, Director of Divorce Recovery Ministry MP3 Video HD
02/14/2011 Dallas Theological Seminary Luke Perkins seeks greater equipping at DTS to serve the people of Haiti Video
01/21/2011 J. R. Vassar JR Vassar Church Planter and Pastor Video HD
12/07/2010 Bill Bryan Meet Dallas Seminary’s Chaplain Bill Bryan Video HD
10/26/2010 Tom Nelson The Many Ministries of Rev. Tom Nelson Video HD
09/14/2010 Elizabeth Inrig Dr. Elizabeth Inrig Leads Women’s Ministries In California Video HD
08/17/2010 Robert Crummie A President and a Pastor Video HD
08/09/2010 Josh Wilkerson Finding Beauty in Mathematics Video HD
07/20/2010 Brian Summerall Young Life's Origin at DTS Video Lo HD
07/06/2010 Malory Shelton Struggling for Acceptance Video HD
06/22/2010 Howard G. Hendricks Dr. Howard Hendricks, a “Prof” like no other Video HD
06/22/2010 John Saddington John Saddington has a message...for you Video HD
05/18/2010 Andy Stanley Andy Stanley Says: Life Change Happens in Circles not Rows Video HD
04/20/2010 Brad Payne Brad Payne ministers through College Golf Fellowship Video HD
03/25/2010 Richardson Oyediran Richardson Oyediran makes an impact In West Africa Video HD
02/16/2010 J. Dwight Pentecost Meet a DTS Cornerstone Video HD
01/15/2010 Priscilla Shirer Helping Stagnant Believers Restart Their Growth Video HD
12/07/2009 Randall Hahn The Wonder, the Joy, the Practicality of God's Word Video HD
11/30/2009 Joey Woestman Serving in the Arts Video
11/18/2009 Tom Basile Homeless Ministry in New York City Video HD
10/23/2009 Naima Lett Professional Actor Reaches Out to Hollywood and Church Video HD
10/01/2009 Linda Tomczak Linda Tomczak on Being an Artist Video
09/29/2009 Charles R. Swindoll Chuck Swindoll Ministers Faithfully Video HD
09/01/2009 Glenn R. Kreider Dr. Kreider On Being a Theologian Video
05/05/2009 Chico West Former Addict Starts Half-Way House Video HD
03/31/2009 Timothy Kimberley Internet Ministry to Teens with Tim Kimberley Video HD
01/16/2009 David Hampton West Point Professor Prepares Hearts for Service Video HD
12/06/2008 James Bond Vibrant Ministry in America's Heartland Video HD
10/30/2008 Aaron Kampman Pro Bowler and Online Student Ministers to Athletes Video HD
03/27/2008 Ben Stuart Ben Stuart Leads a Ministry of 10,000 College Students at Texas A&M Video
01/03/2008 Dwayne Camp Dwayne Camp Video
12/11/2007 Celestin Musekura Celestin Offers Forgiveness to Rwanda Video
10/30/2007 John Weber John Weber - Cowboys Chaplain Video
10/04/2007 Dallas Theological Seminary Christy Ministers in an Arab Country MP3 Video

DTS Chapel

Date Speaker(s) Title Downloads
09/16/2014 Stanton Jones and Mark Yarhouse Sexuality and the Church MP3 Video Lo HD
09/12/2014 Richard D. Calenberg Promises to Survive DTS By MP3 Video Lo HD
09/10/2014 Bill Hendricks So Pastor, How Do I Find My Calling? MP3 Video Lo HD
09/05/2014 J. Kerby Anderson Friday Forum With Kerby Anderson MP3 Video Lo HD
09/03/2014 Ron Blue Forget the Water Pot, Focus on People MP3 Video Lo HD
09/02/2014 Charles R. Swindoll Cultivating a Life of Intimacy MP3 Video Lo HD
08/29/2014 Stanley D. Toussaint Behind the Law MP3 Video Lo HD
08/28/2014 J. Lanier Burns The Lamb and the Lion MP3 Video Lo HD
08/27/2014 Ronald B. Allen God's Loyal Love MP3 Video Lo HD
08/26/2014 Mark L. Bailey The Glory of God and the Mission of DTS MP3 Video Lo HD
08/06/2014 Gordon H. Johnston The Problem of Waiting On God MP3 Video Lo HD
07/30/2014 Rodney H. Orr A Faithful Doorkeeper MP3 Video Lo HD
07/23/2014 Charles P. Baylis The Ten Lepers MP3 Video Lo HD
07/16/2014 Mark L. Bailey The Great Communion MP3 Video Lo HD
07/09/2014 Mike Pocock Jesus, What A Friend For Sinners MP3 Video Lo HD
07/02/2014 Glenn R. Kreider The Unfair Payment MP3 Video Lo HD
06/25/2014 Dr. Lin McLaughlin The Comfort of God & Others MP3 Video Lo HD
06/18/2014 Stephen J. Bramer Don't Worry...It's Father's Day MP3 Video Lo HD
06/11/2014 Jenny McGill An Uncommon Hero MP3 Video Lo HD
06/04/2014 J. Scott Horrell Rightly Fearing the Lord God MP3 Video Lo HD
05/28/2014 George M. Hillman, Jr. A Tool of the Devil MP3 Video Lo HD
05/21/2014 Michael J. Svigel Don't Let Your Past Hold You Back MP3 Video Lo HD
05/14/2014 Ronald B. Allen Incongruent and Inappropriate MP3 Video Lo HD
05/13/2014 John D. Hannah Commencement Chapel 2014 MP3 Video Lo HD
05/08/2014 Dallas Theological Seminary Dr. Dwight Pentecost Memorial Service MP3 Video Lo HD
05/01/2014 Ben Stuart When God Shoots Down Your Plan MP3 Video Lo HD
04/30/2014 Darrell L. Bock, Mark Matlock, and Jay L. Sedwick Jr. Emerging Adolescence and the Church MP3 Video Lo HD
04/25/2014 D.C. Choi Senior Preaching Week: Blessings In Our Home MP3 Video Lo HD
04/24/2014 Michael Golden Senior Preaching Week:Bird Poop, Snoop Dogg, Joseph, and Your Calling MP3 Video Lo HD
04/23/2014 Tim Atkins Senior Preaching Week: Kingdom Values MP3 Video Lo HD
04/22/2014 Brandon Redic Senior Preaching Week: Sifted for Service MP3 Video Lo HD
04/16/2014 David Brickner Christ in the Passover MP3 Video Lo HD
04/15/2014 Charles R. Swindoll The Value of Vulnerability MP3 Video Lo HD
04/11/2014 Mark L. Bailey Day At DTS MP3 Video Lo HD
04/08/2014 Robert B. Chisholm, Jr. When David Became Goliath MP3 Video Lo HD
04/04/2014 Ron Rhodes Principles on the Problem of Evil MP3 Video Lo HD
04/01/2014 Sandra Glahn Following the Son of Man(ly) MP3 Video Lo HD
03/28/2014 Steve Frissell Parenting in Grace MP3 Video Lo HD
03/27/2014 George M. Hillman, Jr., Sue G. Edwards, and Barbara Neumann Organic Mentoring MP3 Video Lo HD
03/14/2014 Jim Howard Sacrifice and Redemption: Our Life MP3 Video Lo HD
03/13/2014 Jim Howard Sacrifice and Gospel: Our Message MP3 Video Lo HD
03/12/2014 Jim Howard Sacrifice and Priesthood: Our Calling MP3 Video Lo HD
03/11/2014 Jim Howard Sacrifice and Cross: Our Story MP3 Video Lo HD
03/07/2014 Tony Evans Question & Answer with Dr. Tony Evans Day At DTS MP3 Video Lo HD
03/04/2014 Charles R. Swindoll When God Asks of You Something Great MP3 Video Lo HD
02/26/2014 Darrell L. Bock, Angela Niestemski, and Wayne Walker Relating to Those in Need MP3 Video Lo HD
02/25/2014 Bill Olsen What's Your Ambition? MP3 Video Lo HD
02/21/2014 Andy Wileman The Reality of Disappointment in Ministry MP3 Video Lo HD
02/19/2014 Charles H. Dyer A Disturbing Question With A Reliable Answer MP3 Video Lo HD
02/18/2014 Nathan D. Holsteen The Doctrine of Original Sin: A Test Case MP3 Video Lo HD
02/13/2014 Abraham Kuruvilla The Paragon of Discipleship MP3 Video Lo HD
02/11/2014 Jeff Miller An Irrational Hope MP3 Video Lo HD
02/07/2014 Mark Dever Six Reasons a Right Ecclesiology is Important for the Church Today MP3 Video Lo HD
02/06/2014 Mark Dever Jonathan Edwards on the Lord's Supper - For Believers Only MP3 Video Lo HD
02/05/2014 Mark Dever John Bunyan's View of Baptism within the Spiritual Church MP3 Video Lo HD
02/04/2014 Mark Dever Richard Sibbes on the Right Preaching of the Word MP3 Video Lo HD
01/31/2014 Darrell L. Bock and Mark Yarhouse Cultural Engagement: Sexual Identity MP3 Video Lo HD
01/28/2014 Ramesh P. Richard Who's Got This? MP3 Video Lo HD
01/24/2014 Tim Lundy The Disciple's Prayer - "Temptation and Evil" MP3 Video Lo HD
01/23/2014 Tim Lundy The Disciple's Prayer - "Give and Forgive" MP3 Video Lo HD
01/22/2014 Tim Lundy The Disciple's Prayer- "The Kingdom and Will" MP3 Video Lo HD
01/21/2014 Tim Lundy The Disciple's Prayer - "Our Father" MP3 Video Lo HD
01/17/2014 Stanley D. Toussaint The Sovereignty of God MP3 Video Lo HD
01/16/2014 Matt Chandler Overcoming Our Prejudices Through Christ MP3 Video Lo HD
01/15/2014 Mark M. Yarbrough When the Heat is On MP3 Video Lo HD
01/14/2014 Mark L. Bailey The Paradox of Sacrifice and Service MP3 Video Lo HD
12/10/2013 Charles R. Swindoll The Baby They Overlooked MP3 Video Lo HD
12/04/2013 Darrell L. Bock, Gordon H. Johnston, and Robert B. Chisholm, Jr. Genocide in the Old Testament MP3 Video Lo HD
11/15/2013 Tom Nelson A High Standard MP3 Video Lo HD
11/14/2013 Douglas K. Blount and Glenn R. Kreider The New Atheism MP3 Video Lo HD
11/12/2013 Timothy S. Warren If You Build It, He Will Come MP3 Video Lo HD
11/08/2013 Danny Carroll Migration, the New Diaspora, and the Future of Mission MP3 Video Lo HD
11/07/2013 Danny Carroll Migration, Law, and Mission MP3 Video Lo HD
11/06/2013 Danny Carroll Migration in the Bible: Entering the Stories, Expanding Our Vision MP3 Video Lo HD
11/05/2013 Danny Carroll Migration: Framing the Conversation Missionally MP3 Video Lo HD
11/01/2013 Tom Oyler Failure Isn't Final MP3 Video Lo HD
10/30/2013 Timothy J. Ralston Teach Us to Pray MP3 Video Lo HD
10/25/2013 Ken Myers Arts Week: Q&A with Ken Myers MP3 Video Lo HD
10/24/2013 Ken Myers Resurrection and the Promise of Glory MP3 Video Lo HD
10/23/2013 Ken Myers Incarnation and the Form of Human Meaning MP3 Video Lo HD
10/22/2013 Ken Myers Creation and the Ordered Imagination MP3 Video Lo HD
10/18/2013 Mark L. Bailey DTS Ground Breaking Ceremony MP3 Video Lo HD
10/17/2013 Hon. Rollin Van Broekhoven Bringing Strange Ideas to Our Ears MP3 Video Lo HD
10/11/2013 Charles R. Swindoll The Meaning and Significance of Glory MP3 Video Lo HD
10/09/2013 Dr. Terry Woodson A Seminarian's Challenge MP3 Video Lo HD
10/08/2013 John Dickerson The Great Evangelical Recession MP3 Video Lo HD
10/04/2013 Ray Pritchard The Invisible Hand MP3 Video Lo HD
10/03/2013 Ray Pritchard What To Do While You Wait MP3 Video Lo HD
10/02/2013 Ray Pritchard Do You Know Who You Are? MP3 Video Lo HD
10/01/2013 Ray Pritchard The Deadly Sin of Envy MP3 Video Lo HD
09/27/2013 J. Kerby Anderson Friday Forum with Kerby Anderson MP3 Video Lo HD
09/26/2013 Dr. Greg Forster A Theology of Work MP3 Video Lo HD
09/24/2013 Dr. Tim Kimmel The Success Illusion MP3 Video Lo HD
09/20/2013 Rev. Chris Davis State of Global Youth Ministry MP3 Video Lo HD
09/19/2013 Wes Hamilton The Gospel and Creativity MP3 Video Lo HD
09/18/2013 Jay Strack Youth Week MP3 Video Lo HD
09/17/2013 JD Greg Love Doing the Right Things Starts with Knowing the Right Things MP3 Video Lo HD
09/12/2013 Lynn Etta Manning When Fear Controls You MP3 Video Lo HD
09/11/2013 Charles R. Swindoll Making the Most of Everyday MP3 Video Lo HD
09/10/2013 J. Lee Jagers Set a Course for Your Life MP3 Video Lo HD
09/06/2013 John Salvesen What I Wish I Knew About Ministry When I Graduated Seminary MP3 Video Lo HD
09/03/2013 Stephen J. Bramer I'm Satisfied With You MP3 Video Lo HD
08/30/2013 Ronald B. Allen A Most Treasured Thing MP3 Video Lo HD
08/29/2013 John D. Hannah Our Past, Shaped by a Passion, Based on an Insight, and Propelled by Sacrifice MP3 Video Lo HD
08/28/2013 Mark L. Bailey, Donald K. Campbell, and Dwight Pentecost Interview with Dr. Donald Campbell and Dr. Dwight Pentecost MP3 Video Lo HD
08/27/2013 Mark L. Bailey Welcome to a Construction Zone MP3 Video Lo HD
08/07/2013 Rodney H. Orr The Instructing Power of Grace MP3 Video Lo HD
07/31/2013 Victor D. Anderson Today Matters for Tomorrow's Rewards MP3 Video Lo HD
07/24/2013 Glenn R. Kreider Broken Hallelujah MP3 Video Lo HD
07/17/2013 George M. Hillman, Jr. The Choice Is Yours MP3 Video Lo HD
07/10/2013 Jay L. Sedwick, Jr. God is in Control MP3 Video Lo HD
07/03/2013 Mark H. Heinemann Lightening the Burden of Time MP3 Video Lo HD
06/26/2013 Dr. Lin McLaughlin Dealing with Jealousy and Envy MP3 Video Lo HD
06/19/2013 James E. Allman The Hope We Have in Christ MP3 Video Lo HD
06/12/2013 J. Scott Horrell Jesus Son of God: Iconoclast of the World Religions MP3 Video Lo HD
06/05/2013 Eugene W. Pond The Battle for Balance MP3 Video Lo HD
05/29/2013 Joye B. Baker From Worry to Wonder Video Lo
05/22/2013 Ronald B. Allen Having A Merry Heart MP3 Video Lo
05/15/2013 Dennis Kavanaugh Questions for Reflection MP3 Video Lo
05/10/2013 Bruce W. Fong Win HIS Favor MP3 Video Lo
05/02/2013 Michael S. Lawson Righteousness: An All Purpose Word MP3 Video Lo
05/01/2013 Bill Bryan A Planned Biblical Response to Discouragement MP3 Video Lo
04/30/2013 Mark H. Heinemann Respect and Obey MP3 Video Lo
04/26/2013 Jim Krouscas Senior Preaching Week: Responding to Trials MP3 Video Lo
04/25/2013 Adam Shafer Senior Preaching Week: Internal Matters MP3 Video Lo
04/24/2013 Aaron Lutz Senior Preaching Week: The Life of the Called MP3 Video Lo
04/23/2013 Jared Perry Senior Preaching Week: The Care of the Orphan MP3 Video Lo
04/12/2013 Charles R. Swindoll An Occupational Hazard for All in Ministry MP3 Video Lo
04/10/2013 Lee Strobel and Darrell Bock Culture and Apologetics MP3 Video Lo
04/09/2013 Joye B. Baker God as our Heavenly Father MP3 Video Lo
04/05/2013 Ron Rhodes Overview of Cults MP3 Video Lo
04/03/2013 Jack Graham Greatness MP3 Video Lo
04/02/2013 W. Hall Harris, III and Darrell L. Bock Discrepancies in the Gospels MP3 Video Lo
03/26/2013 Mark L. Bailey The Sufferings of Christ MP3 Video Lo
03/15/2013 Mark S. Young The Way of Abundance in Foolishness MP3 Video Lo
03/14/2013 Mark S. Young The Way of Abundance in Homelessness MP3 Video Lo
03/13/2013 Mark S. Young The Christ of Abundance MP3 Video Lo
03/12/2013 Mark S. Young The Gospel of Abundance MP3 Video Lo
03/08/2013 J. Lanier Burns Knowing the Bible and Knowing Christ MP3 Video Lo
03/06/2013 John Dyer 9 Ways Technology Will Impact Your Future Ministry MP3 Video Lo
03/05/2013 John Dyer Thinking Theologically About Technology and Culture MP3 Video Lo
03/01/2013 Bruce A. Hess The Magnificent All Permeating Main Thing MP3 Video Lo
02/28/2013 Michael J. Svigel and Darrell L. Bock Early Church: Christianity or Christianities? MP3 Video Lo
02/26/2013 Charles R. Swindoll The Rewards of a Life of Integrity MP3 Video Lo
02/15/2013 Buist M. Fanning, III The Author of Scripture MP3 Video Lo
02/14/2013 Charles P. Baylis The Story of the Lost Son (Luke 15:11-32) MP3 Video Lo
02/08/2013 Douglas Stuart My Favorite Mistranslations (Jonah 1:2) MP3 Video Lo
02/07/2013 Douglas Stuart My Favorite Mistranslations (Proverbs 22:6) MP3 Video Lo
02/06/2013 Douglas Stuart My Favorite Mistranslations (Hosea 1:2 and Hosea 3:1) MP3 Video Lo
02/05/2013 Douglas Stuart My Favorite Mistranslations (1 Kings 19:12) MP3 Video Lo
02/01/2013 David K. Lowery, Darrell L. Bock, Sandra Glahn, and Victor D. Anderson Cultural Shift of Hostility MP3 Video Lo
01/30/2013 Steve Douglass The Harvest is Ripe MP3
01/29/2013 Dr. Ramesh Richard Reversing Human Destinies MP3 Video Lo
01/25/2013 Chip Ingram Spiritual Life Conference - Part Four MP3 Video Lo
01/24/2013 Chip Ingram Spiritual Life Conference - Part Three MP3 Video Lo
01/23/2013 Chip Ingram Spiritual Life Conference - Part Two MP3 Video Lo
01/22/2013 Chip Ingram Spiritual Life Conference - Part One MP3 Video Lo
01/18/2013 Bryan Loritts One New Man MP3 Video Lo
01/17/2013 James E. Allman Resting in the Lord MP3 Video Lo
01/16/2013 Mark M. Yarbrough When it all Falls Apart, Cry Out to God MP3 Video Lo
01/15/2013 Mark L. Bailey A Great Place to Start MP3 Video Lo
12/11/2012 Charles R. Swindoll Finishing the Course MP3 Video Lo
12/06/2012 Timothy S. Warren Immanuel MP3 Video Lo
12/04/2012 Gary DeSalvo Hosea... A Love Story MP3 Video Lo
11/30/2012 Nathan D. Holsteen, Elliot E. Johnson, and Robert B. Chisholm, Jr. The Importance of the Historical Adam MP3 Video Lo
11/27/2012 John D. Hannah Character of Jesus MP3 Video Lo
11/09/2012 Cindy Wiles Church Partnership: Doing Missions Together MP3 Video Lo
11/08/2012 Monroe Brewer Global Ministry: Opportunities for Everybody MP3 Video Lo
11/07/2012 JoAnn Hummel Missional Living MP3 Video Lo
11/06/2012 Larry Reesor Essential Principles of Mobilizing an Acts 1:8 Local/Global Church MP3 Video Lo
11/02/2012 Mark L. Bailey Day at DTS: How to Rightly Think about the Will of God MP3 Video Lo
10/31/2012 Josh Bleeker Déjà Vu Discernment in Discipleship MP3 Video Lo
10/26/2012 Panel Discussion and Q&A Church Planting Q&A MP3 Video Lo
10/25/2012 John Bryson God's Faithfulness in Church Planting MP3 Video Lo
10/24/2012 Rod MacIlvaine Building Christ's Work MP3 Video Lo
10/23/2012 James Womack Church Planting MP3 Video Lo
10/19/2012 Dennis L. Rainey Contagious Courage MP3 Video Lo
10/18/2012 Steve Stroope Search Me O God MP3 Video Lo
10/16/2012 Abraham Kuruvilla Stumbling in Discipleship MP3 Video Lo
10/12/2012 Charles R. Swindoll Day at DTS: Facing the Giants MP3 Video Lo
10/10/2012 Bob Livesay Grace Giving MP3 Video Lo
10/09/2012 Dwight Ekholm Welcoming Weakness MP3 Video Lo
10/05/2012 Jim Samra Engaging with God: Appreciating God (Psalm 84:11) MP3 Video Lo
10/04/2012 Jim Samra Engaging with God: Experiencing God (Matthew 16:18) MP3 Video Lo
10/03/2012 Jim Samra Engaging with God: Listening to God (John 10:3-5) MP3 Video Lo
10/02/2012 Jim Samra Engaging with God: Talking to God (Matthew 26:36-46) MP3 Video Lo
09/28/2012 Richard A. Taylor The Alleged Jesus' Wife Text MP3 Video Lo
09/26/2012 Rodney H. Orr The Thrill of Seeing God Work MP3 Video Lo
09/25/2012 D. Jeffrey Bingham Stay Focused MP3 Video Lo
09/21/2012 J. Scott Horrell Jesus in the World Religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, & Islam MP3 Video Lo
09/19/2012 Andy Seidel The Derailing of a Leader MP3 Video Lo
09/18/2012 Larry J. Waters Three Men Who Have Impacted My Life MP3 Video Lo
09/14/2012 J. Kerby Anderson Q&A on Politics and the Press MP3 Video Lo
09/13/2012 Gene Getz Principles to Live By MP3 Video Lo
09/11/2012 Ronald B. Allen "Fly, Thought, on Golden Wings" MP3 Video Lo
09/07/2012 Stanton Jones Lessons from the Sexuality Ministry Front MP3 Video Lo
09/05/2012 Willie J. Bolden The Merging of the Message and Messenger MP3 Video Lo
09/04/2012 Charles R. Swindoll Keep the "Tingle" MP3 Video Lo
08/31/2012 J. Dwight Pentecost Seminary and Marriage MP3 Video Lo
08/30/2012 Stanley D. Toussaint An Essential Quality MP3 Video Lo
08/29/2012 Donald K. Campbell Don't Wait to Serve God MP3 Video Lo
08/28/2012 Mark L. Bailey Second Story Living and Seminary Vision Quest MP3 Video Lo
08/08/2012 Mark L. Bailey Olympic Spiritual Development MP3 Video Lo
08/01/2012 J. Lee Jagers Strengthened Through Serving MP3 Video Lo
07/25/2012 Glenn R. Kreider I am Esau MP3 Video Lo
07/18/2012 James E. Allman That I May Know Him MP3 Video Lo
07/11/2012 Gordon H. Johnston Taste and See! MP3 Video Lo
06/27/2012 Dr. Lin McLaughlin Getting Small with a Big God MP3 Video Lo
06/20/2012 Barry D. Jones It's All About Water MP3 Video Lo
06/13/2012 J. Scott Horrell Seven Common Graces: Simple Satisfactions that Make Life Beautiful MP3 Video Lo
06/06/2012 Stephen J. Bramer When Tears Come Before Joy MP3 Video Lo
05/30/2012 Paul E. Pettit An Accurate Look MP3 Video Lo
05/23/2012 Joye B. Baker Put on Your Spiritual Hearing Aids MP3 Video Lo
05/16/2012 Ronald B. Allen Knowledge, Fear, Wisdom MP3 Video Lo
05/11/2012 Stanley D. Toussaint Commencement Chapel 2012 MP3 Video Lo
05/03/2012 C. Gary Barnes Self-Esteem Problems and Gospel Freedom MP3 Video Lo
05/01/2012 Daniel B. Wallace Ph.D. Bumper Sticker Theology, Part 1 MP3 Video Lo
04/27/2012 Sten-Erik Armitage Senior Preaching Week: Suffering in the Life of the Believer MP3 Video Lo
04/26/2012 Travis Moen Senior Preaching Week: Let Go of the Good Life MP3 Video Lo
04/25/2012 Phillip Herbert Senior Preaching Week: A Picture to Remember MP3 Video Lo
04/24/2012 Rick Foddrill Senior Preaching Week: Do Not Leave Seminary Behind MP3 Video Lo
04/19/2012 Glenn R. Kreider Perspective Changes Everything MP3 Video Lo
04/17/2012 Charles R. Swindoll Pressing On MP3 Video Lo
04/13/2012 Mark L. Bailey Focus Day @ DTS: Gatekeepers of the Heart MP3 Video Lo
04/11/2012 Robert J. Jeffress, Jr Life's Most Important Choice MP3 Video Lo
04/03/2012 Steven Ger A Portrait of Christ in the Passover MP3 Video Lo
03/30/2012 Ron Rhodes The Glory of Heaven... and a "Top-Down" Perspective MP3 Video Lo
03/28/2012 Darrell L. Bock Why I Believe the Bible MP3 Video Lo
03/27/2012 Mark L. Hitchcock When Will the Believing Be Leaving MP3 Video Lo
03/22/2012 Imad N. Shehadeh Facing the Impossible Dream MP3 Video Lo
03/20/2012 Richard A. Taylor A Lion in the Street MP3 Video Lo
03/09/2012 Alvin Low World Evangelization Conference (Day 4) MP3 Video Lo
03/08/2012 Alvin Low World Evangelization Conference (Day 3) MP3 Video Lo
03/07/2012 Alvin Low World Evangelization Conference (Day 2) MP3 Video Lo
03/06/2012 Alvin Low World Evangelization Conference (Day 1) MP3 Video Lo
03/02/2012 Charles R. Swindoll Focus: Day @ Dts MP3 Video Lo
02/21/2012 David K. Lowery Seminary and Fatherhood MP3 Video Lo
02/16/2012 John Trent Issues in Christian Education Chapel Video Lo
02/14/2012 J. Scott Horrell Love, Marriage, and Imitating God MP3 Video Lo
02/10/2012 Everett Worthington Self-Condemnation and Self-Forgiveness MP3 Video Lo
02/09/2012 Everett Worthington Helping People Reach Forgiveness MP3 Video Lo
02/08/2012 Everett Worthington Four Christian Virtues MP3 Video Lo
02/07/2012 Everett Worthington A Christian Psychologist Looks at Virtue MP3 Video Lo
02/03/2012 Jeffery J. VanGoethem Vision MP3 Video Lo
02/01/2012 Sue G. Edwards Make a Name for Jesus MP3 Video Lo
01/31/2012 Michael H. Burer An Honored and Undefiled Marriage MP3 Video Lo
01/27/2012 Paul Cannings When Your Back is Against the Wall- God is There MP3 Video Lo
01/26/2012 Tony Evans The Armor of God MP3 Video Lo
01/25/2012 Tony Evans Intimacy With God MP3 Video Lo
01/24/2012 Tony Evans The Kingdoms of This World MP3 Video Lo
01/20/2012 Dr. Larry A. Mercer Martin Luther King Jr. Chapel MP3 Video Lo
01/19/2012 Dr. Ramesh Richard Global Contagion MP3 Video Lo
01/18/2012 Charles R. Swindoll The Ministry of Refreshment MP3 Video Lo
01/17/2012 Mark L. Bailey The Roles of a Christian Ambassador MP3 Video Lo
12/14/2011 Mark L. Bailey Joseph: The Forgotten Figure of the Nativity MP3 Video Lo
12/13/2011 Charles R. Swindoll Trust God! MP3 Video Lo
12/08/2011 Jeff Audrain A True Story MP3 Video Lo
11/30/2011 Ken Hanna Keep going! Don't quit! MP3 Video Lo
11/29/2011 Joni Eareckson Tada A Cause Worth Living For MP3 Video Lo
11/11/2011 Jeff Bingham Focus Day at DTS MP3 Video Lo
11/10/2011 Michael E. Foskett Veteran's Day Chapel MP3 Video Lo
11/04/2011 Michael A. Rydelnik Missions and Evangelism Lectureship MP3 Video Lo
11/03/2011 Vladimir Pikman Missions and Evangelism Lectureship MP3 Video Lo
11/02/2011 David Brickner Missions and Evangelism Lectureship MP3 Video Lo
11/01/2011 Richard Freeman Missions and Evangelism Lectureship MP3 Video Lo
10/28/2011 Rob Styler The Roofman MP3 Video Lo
10/26/2011 Timothy S. Warren Go and Learn What it Means... MP3 Video Lo
10/25/2011 Chip Dickens 7 Characteristics of the Leadable Leader MP3 Video Lo
10/21/2011 Ken Horton Board Chapel MP3 Video Lo
10/19/2011 Bill Brewer Standing Alone for God Alone MP3 Video Lo
10/18/2011 Stephen J. Bramer Boasting About Weakness MP3 Video Lo
10/14/2011 Mark L. Bailey Focus Day at DTS MP3 Video Lo
10/11/2011 Jay E. Smith Plan to Finish Well MP3 Video Lo
10/07/2011 David Ashcraft Nathan D. Maier Memorial Series in Bible Exposition MP3 Video Lo
10/06/2011 David Ashcraft Nathan D. Maier Memorial Series in Bible Exposition MP3 Video Lo
10/05/2011 David Ashcraft Nathan D. Maier Memorial Series in Bible Exposition MP3 Video Lo
10/04/2011 David Ashcraft Nathan D. Maier Memorial Series in Bible Exposition MP3 Video Lo
09/30/2011 D. Scott Barfoot Two are Better Than One MP3 Video Lo
09/29/2011 Joséf Rasheed Designed for Impact MP3 Video Lo
09/27/2011 Sandra Glahn Cat Theology MP3 Video Lo
09/23/2011 Jeremiah Ramer Youth Week MP3 Video Lo
09/22/2011 Max Barnett Youth Week MP3 Video Lo
09/21/2011 Jay Strack Youth Week MP3 Video Lo
09/20/2011 Don Smarto Youth Week MP3 Video Lo
09/15/2011 Karl Kurz Stewardship MP3 Video Lo
09/13/2011 Abraham Kuruvilla Fighting for God! MP3 Video Lo
09/09/2011 J. Kerby Anderson Friday Forum MP3 Video Lo
09/07/2011 Ronald B. Allen "Oh How I Love Your Law, O Lord" MP3 Video Lo
09/06/2011 Charles R. Swindoll Enduring Through Ministry MP3 Video Lo
09/02/2011 Stanley D. Toussaint Revelations of God MP3 Video Lo
09/01/2011 J. Dwight Pentecost Following Him MP3 Video Lo
08/31/2011 Donald K. Campbell The Love of God's Word MP3 Video Lo
08/30/2011 Mark L. Bailey Our Riches in Christ MP3 Video Lo
08/03/2011 Charles W. Dickens God's Interruptions MP3 Video Lo
07/27/2011 George M. Hillman, Jr. Who's In Charge Here? MP3 Video Lo
07/20/2011 Mark L. Bailey The Consequences of Our Actions MP3 Video Lo
07/13/2011 Mark H. Heinemann With Fear and Trembling MP3 Video Lo
07/06/2011 Michael Pocock God Can Use You Now! MP3 Video Lo
06/29/2011 Sue G. Edwards While You Wait, Build MP3 Video Lo
06/22/2011 James E. Allman A True Hero MP3 Video Lo
06/15/2011 Glenn R. Kreider No Moabites Allowed MP3 Video Lo
06/08/2011 Barry D. Jones Deepest Need, Highest Hope MP3 Video Lo
06/01/2011 Dr. Lin McLaughlin Dealing with Our Fears MP3 Video Lo
05/25/2011 Stephen J. Bramer Sometimes God Says "NO" MP3 Video Lo
05/18/2011 Linda M. Marten How Does a Lamb Know its Shepherd? MP3 Video Lo
05/11/2011 Ronald B. Allen You Need to Know Your Dates! MP3 Video Lo
05/06/2011 Mark L. Bailey Commencement Chapel 2011 MP3 Video Lo
04/28/2011 Michael Pocock Handling Adversity MP3 Video Lo
04/26/2011 Nathan D. Holsteen Beware of Mud MP3 Video Lo
04/21/2011 Doug Blount Refusing to Take Offense MP3 Video Lo
04/19/2011 Dr. Thomas Constable It's Always Too Soon to Quit MP3 Video Lo
04/15/2011 Mr. Paul Bixler God's Passion to be Near His People MP3 Video Lo
04/14/2011 Mr. Willie Nelson The Walking Contradiction MP3 Video Lo
04/13/2011 Mr. Matt Stone How to Pass Heaven's Inspection MP3 Video Lo
04/12/2011 Mr. Seth Watson The Believer's Significance MP3 Video Lo
04/06/2011 Victor D. Anderson The Love of Christ MP3 Video Lo
04/05/2011 Charles R. Swindoll The Meaning of Integrity MP3 Video Lo
04/01/2011 Craig A. Blaising The Day of the Lord MP3 Video Lo
03/31/2011 Craig A. Blaising The Day of the Lord MP3 Video Lo
03/30/2011 Craig A. Blaising The Day of the Lord MP3 Video Lo
03/29/2011 Craig A. Blaising The Day of the Lord MP3 Video Lo
03/24/2011 Dr. Charles P. Baylis The Raising of Lazarus and the Bodily Resurrection MP3 Video Lo
03/23/2011 Dr. Lin McLaughlin Relying on Christ Through Our Weaknesses MP3 Video Lo
03/22/2011 Andy Seidel The Measure of Our Spirituality MP3 Video Lo
03/11/2011 Afshin Ziafat Life for Others MP3 Video Lo
03/10/2011 Afshin Ziafat Ambassadors for Christ MP3 Video Lo
03/09/2011 Afshin Ziafat God's Compassionate Heart MP3 Video Lo
03/08/2011 Afshin Ziafat Cost of Following Christ MP3 Video Lo
03/04/2011 Charles R. Swindoll Revisiting God's Call on Your Life MP3 Video Lo
03/03/2011 Mark L. Bailey God's Plans for Egypt Before Peace Comes to the Middle East MP3 Video Lo
03/01/2011 Timothy J. Kimmel Embracing Grace in Your Family MP3 Video Lo
02/24/2011 Julie Waters God, The Redeemer of Slaves, Past and Present MP3 Video Lo
02/23/2011 Andrew Hein God's Heart for Justice MP3 Video Lo
02/22/2011 John Brown With Eyes Larger Than Our Own MP3 Video Lo
02/16/2011 H. B. London God's Perfect Peace Plan MP3 Video Lo
02/15/2011 Bill McRae Does it Pay to Serve Jesus? MP3 Video Lo
02/10/2011 Dr. Elliot Johnson Exploring our Love for God MP3 Video Lo
01/28/2011 Naima Lett Who Do You Love? MP3 Video Lo
01/26/2011 John D. Hannah The Necessity of Love: The Gem Behind the Walk MP3 Video Lo
01/25/2011 Michael Boys The One Non-Negotiable MP3 Video Lo
01/21/2011 John S. Townsend The Negative Reality in Ministry MP3 Video Lo
01/20/2011 John S. Townsend Boundaries in Ministry MP3 Video Lo
01/19/2011 John S. Townsend How Relationships Affect a Leader's Character MP3 Video Lo
01/18/2011 John S. Townsend Character in Leadership MP3 Video Lo
01/14/2011 Richard Allen Farmer Martin Luther King, Jr. Chapel MP3 Video Lo
01/13/2011 Ramesh P. Richard Reaching the Vision of a Plentiful Harvest MP3 Video Lo
01/12/2011 Charles R. Swindoll Three "Musts" for a New Year MP3 Video Lo
01/11/2011 Mark L. Bailey Warnings in Practicing Righteousness MP3 Video Lo
12/08/2010 Charles R. Swindoll 5 Warnings for the Christmas Season MP3 Video Lo
12/03/2010 Joye B. Baker Dare to be a Deborah MP3 Video Lo
12/01/2010 Ron Blue Happy Hanukkah MP3 Video Lo
11/12/2010 Charles R. Swindoll An Attitude of Gratitude MP3 Video Lo
11/11/2010 Bryan J. Hult Effective Doors Are Temporary MP3 Video Lo
11/09/2010 Tom Nelson Exhortations of a Wounded Man MP3 Video Lo
11/05/2010 Doug McConnell Being the Family of God MP3 Video Lo
11/04/2010 Doug McConnell The Problem of Care: Learning a New Narrative MP3 Video Lo
11/03/2010 Doug McConnell A Case of Indignation MP3 Video Lo
11/02/2010 Doug McConnell God's Care for Children MP3 Video Lo
10/29/2010 Susan Perlman Jews and Jesus and You MP3 Video Lo
10/27/2010 J. Lee Jagers Worse Than Soy Sauce on Satin MP3 Video Lo
10/26/2010 Ron Klassen Normal People Need Christ Too MP3 Video Lo
10/22/2010 Dallas Theological Seminary Panel Discussion on Church Planting MP3 Video Lo
10/21/2010 Todd Wagner Church Planting Week MP3 Video Lo
10/20/2010 Bob Rowley Let's Be Like Jesus MP3 Video Lo
10/19/2010 Gary Brandenburg The Sound of a Successful Ministry MP3 Video Lo
10/15/2010 Mark L. Bailey God's Answer to an Unsatisfactory Life MP3 Video Lo
10/13/2010 Cecil Hawkins The Effects of God's Love MP3 Video Lo
10/08/2010 Haddon W. Robinson Have You Heard The One About....How To Find A Good Lesson From A Bad Example? MP3 Video Lo
10/07/2010 Haddon W. Robinson Have You Heard The One About....The Businessman Who Missed The Bottom Line? MP3 Video Lo
10/06/2010 Haddon W. Robinson Have You Heard The One About...The Case Study Of A Mugging? MP3 Video Lo
10/05/2010 Haddon W. Robinson Have You Heard The One About....The People With A Hearing Problem? MP3 Video Lo
09/30/2010 Ted Budd Stewardship Chapel MP3 Video Lo
09/28/2010 Ronald C. Rhodes Truth Decay In The Modern Church MP3 Video Lo
09/24/2010 Gail N. Seidel Embracing Your Story MP3 Video Lo
09/22/2010 Terry Woodson Loving God - Loving People MP3 Video Lo
09/21/2010 Jeff Bingham Words To Live By MP3 Video Lo
09/17/2010 John W. Hilber Psalm 96 - The Royal Creator-God MP3 Video Lo
09/16/2010 Abraham Kuruvilla The Humility of Suffering MP3 Video Lo
09/14/2010 Steve J. Strauss No-Name Burden-Bearing MP3 Video Lo
09/10/2010 James E. Allman Why Should I Fear In Times of Trouble? MP3 Video Lo
09/08/2010 Andy Wileman The Problem With Doing Good MP3 Video Lo
09/07/2010 Charles R. Swindoll Preaching and Mentoring MP3 Video Lo
09/03/2010 J. Kerby Anderson Friday Forum with Kerby Anderson MP3 Video Lo
09/01/2010 Michael S. Lawson What I've Learned About Love MP3 Video Lo
08/31/2010 Ronald B. Allen Let's Turn That Puppy Over MP3 Video Lo
08/27/2010 J. Dwight Pentecost In Christ MP3 Video Lo
08/26/2010 Stanley D. Toussaint What Prophecy Produces MP3 Video Lo
08/25/2010 Donald K. Campbell Life and Death for the Believer MP3 Video Lo
08/24/2010 Mark L. Bailey Defragmenting Your Seminary Experience MP3 Video Lo
08/04/2010 Glenn R. Kreider I Saw God Today MP3 Video Lo
07/28/2010 Barry D. Jones Help My Unbelief MP3 Video Lo
07/21/2010 James E. Allman The Lord Is My Refuge MP3 Video Lo
07/14/2010 John W. Hilber God Using a Courageous Few MP3 Video Lo
07/07/2010 Eugene H. Merrill True Servanthood MP3 Video Lo
06/30/2010 Michael Pocock Once to Every Man and Nation MP3 Video Lo
06/23/2010 Stephen J. Bramer Lost in Romania MP3 Video Lo
06/16/2010 Joye B. Baker Lessons From A Toothbrush MP3 Video Lo
06/09/2010 Bob Kaumeyer What Is God's Will? MP3 Video Lo
06/02/2010 John D. Grassmick A Journey of Joy MP3 Video Lo
05/26/2010 Joshua J. Bleeker Skittles, Donuts, and Golden Grahams MP3 Video Lo
05/19/2010 Ronald B. Allen The Circle of Prayer MP3 Video Lo
05/12/2010 C. Gary Barnes The Gospel MP3 Video Lo
05/07/2010 Charles R. Swindoll Commencement Chapel 2010 MP3 Video Lo
04/27/2010 Charles R. Swindoll Early Success In Your Ministry MP3 Video Lo
04/23/2010 Michael Vincent Senior Preaching Week: Keep Watch MP3 Video Lo
04/22/2010 Ben Bolin Senior Preaching Week: Christian Unity MP3 Video Lo
04/21/2010 Ranjit David Senior Preaching Week: Spiritual Leadership During Crisis MP3 Video Lo
04/20/2010 Andrew Wild Senior Preaching Week: What Is Success in Ministry? MP3 Video Lo
04/15/2010 Richard J. Dunham Stepping Into the Battle MP3 Video Lo
04/13/2010 J. Lanier Burns The Goal of Godly Living MP3 Video Lo
04/09/2010 John Morris Creation and the Character of God MP3 Video Lo
04/07/2010 Bruce Ewing Start to Finish MP3 Video Lo
04/01/2010 Jeff Kinley A Dad-Sized Challenge MP3 Video Lo
03/26/2010 Gordon H. Johnston How To Overcome Evangelphobia MP3 Video Lo
03/24/2010 James H. Thames Refined by Fire MP3 Video Lo
03/23/2010 Timothy S. Warren The March of Triumph MP3 Video Lo
03/12/2010 Michael Frost World Evangelization Conference MP3 Video Lo
03/11/2010 Michael Frost World Evangelization Conference MP3 Video Lo
03/10/2010 Michael Frost World Evangelization Conference MP3 Video Lo
03/09/2010 Michael Frost World Evangelization Conference MP3 Video Lo
03/05/2010 Charles R. Swindoll Meaningful or Miserable Ministry? MP3 Video Lo
03/04/2010 Mark L. Bailey Teamwork MP3 Video Lo
02/25/2010 Karen G. Giesen Encourage One Another MP3 Video Lo
02/23/2010 Bryan Carter Black History Chapel MP3 Video Lo
02/19/2010 Timothy J. Ralston Three Pillars for Pastoral Ministry MP3 Video Lo
02/17/2010 Ramesh P. Richard The Ministry Problematic MP3 Video Lo
02/16/2010 Darrell L. Bock The Gospel of Good News MP3 Video Lo
02/11/2010 Donald P. Regier Issues in Christian Education MP3 Video Lo
02/09/2010 H. B. London Having Fun....Enjoying the Journey MP3 Video Lo
02/05/2010 Klyne Snodgrass W. H. Griffith Thomas Memorial Lectureship MP3 Video Lo
02/04/2010 Klyne Snodgrass W. H. Griffith Thomas Memorial Lectureship MP3 Video Lo
02/03/2010 Klyne Snodgrass W. H. Griffith Thomas Memorial Lectureship MP3 Video Lo
02/02/2010 Klyne Snodgrass W. H. Griffith Thomas Memorial Lectureship MP3 Video Lo
01/27/2010 Tim McKenzie God's Powerful Words MP3 Video Lo
01/26/2010 Carl Anderson Feed My Sheep MP3 Video Lo
01/22/2010 Reg Grant Spiritual Life Conference MP3 Video Lo
01/21/2010 Reg Grant Spiritual Life Conference MP3 Video Lo
01/20/2010 Reg Grant Spiritual Life Conference MP3 Video Lo
01/19/2010 Reg Grant Spiritual Life Conference MP3 Video Lo
01/15/2010 Bruce Proctor The Motivation Behind MLK's Push for Civil Rights MP3 Video Lo
01/14/2010 David Currie When Ministry Gets Dangerous MP3 Video Lo
01/13/2010 Charles R. Swindoll Loosening the Grip of Discouragement MP3 Video Lo
01/12/2010 Mark L. Bailey Dispensational Expressions of Worship MP3 Video Lo
12/09/2009 Charles R. Swindoll Looking at Disagreement MP3 Video Lo
12/04/2009 Mary Dean Partnering in Ministry MP3 Video Lo
12/02/2009 Andrew B. Seidel Leading the Church in the Midst of a Hostile Culture MP3 Video Lo
12/01/2009 Roy B. Zuck Is The Rapture Next? MP3 Video Lo
11/13/2009 Charles R. Swindoll Modeling Our Motto MP3 Video
11/06/2009 Mark Jobe Missions and Evangelism Lectureship MP3 Video
11/05/2009 Mark Jobe Missions and Evangelism Lectureship MP3 Video
11/04/2009 Mark Jobe Missions and Evangelism Lectureship MP3 Video
11/03/2009 Mark Jobe Missions and Evangelism Lectureship MP3 Video
10/30/2009 Eugene H. Merrill God's Mission - Our's As Well? MP3 Video
10/23/2009 Anthony T. Evans A Light in the Darkness MP3 Video
10/20/2009 T. Maurice Pugh The Centrality of Our Message MP3 Video
10/16/2009 Mark L. Bailey The Mining Shaft of Refinement MP3 Video
10/15/2009 Ethan M. Pope America's Financial Demise MP3 Video
10/13/2009 Robert B. Chisholm Jr. Fear Not! I Am With You! The Privilege of Sharing the Good News MP3 Video
10/09/2009 H. Dale Burke Jesus said, "Don't Grow Up" MP3 Video
10/08/2009 H. Dale Burke Jesus said, "Turn the Other Cheek" MP3 Video
10/07/2009 H. Dale Burke Jesus said, "Pluck Out Your Eye" MP3
10/02/2009 Chap Clark A Scandal Exposed: Youth Ministry and the Church MP3 Video
10/01/2009 Mark Matlock Real World Parents MP3 Video
09/30/2009 Gus Reyes How Can We Help? MP3 Video
09/29/2009 Johnny Derouen Is This The Revival Generation? MP3 Video
09/25/2009 Bruce Zimmerman The Things I Should Have Learned While I Was In Seminary MP3 Video
09/23/2009 John Maisel We Gotta Get It Right MP3 Video
09/22/2009 Ronald B. Allen The Pleasure of God MP3 Video
09/18/2009 John D. Grassmick Adoption Into God's Family MP3 Video
09/11/2009 J. Kerby Anderson Planning For The Future MP3 Video
09/09/2009 Vickie Kraft Life Lessons From One Generation To The Next MP3 Video
09/08/2009 D. Jeffrey Bingham Once For All MP3 Video
09/04/2009 Thomas L. Constable Look At Me! MP3 Video
09/02/2009 Abraham Kuruvilla An Extravagant Sacrifice MP3 Video
09/01/2009 Charles R. Swindoll Focus On The Treasure MP3 Video
08/28/2009 J. Dwight Pentecost Worship the Redeemer MP3 Video
08/27/2009 Stanley D. Toussaint It's What's Up Front that Counts MP3 Video
08/26/2009 Donald K. Campbell When God is Silent MP3 Video
08/25/2009 Mark L. Bailey Ministry in a Messy World MP3 Video Lo
08/05/2009 Mark L. Bailey Your #1 Sin MP3 Video Lo
07/29/2009 Kevin D. Bradford Reaching the World MP3 Video
07/22/2009 Larry J. Waters Interruption Ministry MP3 Video
07/15/2009 Mark L. Bailey Essentiality of Turtle-lifters MP3 Video
07/08/2009 Bob Kaumeyer Agape Love MP3 Video
07/01/2009 James H. Thames Stones for Remembering MP3 Video
06/24/2009 Joye B. Baker Why Me? Why? MP3 Video
06/10/2009 Michael Pocock The Gospel Message MP3 Video
06/03/2009 Linda M. Marten Don't Worry Be Happy! MP3 Video
05/27/2009 Glenn R. Kreider Grace MP3 Video
05/20/2009 Ronald B. Allen Seeking Shelter Under God's Protection MP3 Video
05/13/2009 Roger M. Raymer Finishing the Course MP3 Video
04/29/2009 Michael J. Svigel Handle Scripture Well! MP3 Video
04/24/2009 Michael Lacey Pursue Divine Wisdom! MP3 Video
04/23/2009 Christopher Abner A Greater Hope MP3 Video
04/22/2009 John DeSario Love Your Wife! MP3 Video
04/21/2009 Bill Gressette Uniquely Encourage One Another MP3 Video
04/17/2009 Douglas K. Blount Why Suffering Happens MP3 Video
04/15/2009 Jeff Jones Facing Criticism MP3 Video
04/14/2009 Elizabeth Inrig Five Pillars Sustaining Christian Ministry MP3 Video
04/07/2009 Glenn R. Kreider The Church's One Foundation MP3 Video
04/02/2009 J. Lee Jagers How to Apologize MP3 Video
04/01/2009 Charles R. Swindoll Lust MP3 Video
03/26/2009 Abraham Kuruvilla Trusting the Presence of God MP3 Video
03/24/2009 George M. Hillman Jr. How to Shepherd Others Well MP3 Video
03/13/2009 Brian Fisher Keeping Vision Amidst Difficulty MP3 Video
03/12/2009 Brian Fisher Renewed Spirits MP3 Video
03/11/2009 Brian Fisher Renewed Spirits MP3 Video
03/10/2009 Brian Fisher Properly Paranoid MP3 Video
03/06/2009 Charles R. Swindoll The Unwelcome Presence MP3 Video
03/05/2009 Mark L. Bailey Effective Spiritual Leadership MP3 Video
03/03/2009 Larry J. Waters Defining the Missio Dei MP3 Video
02/27/2009 Mitch Glaser Consequence of Belief: Choosing Jesus in Jewish Culture MP3 Video
02/20/2009 Terry Woodson, Willie O. Peterson, and Eddie B. Lane Black History Chapel MP3 Video
02/18/2009 Ronald C. Rhodes How to Make a Point MP3 Video
02/12/2009 Kurt Brunner A Theology of the Home MP3 Video
02/11/2009 Joni Eareckson Tada Theology of Suffering MP3 Video
02/10/2009 Ronald B. Allen Lord Remember David! MP3 Video
02/06/2009 Thomas C. Oden Libyan Christianity 4: Why Are We Talking About Lybia? MP3 Video
02/05/2009 Thomas C. Oden Libyan Christianity 3: Christianity from Marmarica to Tripolitania MP3 Video
02/04/2009 Thomas C. Oden Libyan Christianity 2: Christian Beginnings in Cyrene MP3 Video
02/03/2009 Thomas C. Oden Libyan Christianity 1: A Libyan History Awaiting Discovery MP3 Video
01/30/2009 John D. Grassmick, Robert B. Chisholm Jr., Michael H. Burer, Buist M. Fanning III, and John W. Hilber Current Issues in Christianity MP3 Video
01/27/2009 Drew Dickens Intentional Evangelism MP3 Video Lo
01/16/2009 James Earl Massey The Will to Act MP3 Video
01/15/2009 Stanley D. Toussaint Hypocrisy MP3 Video
01/14/2009 Charles R. Swindoll You Do Not Know What Tomorrow Will Bring MP3 Video
01/13/2009 Mark L. Bailey Nine Things to Remember in the New Year MP3 Video
12/09/2008 Charles R. Swindoll Pause and Reflect Upon Jesus MP3 Video
12/05/2008 Bill Eubanks Perseverance In Ministry MP3 Video
12/03/2008 Timothy S. Warren Why Do We Suffer? MP3 Video
11/14/2008 Mark L. Bailey Representing God in Our Culture MP3 Video
11/12/2008 Kevin D. Bradford Three "Wishes" in Mark 10 MP3 Video
10/31/2008 Aubrey M. Malphurs, Michael Pocock, and Ryan O'Dowd Round Table Discussion MP3 Video
10/30/2008 David Gibbons Adaptation and Being a Third Culture Christian MP3 Video
10/29/2008 Lance Waldie Planting Bible Churches MP3 Video
10/28/2008 Eric Mason Urban Church Planting MP3 Video
10/22/2008 James Womack The Character of God's Vision MP3 Video Lo
10/17/2008 Charles R. Swindoll Horror of Conceit MP3 Video
10/15/2008 Gary Brandenburg Finishing Strong MP3 Video
10/14/2008 Brian L. Webster The Shema: Parents, Church and Society MP3 Video
10/10/2008 Erwin W. Lutzer The Triumph of an Unanswered Prayer - Part IV MP3 Video
10/09/2008 Erwin W. Lutzer The Triumph of an Unanswered Prayer - Part III MP3 Video
10/08/2008 Erwin W. Lutzer The Triumph of an Unanswered Prayer - Part II MP3 Video
10/07/2008 Erwin W. Lutzer The Triumph of Unanswered Prayer - Part I MP3 Video
10/03/2008 Darrell L. Bock, Victor D. Anderson, and Jay L. Sedwick Jr. Faculty Forum: Representing Christ in a Pluralistic World MP3 Video
10/02/2008 Michael Pocock God Moves in a Mysterious Way MP3 Video
09/30/2008 Barry D. Jones You Are Not Superman MP3 Video
09/26/2008 Roy Peterson God's Heart for the Nations MP3 Video
09/25/2008 T. Maurice Pugh Enduring Ministry Hardships MP3 Video
09/23/2008 Cindy Brinker Suffering: The Bumps and Bruises of Daily Living MP3 Video
09/19/2008 J. Kerby Anderson Friday Forum MP3 Video
09/18/2008 Mark Schupbach Money Matters MP3 Video
09/16/2008 John D. Hannah To God Be the Glory: How Can That Be? MP3 Video
09/12/2008 Stephen Robison Remembering Today's Martyrs MP3 Video
09/10/2008 James E. Allman Is "we" christians? MP3 Video
09/09/2008 Truett Cathy Stewardship MP3 Video
09/04/2008 Richard Allen Farmer We Are God's Children MP3 Video
09/02/2008 D. Jeffrey Bingham Terrible Times Require Trustworthy Teaching MP3 Video
08/29/2008 J. Dwight Pentecost True Evangelism MP3 Video
08/28/2008 Donald K. Campbell The Bible's Most Majestic Prayer MP3 Video
08/27/2008 Charles R. Swindoll A Lifetime of Holiness MP3 Video
08/26/2008 Mark L. Bailey The Centrality of Christ MP3 Video
08/06/2008 Mark M. Yarbrough Trusting God with a Humble Heart MP3 Video
07/30/2008 Michael H. Burer Captivated By Christ MP3 Video
07/23/2008 J. Scott Horrell Growing While In Seminary MP3 Video
07/16/2008 Michael Pocock Experiencing God Up Close MP3 Video
07/09/2008 Stephen J. Bramer The Sluggard MP3 Video
07/02/2008 Bill Bryan Sitting Down With God MP3 Video
06/25/2008 Mark H. Heinemann Sacrificial Service MP3 Video
06/18/2008 C. Gary Barnes Driven by Love or Lust? MP3 Video
06/11/2008 Ronald B. Allen Modeling Christ's Humility MP3 Video
06/04/2008 Eugene W. Pond Two Are Better Than One MP3 Video
05/28/2008 James E. Allman Ministry Burnout MP3 Video
05/21/2008 J. Lanier Burns Perspective Is More Important than Performance MP3 Video
05/14/2008 Victor D. Anderson Finding Confidence In God Amidst Wickedness MP3 Video
04/30/2008 Robert Dees Being a Bridge of Healing MP3 Video
04/25/2008 Tim Robinson True Commitment in Ministry MP3 Video
04/24/2008 William Koogler The Call of Corruption MP3 Video
04/23/2008 Kevin Clark Combat the Temptation to Compete in Ministry MP3 Video
04/22/2008 Kaho Jim Keys to Renewable Joy MP3 Video
04/18/2008 Ronald C. Rhodes Seven Keys To Conversing With Cultists MP3 Video
04/16/2008 Michael S. Lawson Weighed and Found Wanted? MP3 Video
04/11/2008 William D. Lawrence Functional and Foundational MP3 Video
04/08/2008 Charles R. Swindoll The Theme of Depression MP3 Video
04/01/2008 Kim Humphries Becoming Real in Ministry MP3 Video
03/28/2008 J. Lee Jagers Marching To A Different Drum MP3 Video
03/26/2008 Tim McKenzie For the Sake of the Name MP3 Video
03/25/2008 Carolyn Custis James The Role of Women in Both Ministry and Life MP3 Video
03/07/2008 Charles R. Swindoll The Discipline of Self-Control MP3 Video
03/06/2008 Mark L. Bailey Jesus and His Dysfunctional Family MP3 Video
03/04/2008 Stephen R. Graves Work - Take This Job and Love It! MP3 Video
02/29/2008 Neil T. Curran Sharing the Good News with Catholics MP3 Video
02/27/2008 Rodney Frazier Lessons From a Storm MP3 Video
02/19/2008 Robert J. Jeffress, Jr The Four Landmines of Ministry MP3 Video
02/14/2008 William Yount Brains, Minds, and Learning MP3 Video
02/12/2008 Priscilla Shirer A Few Ministry Principles MP3 Video
02/08/2008 R. Albert Mohler Jr. The New Atheism And The Future Of Christianity MP3 Video
02/07/2008 R. Albert Mohler Jr. The New Atheism And The Defense Of Theism MP3 Video
02/06/2008 R. Albert Mohler Jr. The New Atheism And The Assault On Theism MP3 Video
02/05/2008 R. Albert Mohler Jr. The New Atheism And The Endgame Of Secularism MP3 Video
02/01/2008 Abraham Kuruvilla Ace The Test MP3 Video
01/25/2008 Todd Wagner The Danger Of Who We Are Alone MP3 Video
01/24/2008 Todd Wagner Living With A Carolina State Of Mind MP3 Video
01/23/2008 Todd Wagner The Greatest Evil in America Today MP3 Video
01/22/2008 Todd Wagner Be The Church God Wants You To Be MP3 Video
01/18/2008 Robert Crummie Having The Courage To Do God's Will MP3 Video
01/17/2008 Timothy S. Warren The High Cost of Holiness MP3 Video
01/16/2008 Charles R. Swindoll The Ministry of Refreshment MP3 Video
01/15/2008 Mark L. Bailey First Thoughts For a New Semester MP3 Video
12/12/2007 Stanley D. Toussaint Immanuel MP3 Video
12/07/2007 Keith Phillips God's Concern for the Poor MP3 Video
12/05/2007 Joe L. Wall The Church at War MP3 Video
11/29/2007 Leslie Smith Lessons From the Life of a Servant MP3 Video
11/09/2007 Harold Netland Globalization: Theology of Religions in a Globalizing World MP3 Video
11/08/2007 Harold Netland Globalization: Buddhism in a Globalizing World MP3 Video
11/07/2007 Harold Netland Globalization: Jesus in a Globalizing World MP3 Video
11/06/2007 Harold Netland Globalization: Some Emerging Patterns MP3 Video
11/02/2007 Mark L. Bailey Keeping the Charisma in Your Ministry MP3 Video
11/01/2007 Stan Giles Is Just War Just? MP3 Video
10/30/2007 John D. Grassmick Suffering and the Glory to Come MP3 Video
10/26/2007 Bobby Hamilton Ministry Apart from the Mainstream MP3 Video
10/24/2007 Dan Bolin Oh, The People We Meet on Missionary Street MP3 Video
10/23/2007 Ralph Drollinger The Biblical Mandate to Evangelize Political Leaders MP3 Video
10/19/2007 Tom Nelson Board Chapel: Don't Mess with a Classic MP3 Video
10/17/2007 French A. Jones The Heavens Are Telling of the Glory of God MP3 Video
10/16/2007 Kim Till Don't Miss Out on the Blessing MP3 Video
10/12/2007 Charles R. Swindoll God's School of Brokenness MP3 Video
10/10/2007 Jerry E. Lawrence Children...What does Jesus see? MP3 Video
10/09/2007 Robert Deffinbaugh Prayer, Fasting, and the Spirit of the Age MP3 Video
10/05/2007 Stephen Davey The Incarnation of Agape MP3 Video
10/04/2007 Stephen Davey Snapshots of Love MP3 Video
10/03/2007 Stephen Davey 7-1=0 MP3 Video
10/02/2007 Stephen Davey More than Thunder and Lightning MP3 Video
09/28/2007 Billy Beacham Avoiding the Sin that Destroys Ministries MP3 Video
09/27/2007 Mark Matlock Created to Connect MP3 Video
09/25/2007 David Rahn The Scholar's Heart MP3 Video
09/21/2007 Darrell L. Bock, Daniel B. Wallace, and John D. Grassmick Faculty Forum: What Are People Saying about Jesus? MP3 Video
09/20/2007 Andy Horner GDS Theory MP3 Video
09/18/2007 Kevin Hawkins Carrying One Another MP3 Video
09/14/2007 J. Kerby Anderson The Argument of Intelligent Design MP3 Video
09/12/2007 Garth Bolinder What in the World Am I Doing Here? MP3 Video
09/06/2007 Stanley D. Toussaint The Temple of the Holy Church MP3 Video
09/05/2007 Charles R. Swindoll How to Stand Strong in Stressful Times MP3 Video
09/04/2007 Ronald B. Allen Worship in the Epistle to the Ephesians MP3 Video
08/31/2007 D. Jeffrey Bingham The Spirit of True Power MP3 Video
08/30/2007 J. Dwight Pentecost The Goal of Knowing God MP3 Video
08/29/2007 Donald K. Campbell True Worship MP3 Video
08/28/2007 Mark L. Bailey 3 Potholes to Avoid in Your Seminary Training MP3 Video
04/19/2007 Neil Tomba Undone by God's Word MP3 Video
04/18/2007 Sue G. Edwards The Benefits of Mixed Ministries MP3 Video
04/17/2007 Charles R. Swindoll Our #1 Struggle MP3 Video
04/12/2007 J. Lee Jagers Stand in Line Behind the Leper MP3 Video
04/10/2007 Mark M. Yarbrough You're Out . . . You didn't Touch First Base! MP3 Video
04/04/2007 Dawson McAllister Outside the Box MP3 Video
03/30/2007 Oscar M. López Consider Yourself a Servant of Christ MP3 Video
03/29/2007 Terry Woodson Running Your Race MP3 Video
03/28/2007 Nathan D. Holsteen Grace and Darkness MP3 Video
03/27/2007 Tom Nelson A Christian Looks at Depression MP3 Video
03/23/2007 Rob Styler A Retelling of David and Goliath MP3 Video
03/21/2007 Dipa H. Hart Rejecting the Passionate Pursuit of Perfection MP3 Video
03/09/2007 Claude W. Hickman World Evangelization Conference Lectures 2007 MP3 Video
03/08/2007 Claude W. Hickman World Evangelization Conference Lectures 2007 MP3 Video
03/07/2007 Claude W. Hickman World Evangelization Conference Lectures 2007 MP3 Video
03/06/2007 Claude W. Hickman World Evangelization Conference Lectures 2007 MP3 Video
03/02/2007 Charles R. Swindoll The Long-term Rewards of Integrity MP3 Video
03/01/2007 Mark L. Bailey Following in His Steps MP3 Video
02/27/2007 Thomas L. Constable Liabilities Gained in Seminary MP3 Video
02/21/2007 Richard Barnard Liturgy & Ash Wednesday MP3 Video
02/20/2007 Reese Kauffman Children MP3 Video
02/15/2007 J. Dillard Willbanks Current Issues in Christian Education MP3 Video
02/09/2007 Bruce Waltke Preaching Fundamentals of Proverbs-Part III MP3 Video
02/08/2007 Bruce Waltke Preaching Fundamentals of Proverbs-Part II MP3 Video
02/07/2007 Bruce Waltke Preaching Fundamentals of Proverbs-Part I MP3 Video
02/06/2007 Bruce Waltke Fundamentals for Preaching the Proverbs MP3 Video
02/02/2007 Robert Smith Living Between Two Inescapable Realities MP3 Video
01/31/2007 Ajith Fernando Toil in Disciple-Making MP3 Video
01/26/2007 Stanley D. Toussaint Differing on the Doubtful MP3
01/25/2007 Stanley D. Toussaint Controlled by God MP3 Video
01/24/2007 Stanley D. Toussaint What is Prayer and What's It For?" MP3 Video Lo
01/23/2007 Stanley D. Toussaint Four Kinds of People MP3 Video
01/19/2007 Anthony T. Evans The Kingdom Agenda MP3 Video
01/18/2007 Charles R. Swindoll When God Closes a Door MP3 Video
01/16/2007 Mark L. Bailey Critical Components for a Contemporary Ministry MP3 Video
12/12/2006 Darrell L. Bock Born to... MP3 Video
12/08/2006 Brian Fisher Living (and Still Giving) Below the Poverty Line MP3 Video
12/05/2006 Charles R. Swindoll The One Irresistable Appeal MP3 Video
11/30/2006 David Brickner Christ and the Feast of Hanukkah MP3 Video
11/28/2006 Kay Daigle Down, but Not Out MP3 Video
11/10/2006 Mark S. Young Turning Theology Inside Out: Missio Dei (Part 4) MP3 Video
11/09/2006 Mark S. Young Turning Theology Inside Out: Missio Dei (Part 3) MP3 Video
11/08/2006 Mark S. Young Turning Theology Inside Out: Missio Dei (Part 2) MP3 Video
11/07/2006 Mark S. Young Turning Theology Inside Out: Missio Dei (Part 1) MP3 Video
11/03/2006 Mark L. Bailey Listen Up MP3 Video
11/02/2006 Jason Peters Promoting Authentic Christianity MP3 Video
10/31/2006 John D. Hannah The Gospel Clarified: A Joyful Celebration—Something to Remember and Something to Perpetuate MP3 Video
10/24/2006 Stephen J. Bramer The Price of Stew MP3 Video
10/20/2006 Rev. Donald Geiger You Need to Persevere MP3 Video
10/19/2006 Ed Stetzer Commissions of Jesus MP3 Video
10/18/2006 Brent Burckart Frontlines Faith MP3 Video
10/17/2006 Glenn Smith Multiplying Churches--Transforming the World MP3 Video
10/13/2006 Charles R. Swindoll Leaving a Legacy MP3 Video
10/11/2006 Richard Allen Farmer No Need for Bulls MP3 Video
10/10/2006 Robert A. Pyne Burning Our Virtues MP3 Video
10/06/2006 Lon Solomon Myth 4: The Blood of Christ is Outdated and Unnecessary MP3 Video
10/05/2006 Lon Solomon Myth 3: Obedience is Optional for a Servant of Christ MP3 Video
10/04/2006 Lon Solomon Myth 2: Jewish People are Fine Without Christ MP3 Video
10/03/2006 Lon Solomon Myth 1: Paul was Made of Different Protoplasm than You and I MP3 Video
09/29/2006 J. Scott Horrell, Robert A. Pyne, John D. Hannah, and Glenn R. Kreider Faculty Forum: Contemporary Theological Trends MP3 Video
09/28/2006 Gary Rosberg The State of the Unions of Marriage MP3 Video
09/27/2006 Lynn Etta Manning The Power of Words MP3 Video
09/26/2006 Larry Crabb Chess Players or Poets: To Whom Does God Reveal Himself? MP3 Video
09/22/2006 Eddie B. Lane Faith in God: The Fact of Courage MP3 Video
09/20/2006 Kevin Butcher The Hole Inside MP3 Video
09/15/2006 Ramesh P. Richard Five Prayerful Convictions MP3 Video
09/12/2006 J. Lee Jagers Hem of Christ's Garment MP3
09/08/2006 J. Kerby Anderson Three Trends Seminary Students Need to Know MP3 Video
09/07/2006 Roger M. Raymer Requirements for Credibility in Ministry MP3 Video
09/06/2006 Ronald B. Allen A Song of My Father MP3 Video
09/05/2006 Charles R. Swindoll A Vital Virtue, Usually Forgotten MP3 Video
09/01/2006 J. Dwight Pentecost A New Temple MP3 Video
08/31/2006 D. Jeffrey Bingham Imperishability While Perishing MP3 Video
08/30/2006 Donald K. Campbell Our DTS Heritage MP3 Video
08/29/2006 Mark L. Bailey Mentors and Ministry MP3 Video
05/02/2006 Charles R. Swindoll Take Heed Lest You Fall MP3 Video
04/21/2006 Martin E. Hawkins The Test Before Graduation MP3 Video
04/19/2006 Joe Jordan A Ministry that Goes Beyond the Grave MP3 Video
04/18/2006 R. Larry Moyer Three Essentials in your Relationships with Non-Christians MP3 Video
04/13/2006 Mark H. Heinemann Facing a Test of Faith MP3 Video
04/11/2006 Gwynne Johnson Women Make a Difference MP3 Video
04/07/2006 Matt Chandler Gravity: The Weight of Pastoring to the Knowledge of Christ MP3 Video
03/31/2006 Michael P. Gendron Evangelicals and Catholics Divided MP3 Video
03/28/2006 Jay A. Quine Where the Spirit Dwells MP3 Video
03/24/2006 Ted G. Kitchens An Evangelical Send-Off MP3 Video
03/22/2006 Donald J. Wyrtzen Five Movements in American Church Music MP3 Video
03/21/2006 Susie Hawkins The Ministry Wife MP3 Video
03/10/2006 Larry M. Dinkins World Evangelization Conference Lectures 2006 MP3 Video
03/09/2006 Larry M. Dinkins World Evangelization Conference Lectures 2006 MP3 Video
03/08/2006 Larry M. Dinkins World Evangelization Conference Lectures 2006 MP3 Video
03/07/2006 Larry M. Dinkins World Evangelization Conference Lectures 2006 MP3 Video
03/03/2006 Charles R. Swindoll The Right View of Greatness MP3 Video
03/02/2006 Stanley D. Toussaint The Rich Man and Lazarus MP3 Video
02/22/2006 Jay Strack Tradigital Strategy for Having a High Definition Ministry MP3 Video
02/21/2006 Daniel Southern Follow the Leader MP3 Video
02/17/2006 Kenneth Horton Refreshing Priorities MP3 Video
02/14/2006 Charles W. Dickens How Now Shall We Love? MP3 Video
02/03/2006 Mitch Glaser Jewish Evangelism Today MP3 Video
01/27/2006 Phil Tuttle My Favorite Mentors - Part 4 MP3 Video
01/26/2006 Phil Tuttle My Favorite Mentors - Part 3 MP3 Video
01/25/2006 Phil Tuttle My Favorite Mentors - Part 2 MP3 Video
01/24/2006 Phil Tuttle My Favorite Mentors - Part 1 MP3 Video
01/18/2006 Charles R. Swindoll Resting in Christ MP3 Video Lo
01/17/2006 Mark L. Bailey Praise for the Provision of God MP3 Video
12/14/2005 Timothy S. Warren The Hope of Gladness MP3 Video
12/13/2005 Charles R. Swindoll God's Indescribable Gift MP3 Video
12/07/2005 Michael H. Burer When in Doubt, Turn to Jesus MP3 Video
12/06/2005 O. S. Hawkins The Question of Our Time MP3 Video
12/02/2005 David L. James Are the Heathen Lost? MP3 Video
11/11/2005 Charles R. Swindoll Give God Great Praise! MP3 Video
11/09/2005 Oscar Arauco Veteran's Day Chapel 2005 MP3 Video
11/04/2005 J. Dudley Woodberry The Fullness of Time for the Muslim World - Part 4 MP3 Video
11/03/2005 J. Dudley Woodberry The Fullness of Time for the Muslim World - Part 3 MP3 Video
11/02/2005 J. Dudley Woodberry The Fullness of Time for the Muslim World - Part 2 MP3 Video
11/01/2005 J. Dudley Woodberry The Fullness of Time for the Muslim World - Part 1 MP3 Video
10/28/2005 Tianne Moon White Noise MP3 Video
10/21/2005 Stu Webber Five Little Words That Changed History MP3 Video
10/20/2005 Robert F. Boyd, Jr. Feel The Power! MP3 Video
10/14/2005 Mark L. Bailey Frustrations to Following Christ MP3 Video
10/11/2005 Joseph D. Fantin Where is Your Loyalty? MP3 Video
10/07/2005 Michael Easley Marks of a Successful Servant, Part 2 MP3 Video
10/06/2005 Michael Easley Marks of a Successful Servant, Part 1 MP3 Video
10/05/2005 Michael Easley Fads, Conferences, and the Latest Self-Help Books MP3 Video
10/04/2005 Michael Easley Strong Medicine For Current and Would-Be Leaders MP3 Video
09/29/2005 Henry Morris III Heresies, Anti-knowledge, and Willing Ignorance MP3 Video
09/28/2005 Harold Habecker Bicycle Theology - Learning Christ Through A Modern Parable MP3 Video
09/22/2005 Linda M. Marten The Self-Condemning Heart MP3 Video
09/20/2005 Mario Zandstra An Encounter with God MP3 Video
09/16/2005 J. Kerby Anderson Friday Forum MP3 Video
09/09/2005 D. Jeffrey Bingham Please, Help Yourself to Seconds MP3 Video
09/07/2005 Stanley D. Toussaint The Sufficiency of the Lord Jesus MP3 Video
09/06/2005 Ronald B. Allen An Old Man's Psalm MP3 Video
09/02/2005 J. Dwight Pentecost Enjoying God MP3 Video
09/01/2005 Donald K. Campbell Where is Your Security? MP3 Video
08/31/2005 Charles R. Swindoll The Necessity of Obscurity MP3 Video
08/30/2005 Mark L. Bailey Trusting in Times of Trouble MP3 Video
04/14/2005 Sheila Bailey Starting Over MP3 Video
04/01/2005 Eugene H. Merrill The Wisdom That Is From Above MP3 Video
03/29/2005 Mark Matlock Generation Hope MP3 Video
03/23/2005 David Brickner Behold the Lamb MP3 Video
03/22/2005 Charles R. Swindoll Snapshots of a "Real Christian" MP3 Video
03/04/2005 Mark L. Bailey A Journey with Joseph MP3 Video
03/02/2005 George M. Hillman, Jr. Being True to Your Calling MP3 Video
02/22/2005 Mrs. Gail Seidel Created For His Glory MP3 Video
02/18/2005 Charles R. Swindoll Check Your Attitude MP3 Video
02/15/2005 Tom Nelson A Descent Into Depression MP3 Video
02/11/2005 John Paine Don't Wait Until You're Dying Before You Start Living MP3 Video
02/10/2005 Keith Phillips Cries From the City MP3 Video
02/08/2005 Willie O. Peterson Forgiveness MP3 Video
02/04/2005 Timothy George Martin Luther and the Triumph of Grace MP3 Video
02/03/2005 Timothy George Saint Augustine and the Mystery of Time MP3 Video
02/02/2005 Timothy George The Witness of Three Heretics MP3 Video
01/25/2005 Ronald B. Allen Don't Ask "Where is God?" but "Where are We?" MP3 Video
01/21/2005 Timothy Lundy The Power of His Presence MP3 Video
01/20/2005 Timothy Lundy The Wonder of God's Word MP3 Video
01/19/2005 Timothy Lundy The Significance of Service MP3 Video
01/18/2005 Timothy Lundy The Credibility of Character MP3 Video
01/14/2005 Richard Allen Farmer The King of King MP3 Video
01/13/2005 J. Lanier Burns The Wisdom of the Weeping Prophet MP3 Video
01/12/2005 Charles R. Swindoll Lessons from suffering MP3 Video
01/11/2005 Mark L. Bailey Remembering and Responding to God MP3 Video
11/12/2004 Mark L. Bailey Worthy of Praise MP3 Video
11/11/2004 Doug Duerksen Soldiers in Christ
11/05/2004 Alan Andrews Advancing the Gospel through Spiritual Generations MP3 Video
11/04/2004 John Vicary Young Life's Answer to the Questions Facing Kids
11/03/2004 Alec Hill Legacy and Vision MP3 Video
11/02/2004 Crawford Loritts Experiencing God's Power MP3 Video
10/29/2004 Maurice Pugh Testimony of a Church Planter
10/27/2004 Vern Streeter Compassionate Risk MP3 Video
10/26/2004 Tim Armstrong Church Planting MP3 Video
10/19/2004 Leroy Armstrong What to Do When Trouble Comes MP3 Video
10/15/2004 Charles R. Swindoll Leadership Perils MP3 Video
10/13/2004 Pete Chiofalo One Steward's Story
10/08/2004 Charles Zimmerman Worshipping in Grace
10/07/2004 Charles Zimmerman Reviewing Vocabulary
10/06/2004 Charles Zimmerman Striving for Significance
10/05/2004 Charles Zimmerman Running and Chasing MP3
10/01/2004 Steven Ger The Fall Feasts of Israel
09/29/2004 Joye B. Baker Women and Men Glorifying God Together
09/24/2004 Thomas E. Woodward The Citadel of Apologetics MP3
09/23/2004 Terry Turner A Diligent Testimony
09/21/2004 Matthew St. John My Place of Shelter
09/17/2004 James Walker Paul's Psychic Friend
09/14/2004 Bob Kaumeyer Repetition, Proportion, Priority
09/07/2004 Stephen J. Bramer Washing Feet Like Jesus
09/03/2004 D. Jeffrey Bingham Visiting Paul MP3 Video
09/02/2004 Stanley D. Toussaint Four Kinds of People
08/27/2004 J. Dwight Pentecost Maranatha MP3 Video
08/26/2004 Donald K. Campbell How to be a Successful Leader
08/25/2004 Charles R. Swindoll Controlling the Body's Strongest Muscle
08/24/2004 Mark L. Bailey Your Work as Worship
03/05/2004 Charles R. Swindoll Allowing God to Search Our Hearts
03/04/2004 Mark L. Bailey Who Really Killed Jesus? MP3 Video
02/24/2004 James E. Allman A High and Holy Place
02/20/2004 Michael A. Rydelnik Who Really Killed Jesus?
02/06/2004 Daniel I. Block The Privilege of Calling: The Mosaic Plan for Missions
02/05/2004 Daniel I. Block The Burden of Leadership: The Mosaic Paradigm of Kinship
02/04/2004 Daniel I. Block The Joy of Worship: The Mosaic Invitation to the Presence of God
02/03/2004 Daniel I. Block The Grace of Law: The Mosaic Prescription for Life
01/23/2004 Chip Ingram Holy Ambition, Part IV MP3 Video
01/22/2004 Chip Ingram Holy Ambition, Part III MP3 Video
01/21/2004 Chip Ingram Holy Ambition, Part II MP3 Video
01/20/2004 Chip Ingram Holy Ambition, Part I MP3 Video
01/16/2004 Rick Rigsby The History of the African-American Church
01/15/2004 Ramesh P. Richard A Comrade Has Fallen! MP3 Video
01/14/2004 Charles R. Swindoll Autopsy of a Moral Fall MP3 Video
12/11/2003 J. Ronald Blue Joy to the World
12/02/2003 Charles R. Swindoll Attitude
11/14/2003 Mark L. Bailey God is Holy
11/07/2003 Andrew Walls Part 4: Africa as Leader in World Missions
11/06/2003 Andrew Walls Part 3: Tales of the Unexpected
11/05/2003 Andrew Walls Part 2: A Tale of Three Continents
11/04/2003 Andrew Walls Part 1: Two Thousand Years in African Christian History
10/29/2003 John D. Grassmick God's Plan for Handling Life's Pressures MP3 Video
10/28/2003 Michael Pocock The Glory of Serving a Global God MP3 Video
10/17/2003 Mark L. Bailey The Fear of a Forgetful God
10/15/2003 Charles R. Swindoll Realistic Techniques for Ministry Survival
10/10/2003 James Rose When the Vision Fades
10/09/2003 James Rose You're Up
10/08/2003 James Rose Preparing Our Replacements
10/07/2003 James Rose Standing Our Ground in a Landslide
10/03/2003 John Weber Servant Leadership
10/01/2003 Glenn R. Kreider Sinners in the Hands of Gracious God MP3 Video
09/30/2003 John D. Hannah Tribute to Jonathan Edwards
09/26/2003 Richard Allen Farmer Bring Back the Butter
09/25/2003 Andrew McQuitty No One's Story But Your Own MP3 Video
09/23/2003 Robert B. Chisholm Jr. Fatal Attraction: Naive Pete Meets Mrs. Robinson MP3 Video
09/16/2003 Sandra Glahn The Sinners' Prayer for Believers
09/12/2003 Robert A. Pyne God's Presence in Times of Trouble
09/03/2003 Ronald B. Allen Collateral Blessing MP3 Video
09/02/2003 Charles R. Swindoll Job's Advice to a Seminary Student
08/29/2003 J. Dwight Pentecost What in the World Are We Doing Here?
08/28/2003 Stanley D. Toussaint The Filling of the Spirit
08/27/2003 Donald K. Campbell Gideon, the Judge Who Began Well and Ended Badly
08/26/2003 Mark L. Bailey Ministry With Integrity MP3 Video
04/15/2003 Charles R. Swindoll A Balanced and Sensible Ministry
04/02/2003 Ramesh P. Richard A Military Metaphor for the Ministry
04/01/2003 Howard G. Hendricks The Ultimate Final MP3 Video
03/07/2003 Mark L. Bailey Psalm 145: The Greatness and Grace of God
03/06/2003 Charles R. Swindoll The Essential Balance: Relevance and Rooted
03/04/2003 Mark L. Bailey Partners in Ministry
01/16/2003 John D. Hannah Come and Have Breakfast
01/15/2003 J. Vernon McGee John F. Walvoord Memorial Service
01/14/2003 Mark L. Bailey The Appraisal of Two Houses
08/03/2002 J. Vernon McGee Preach the Word MP3
08/02/2002 Glenn R. Kreider Who Am I? Why Am I Here? MP3
08/01/2002 Mark L. Bailey Spiritual Transformation MP3
01/01/2002 Charles R. Swindoll Stay Alert, Grow Up MP3
08/06/2000 E. K. Bailey A Showdown at Shechem MP3
08/05/2000 Anthony T. Evans The Key to Spiritual Power MP3
08/04/2000 D. Jeffrey Bingham Believe and Live Christianly MP3
08/03/2000 John Piper Desiring God MP3
08/02/2000 Anthony T. Evans Returning to Your First Love MP3
08/01/2000 Gordon H. Johnston God's Sovereign, Yet Unseen Intervention MP3
07/07/2000 Charles Stanley The Place of Prayer in Our Leadership MP3
07/06/2000 Charles Stanley The Place of Prayer in Our Lives MP3
07/05/2000 Howard G. Hendricks Thinking Straight about Christian Service MP3
07/04/2000 Warren Wiersbe Feeding and Leading MP3
07/03/2000 Charles Stanley The Place of Prayer in Our Proclamation MP3
07/02/2000 Erwin W. Lutzer Taking the Cross to the World MP3
07/01/2000 Charles Stanley The Place of Prayer When Facing Conflict MP3
08/01/1999 Pete Briscoe Apples of Gold MP3
01/01/1999 Timothy S. Warren Practiced Learned Faith MP3
01/06/1998 Tom Nelson Landmines Ten - Twelve MP3
01/05/1998 D. A. Carson On Distorting the Love of God MP3
01/04/1998 Tom Nelson Landmines Seven - Nine MP3
01/03/1998 John D. Hannah Being Christ-Centered MP3
01/02/1998 Tom Nelson Landmines Four - Six MP3
01/01/1998 Tom Nelson Landmines One - Three MP3
01/01/1997 D. Jeffrey Bingham A Love for Scripture MP3
08/01/1996 Hugh Ross Scientific Reasons to Believe MP3
07/01/1979 Bruce Waltke Why Do Good People Suffer? MP3

DTS Dialogue

Date Speaker(s) Title Downloads
11/09/2009 Mark L. Bailey, Darrell L. Bock, Richard A. Taylor, and D. Jeffrey Bingham Evangelicalism in a Non-Evangelical World MP3
04/27/2009 Mark M. Yarbrough, Darrell L. Bock, and David K. Lowery Reviewing Bart Ehrman's Jesus Interupted MP3
04/20/2009 Mark L. Bailey, Darrell L. Bock, D. Jeffrey Bingham, and Barry D. Jones Christian Cultural Engagement MP3
06/05/2008 Mark M. Yarbrough, Donald P. Regier, Wayne Walker, and John Dyer Media & Technology In Ministry MP3
05/01/2008 Mark L. Bailey, Darrell L. Bock, and Harold W. Hoehner Jewish Evangelism Today MP3
04/10/2008 Mark L. Bailey and Howard G. Hendricks Leaving a Legacy MP3
02/18/2008 Mark L. Bailey, Charles W. Dickens, and C. Gary Barnes Preventing Divorce MP3
10/01/2007 Mark L. Bailey, Darrell L. Bock, and Stephen J. Bramer Contemporary Challenges to Jesus MP3
04/10/2007 Mark L. Bailey, Mark H. Heinemann, Glenn R. Kreider, and Andrew B. Seidel Key Topics in the Emerging Church MP3
03/20/2007 Darrell L. Bock, W. Hall Harris, III, and Daniel B. Wallace The Missing Gospels MP3
02/13/2007 Victor D. Anderson, J. Scott Horrell, and Mark S. Young Ministry in Cross-Cultural Contexts MP3
01/09/2007 Aubrey M. Malphurs and Andrew B. Seidel Leadership in the Church MP3
05/30/2006 Mark L. Bailey, Mark H. Heinemann, Glenn R. Kreider, and Andrew B. Seidel The Emerging Church Movement MP3
04/29/2006 Mark L. Bailey, D. Jeffrey Bingham, and Darrell L. Bock The Implications of The Da Vinci Code MP3
04/05/2006 Thomas L. Constable, Buist M. Fanning III, and Mark M. Yarbrough Easter and the Resurrection MP3
03/01/2006 Michael Pocock and Mark S. Young The Story Behind End of the Spear MP3
02/15/2006 Darrell L. Bock, Robert B. Chisholm, Jr., and W. Hall Harris, III The Challenges of Bible Translation MP3
12/30/2005 Darrell L. Bock, W. Hall Harris, III, and Glenn R. Kreider The Legacy of C.S. Lewis and Narnia MP3
11/08/2005 Mark L. Bailey, Darrell L. Bock, and J. Dudley Woodberry Christianity and Islam MP3
11/01/2005 Mark L. Bailey, Darrell L. Bock, and Douglas M. Cecil What Katrina Has Taught Us about the Church MP3
06/15/2004 Mark L. Bailey, D. Jeffrey Bingham, and Darrell L. Bock The Da Vinci Code

DTS Lectures

Date Speaker(s) Title Downloads
07/01/2010 Sandra Glahn Writing for the Periodicals Market Part 1 of 2 Video
07/01/2010 Sandra Glahn Writing for the Periodicals Market Part 2 of 2 Video
04/30/2010 Christopher R. Seitz The Trinity in the Old Testament: A Canonical Approach MP3
03/19/2009 Gregory A. Hatteberg Why Seminary? Video
01/15/2005 Howard G. Hendricks Implementing Personal Bible Study Video
01/14/2005 Howard G. Hendricks Application: Ezra 7:10 Exercise Video
01/13/2005 Howard G. Hendricks Application: Asking the Right Questions Video
01/12/2005 Howard G. Hendricks Application: Know, Relate, Meditate, and Practice Video
01/11/2005 Howard G. Hendricks Interpretation: Romans 12:1-2 Exercise Video
01/10/2005 Howard G. Hendricks Interpretation: Comparison, Culture, and Consultation Video
01/09/2005 Howard G. Hendricks Interpretation: Content and Context Video
01/08/2005 Howard G. Hendricks Observation: Mark 4:35-42 Exercise - Part 2 Video
01/07/2005 Howard G. Hendricks Observation: Mark 4:35-42 Exercise - Part 1 Video
01/06/2005 Howard G. Hendricks Observation: When? Why? Wherefore? Video
01/05/2005 Howard G. Hendricks Observation: Who? What? Where? Video
01/04/2005 Howard G. Hendricks The Process: Interpretation and Application Video
01/03/2005 Howard G. Hendricks The Process: Observation Video
01/02/2005 Howard G. Hendricks What is Personal Bible Study? Video
01/01/2005 Howard G. Hendricks Why Study the Bible? Video

DTS Archive

Date Speaker(s) Title Downloads
03/04/2013 Howard G. Hendricks Howard G. Hendricks Memorial Service