Online Courses

Below is a list of some of the courses currently offered at Dallas Theological Seminary. These courses can be used toward fully online degree programs or for credit toward live campus classes.

Code Title Professors Videos
BC101 Biblical Counseling Introduction Gary Barnes Watch
BE101 Bible Study Methods and Hermeneutics Mark Bailey Watch
BE102 Old Testament History I James Allman Watch
BE103 Old Testament History II and Poetry Gene Pond Watch
BE103 Old Testament History II and Poetry Gene Pond Watch
BE104 Old Testament Prophets Stephen Bramer Watch
BE105 Gospels Mark Bailey Watch
BE106 Acts and Pauline Epistles Mark Yarbrough, Mark Yarbrough and Darrell Bock, Mark Yarbrough and Vic Anderson, Mark Yarbrough and Vladimir Pikman, Mark Yarbrough and Josh Winn Watch
BE107 Hebrews, General Epistles and Revelation Stanley Toussaint, Charles Savelle Watch
BE109 Ruth, Psalms, Jonah, and Selected Epistles Ron Allen Watch
BE505 Kingdom and Covenants Dwight Pentecost Watch
BE510 Life of Christ J. Dwight Pentecost Watch
BE547 A Biblical Theology of Suffering, Disability, and the Church Larry Waters, Joni E. Tada, Daniel Thomson, Lisa Smith, Jessica Baldridge, Mike Justice, Stephen Bramer, Ron Allen, Mark Bailey, Stan Toussaint, Jim Allman, Thomas Constable, Doug Blount, Jim Neathery, Vic Anderson, Gary Barnes, Steve Fischer, Linda Marten, Patricia Evans, Amy Wilson, Richard Voet Watch
HT101 The Church to the Modern Era John Hannah, James Detrich Watch
HT102 The Church in the Modern Era: Europe & America James Detrich, John Hannah Watch
HT200 History of Doctrine John Hannah Watch
NT101 Elements of Greek 1 Michael Burer Watch
NT102 Elements of Greek 2 Michael Burer Watch
NT113 New Testament Introduction Darrell Bock Watch
PM101 Spiritual Life Vic Anderson Watch
PM102 Evangelism Barry Jones Watch
SL305 Leadership Andy Seidel, Howard Hendricks Watch
ST101 Introduction to Theology Glenn Kreider, Rich Mullins Watch
ST102 Trinitarianism J. Scott Horrell, Sten-Erik Armitage, Duce Branch Watch
ST103 Angelology, Anthropology, and Hamartiology Nathan Holsteen Watch
ST104 Soteriology Glenn Kreider Watch
ST105 Sanctification and Ecclesiology Michael Svigel Watch
ST106 Eschatology Michael Svigel Watch
WM101 World Missions Rodney Orr Watch