Articles by Kymberli Cook

  • How to Develop Leadership pt. 2
  • How to Develop Leadership pt. 1
  • A Foundation for the Holidays
    Here at the beginning of December, set aside the mounting holiday plans and listen to the below chapel podcast, grainy though the five-year old recording may be…and reflect. Consider the magnificence of the incarnation and the love of a Father who desires that none should perish.
  • Two Things Every Leader Must Have
  • Leadership Crisis
    As a leader, you have the terrifying responsibility to be someone worth following. Your followers seek direction from you as their leader, and more times than not, they will become like you. There is a perpetual need for leaders to address two areas of crisis in our culture. Strangely enough, confronting them has very little to do with what you say against the culture, it has everything to do with who you are and how you develop others.
  • Leadership vs. Management