Articles by Robert B. Chisholm, Jr.

  • Truth in Balance: Two Portraits of a Father’s Love
    The Lord is depicted in Scripture both as one who sends fire on Israel¹s cities and as a tender lover wooing His wayward bride. Dr. Robert Chisholm (ThD, 1983), chair and professor of Old Testament Studies, explains how such contrasting pictures can show us two portraits of the same face.
  • Pharoah Don't Know Didly
    During the summers of 1952 and 1953 sports writer Roger Kahn covered the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team for the New York Herald Tribune, daily rubbing shoulders with the players. Fifteen years later he decided to find out how the years had treated them. So he traveled the country to find  “the Boys of Summer.” What he found was staggering. Kahn’s boys, once full of youthful vigor, had, almost to a man, encountered personal tragedy.
  • Does God Change His Mind