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by Dallas Theological Seminary on December 1, 2009 in None

Dr. Daniel Wallace Dec 18–19 The Gospel according to Snoopy Text-Criticism Seminar, Full-Proof Ministries, Joliet, Illinois; Feb 27 Eden Prairie Assembly
of God Church, Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Dr. Mark Bailey Dec 20 Fellowship Bible Church of Northwest Arkansas, Rogers, Arkansas; Jan 10 First Baptist Church of Marco, Marco Island, Florida
Dr. Stephen Bramer Jan 10 Bayside Community Church, Tampa, Florida
Dr. Steve Strauss Feb 28 World Missions Conference, Calvary Church, Charlotte, North Carolina
Dr. Stanley Toussaint Feb 13–19 Word of Life Conference, Hudson, Florida
Dr. Daniel Wallace Jan 6–9 Central Baptist Seminary of Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Dr. Ronald B. Allen Jan 24 Cornerstone Bible Church, Lubbock, Texas
Dr. Mark Bailey Dec 6 Irving Bible Church, Irving, Texas; Dec 12 David Dean Fellowship Dinner, Dallas, Texas; Jan 17 Faith Bible Church, DeSoto, Texas
Dr. Reg Grant Jan 19–22 Spiritual Life Conference, Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, Texas
Dr. Hall Harris Dec 2 First United Methodist Church, Garland, Texas
Dr. Robert Lightner Feb 15–19 Piedmont Baptist College and Graduate School, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Dr. Ramesh Richard Jan 31 Missions Conference, Dallas Bible Church, Dallas, Texas;
Mar 1 Senior Leadership Symposium, Dallas Baptist University, Dallas, Texas
Dr. Stanley Toussaint Mar 7–12 Bibleville Bible Conference, Alamo, Texas
Dr. Daniel Wallace Jan 29–30 The Gospel According to Snoopy Text-Criticism Seminar, The Church at Lake Mead, Henderson, Nevada
Dr. Timothy Warren Fridays, 7 a.m., Men’s Bible Study, Activities Center Conference Room, Cooper Aerobics Center, Dallas, Texas; Fridays, 12 p.m., Sparkman
Library, Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas, Texas

Dr. Ronald B. Allen Nov 26–29 Thanksgiving Conference, Cannon Beach Conference Center, Cannon Beach, Oregon
Dr. Daniel Wallace Jan15–17 Apologetics Conference, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon; Feb 19–22 Apologetics Conference, Bend,Oregon

Dr. Ronald B. Allen Mar 8–21 Bible Teacher, Israel Study Tour, Cannon Beach Conference Center Israel Study Tour, ISRAEL
Dr. Stephen Bramer Mar 7–21 Tour of Israel, Insight for Living, ISRAEL
Dr. Tom Constable Dec 1–4 Word of Life Bible School, Toálmás, HUNGARY
Dr. Reg Grant Mar 7–21 Dramatic Presentations, Tour of Israel, Insight for Living, ISRAEL
Dr. Ramesh Richard Mar 7 Grace Church, Tirana, ALBANIA;
Mar 10–14 Pastors Conference and evangelistic events, Tirana, ALBANIA
Dr. Daniel Wallace Mar 7–21 Tour of Israel, Insight for Living, ISRAEL